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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yestedy before I left home to Ptown, B and I went for a quick walk aroud the block...and I carried him. I'm SO glad I ended up writing about taking a walk yesterday because that really held me accountable. Once I had all of our stuff packed up to leave, taking a walk around the block was the LAST thing I wanted to do...but I did it!

As for eating, I wasn't too bad. My killer is TORTILLAS. I love them and will eat them with anything.

I had Rice Krispies for breakfast
Edamame for snack
An avocado burrito for lunch (1 avocado mashed with salsa...I know I'm weird)
Dinner was baked chipotle chicken breast, guacamole and salsa with TWO tortillas
Edamame for snack

Food choices are VERY slim since we're trying to eat everything we have on hand so we don't have to move it to Fillmore with us ;) It's more of a personal challenge to make meals using what is left in our pantry and fridge.

I LOVE getting Ang's texts about what she's doing. I got one last night, RIGHT before Iw as heading to bed (yes, I'm an early bird). Knowing she was up working it out, I decided to do a little something too. I got up right that second (at 9:00pm...way late for me) and for the next 30 minutes I did sit ups, jumping jacks, and lifted weights.

I agree with T...I've looked at myself and see so many issues. I know no one is perfect so I just need to focus on doing my best and ultimately getting and staying healthy. Remember, just because a person is skinny, looks good, and toned doesn't mean they're healthy!

Work it out, girls!! :) 29 more days!! :)


RhondaM said...

OMG that avocado burrito sounds GOOD! I could eat avocado every day!!! Sounds like you are on the right track for sure, and I agree Angela's texts are WAY motivating- I am SUPER impressed with your late night workout! Keep it up!

Mrs. M said...

We have two trees that are ours for the next 2 weeks while we live here...want a bag? I can take it to bunco...anyone else?

ReeseS said...

I want some!! I LOVE avocado and yes, reading about your burrito made me want one BAD. Yummmmm.

Mrs. M said...

I didn't know that T? Sheesh... I could have been making weekly deliveries to you this whole time! ;)

LeeseD said...

Ok I'm on the late train but avocado me up for sure! =)

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