Friday lazys

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey girls!

Ok so I'm gonna make this as short & sweet as possible. I'm way lazy today but have a bunch of errands to run so I need to get moving.

Yesterdays for lunch my co-workers and I tried a new restaurant by our work called Cafe Rio. It's sorta like Chipotle or Subway in that you can tell the what you want as you go but they have more to choose from like burritos, tacos, tostadas, nachos etc. Anyway, I had a chicken burrito with black beans & NO sour cream (as much as I wanted it) on a whole wheat tortilla w/ iced tea.

Last nights dinner was homemade chicken tacos, rice & beans. I also had 2 Bud Light Limes. SO not good for me but it tasted really good. LOL. But I have to keep reminding myself that "it wont taste as good as being skinny feels".

This morning I slept in (for once!) and woke up too late for breakfast so I had a mid morning snack of baked Lays & low fat cottage cheese.

Lunch will be a turkey sub from Subway & dinner will be 1 MAYBE 2 slices of pizza & salad.

Can't wait to see you ladies at Bunco! Looking forward to a fun night...Ang you'll be missed but stop by if you can!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

so last night I felt bad for not doing any excersize so I did some yoga before bed...I might do the same 2night! Everyone is asleep & I just need to wash face & maybe that will wake me up a little :)

bfast: egg w/ extra egg white multi grain bread & avo
lunch: salmon w/ zucchini & mozzarella cheese
dinner: sorry we went to familia diaz but I did choose the lobster tostadas sooo good they just put a lot of rice on them but they do serve it with pinto beans oh & I did have a marg oops :)

but I did do 175 sit ups my goal was 200 but I got interuped by some children! I did do house work also & catered to kids all day so I am counting that as some kind of excersize!

I can't wait for bunco & all the Greek food! Mmmm I will workout extra hard 2marrow!

2 weeks to go!

It's officially 2 weeks away from Vegas and I can't wait any longer! LOL

Ok so last night I had my stupid gym weigh you can tell by my attitude it didn't exactly go the way I would have hoped but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought either. I'm not gonna list everything but I went down in some places and up in others which is really strange however the amount was minimal. The good news is that my weight stayed the same.

So after I got home from the gym I was STARVING and with my mom's prodding decided to drop the "no carbs" diet because in the end it isn't healthy. So I decided to do "low carb" and by that I mean ONLY healthy carbs (wheat bread, wheat pasta, etc) and I'm going to try to keep my carb intake to one meal a day if possible. So that being said, for dinner I had whole wheat pasta w/ grilled chicken & bell peppers & a salad.

I just remember that in the past when I was on Atkins I lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks and then went on our cruise and gained 7 lbs back in one week. I do not want to deprive myself and work hard just to gain it back in a couple days. And I should follow my mom's lead. She has now lost close to 60 lbs and all with still eating carbs...however it's only the healthy ones. It's been working for her so why would I doubt it?

And I have felt a difference in the way my clothes fit. I may not be losing drastic weight but since starting at the gym in Dec I've lost a total of 15.75 inches all while still eating me that proves I'm doing something right. So I just have to stick with it, stay motivated and not look for a quick fix because they never last. Not only that but I need to be happy with myself regardless of what I weigh. I want to be healthy and I feel that by doing this blog with you ladies I am on my way to getting where I need to be but I need to work on my self-confidence as well. Because in the end...I can be a skinny person but if I don't feel happy with myself what does it matter?

LOL...ok so sorry to turn this into a "Dear Diary" moment but I had to say what I was feeling.

Anyway so far today I've had a cup of black coffee only but I'll post the rest of what I have later this evening.

So let's keep this going gals! Only 2 weeks to go! And welcome to Maynard! =)

I am here!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 this like a secret club or something? It took me forever to figure out how to get on here....I almost gave up then Mrs. M invited me in! Ok so I don't know how much I will be up dating but here we go... So today my excersize was cleaning the house holding Brooklyn 17lbs (does that count as weight lifting?) & some walking around the house from room to room :( sad isn't it! U don't even want to know what I ate! So now that I have access to the secret "let's get skinny" club I am going to try my best to get skinny!

Keep Moving

I'm SO excited to know we're only 15 days away from a FANTASTIC Vegas Vacation!! I need to keep in mind that this is MAJOR crunch time. It's been crazy over here between all the packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, babysitting, and swimming but there NEEDS to be more EXERCISING. With only two weeks away, I want to make the most of it.

I'm SO happy to report that I'm fitting into all my old clothes that I haven't worn in YEARS. I was telling Rhonda that I had a dress sitting in my closet that I wore to a wedding 5 years ago and never again since then. WELL for my birthday dinner I was able to wear it!! I didn't just slip into it but just being able to zip up the zipper is HUGE for me :)

My eating habits can be a lot better though. I have been making better decisions though...if I know I'm going to have ::insert alcohol beverage here::, I eat WAY more healthier or vice versa. Call me the SENIOR Food Nazi if you will [we know who Junior Nazi is! ;)]

Have a GREAT end of the week ladies. See you all at Bunco ('ll be missed)

No/Low Carbs

Ok ladies I'm back and ready to do this! Yesterday I was having a bit of a slump but I'm motivated again today. Maybe it's because for ONCE I got a decent nights sleep! =)

Anyway, yesterday my boss and I were eating lunch together in the conference room and she was telling me that she has a wedding coming up in 2 weeks (same time we're in Vegas) and that she really needed to lose weight fast for it. So we decided to do a no/low carb diet for the next 2 weeks only. I've been trying to do what my mom has done these past few months and just cut out most fats and sugars and going whole wheat on a lot of stuff. But for the next 2 weeks I'm cranking it up a notch and going low if not NO carbs. And I'm ready to do this!

Breakfast - Black coffee only (bad I know but I woke up too late to make myself an egg)
Lunch - Grilled chicken salad
Dinner - I'm not sure yet but think I'm gonna do a turkey burger (no bun) w/ non-fat cheese & a salad
Snacks for today is string cheese & carrots (this is where the low carbs come in because carrots do have carbs)

Going to the gym today FOR SURE! I'm ready to accept whatever my weigh in results are because I know that I've been doing well for the most part and a little indulgence here and there isn't bad.

Let's do this!!! 15 days to go!!!!

Need a boost of motivation

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning ladies!

Ok so I'm back from my fun weekend in Laughlin (actually I was back on Sunday but I mean back here). This weekend was a lot of fun but not very good health wise. I did ok for the most part but will admit I had my slip ups. Not too terrible but still...stuff I know I could have prevented.

My official weigh in day at the gym was on the 23rd but since I was out of town I obviously didn't make it. I was going to try to go this morning but it just didn't happen. I was too too wiped out to get up so early. I'm also going to Kai's T-ball game tonight because it's one of his last ones so I prob won't make it to the gym tonight either. But tomorrow for sure!

Ok so meals - not gonna even bother writing the weekends because I honestly don't remember half of what I ate so here are yesterday and todays:

Breakfast - bowl of cereal
Lunch - Chicken salad sandwich (w/ light mayo) on wheat bread, baked Doritos, string cheese & water
Snack - String cheese & an apricot
Dinner - Turkey hot dogs on wheat bread w/ fat free cheese & low sodium turkey chili, corn & a diet pepsi
Dessert - Eating Right Light Pomogranate Ice Cream Cup (have you tried them yet Reese?)
NO exercise =(

Breakfast - bowl of cereal & black coffee
On deck for lunch - (reduced fat) PB&J sandwich on wheat bread, baked Doritos & string cheese
Snack will be an apricot & string cheese
Not 100% sure but I think dinner will be grilled chicken & bell peppers mixed w/ whole wheat pasta & cajun spices (no sauce)

Keep it up ladies! Lord knows I could use the motivation and you gals are the ones to help me! =)

So far, so good

I am so exhausted this morning! I think swim lessons are draining me. I try to do a few laps or tread water here and there during Colby's lesson. I put him down at about 8:30 last night and REALLY didn't want to work out but I did. I figured I needed to start off the week with something quick and kinda easy so I did the shorter Slim in 6 video. It was almost too easy but at least it was something and I just didn't have it in me to do anything more than that. Tonight I want to do yoga and then Wednesday the harder Slim in 6 and hopefully next week I will be ready for P90 again. The last full week of workouts before Vegas!
Ate pretty good yesterday:
Breakfast - coffee with creamer, the usual breakfast of 2 whole grain waffles with strawberries and lite syrup and a granda mocha with non-fat milk and no whip. That was a little bad but I needed the extra caffine.
Lunch - salad with veggies, crumbled blue cheese and balsalmic dressing (forgot my avocado)
Snack - blueberry applesauce, low-fat cottage cheese, 90 cal oatmeal bar and pineapple/grapes fruit mix
Dinner - Tuna Melts. Thanks for the suggestion on the mayo Leese and Angela. I only had the low fat stuff so I just added a tad to the mix with purple onion and pickles and lots of pepper and a little salt. Used some cheddar cheese and ate it on a toasted sandwich thin. Scott wasn't too enthusiastic when we were at the store and I told him I wanted tuna melts but he LOVED them. I also had a few tortilla strips on the side. Last night I also cut up the veggies for our chicken kabobs tonight. Yum! I think we will have rice pilaf on the side and i know we have a salad mix as well.
Hope you all have a good day today! 16 days!!! Stay strong!

Welcome Jenny!!!

The more the merrier :)

Yesterday food an exercise were pretty darn good. Intake was:

Breakfast: 1 piece of wheat cinnamon/raisin toast
Snack: 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese
Lunch: dad's homemade potato soup
Snack: white plum
Dinner: Chicken fajita pita from Jack- Just over 300 calories!
Snack: SMALL cup of cereal/milk. And I mean small. I was freakin' starving last night and had to have SOMETHING!

Activity was:

Lunch time workout: 20 minutes of stairs including 40 1 legged squats, 50 walking lunges, 40 standing crunches (P90X movida!)
In the evening: Jump Squats.

Already feeling sore and it's 8:30 so even though I didn't get a lot in timewise, I feel like I made the most of my time :) I figure I got in about 30 minutes of workout time total.

I haven't weighed myself since last week. Partly because I don't want to know what I did this weekend :) and partly because I just want to see where I am at near the end of the week.

Stay focused sexy ladies!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi ladies...

Sorry for being mia last week from the post. BUT I wasn't MIA from the plan. I did really good last week staying on track eating right. Even got a 5.02 mile run in on Tuesday after work and a 4.57 mile run in on Sat. Sat. had a lot of wine and champaigne but it was yummy!! and yesterday food was nooooo good but very yummy! I woke up and made the fam brkfst and then we went to the movies so I had to inhail the nachos and then after... for a last horah Rod and I splurged and we went to Pizza Mitza. If you guys have tried that place you must!!! Such good pizza, it started in SB so know I am a fan. =)

Haven't been very good with doing the P90X but for sure this week. crackin down. Rod and I both... cutting back the bad stuff, even tho my fridge is full of beer... =) Thanks boys.

I weighed in last tues and nothing changed (which weight I am fine) stayed at 120.2 and yesterday I finally found my flexible mesauring tape... So that is the plan from this point on, gonna focus on inches for sure... No ifs, ands, or buts. =)

Todays food:

Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, got up w/ ennuf time again to make brkfst, 4 eggwhites 1 yoke spiniach omelet w/ motz. cheese.
snack - Luna protein bar
Lunch - 6" subway sami turkey and avo, lite mayo and 1/2 of a tiny bag of jalepeno cheetos
working on my first LITER of water but have drank a small 16.9ozer... so far.
Dinner - the menu calls for Talapia hopefully some zuchinini and mushrooms, maybe some wild rice.

No kids tonight, and most of the laundry is done... house is clean so no excuses... gonna do the arms, shoulder work out and Ab Ripper. GONNA GET IT DONE!!! Tomororw is dance, so I think I am going to do a run again before it starts!!! 17 days to go.... Now is crunch time.

17 days!!

I definitely was not my usual self last week. I know a lot of it was due to PMS but I was stressed and tired and just felt blah. This week is different. Mondays are always hard but at least I feel happier. I think it was because of the FUN weekend I had (and I'm wearing my super cute new shoes). Fun weekends = no calorie counting and lots of wine. :) It was so worth it though. I won't even try to list my food intake over the weekend but all that matters is that I'm ready for a fresh start this week. I've been good so far even though I did get a grande mocha. I needed the extra pep today and I got lowfat milk and NO WHIP!
The Hubby and I went to the store last night and planned out our dinners for the week. Tonight Tuna melts are on the menu. I'll try to cut back on the mayo and I bought sandwich thins which are very low cal. Rhonda and I got the idea of doing Kabobs on the grill so I bought ingredients for that and we are also doing talapia this week too. It's going to be a challenge to cook and exercise after swim lessons this week but I am determined. Even if I can't work out until 10:00 PM, I will work out each day this week (except probably Friday). Hope you all are feeling determined this week. We can do this!!!!
Also, at the baby shower Jenny expressed interest in our blog. She needs our help ladies. Let's spread the motivation to her and invite her to "get skinny with us"! Laura, do you think you can set her up so that she can add to the blog??


Well, probably not on the diet/exercise front, but great in every other way :) I topped off my weekend that was filled with great food and drinks by getting in about 20-30 minute walk last night. It felt good and I had also planned to try and get in a little plyo or at least situps and squats or something but the little boss was up until 10:30! She had a long nap on the drive home yesterday evening so her little battery was fully charged and I had no extra time after she finally knocked out. Tonight should be different though, and I should be able to get in a workout of some sort for sure.

I am going to do my best at planning my menus for the next couple weeks ahead of time so it is a bit easier to stay on track on the diet front during the week. The weekends are rough to stay focused but I plan to making my absolute best effort Mon- Thurs along with exercising when I can :) I know I am not going to lose 10 lbs before we go, or even 5 for that matter but I am not going to slack off or give up either. I hope you are all on board with me!!! We are so close to our trip I can already feel the hot sun and taste those ice cold drinks!!


3 Weeks away!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy busy busy the past week. It seems we all have been.

I'm bummed that I haven't done as well as I wanted to this week. I plan on getting fully back on track next week after my Laughlin trip though. I have to because at that point we'll be only 2 1/2 weeks away!

Ok so yesterday:

Breakfast - Black coffee - no food. Not good I know but it was crazy at work and time got away from me.
Lunch - Fully intended to eat my sandwich I brought from home but ended up going to our little coffee place w/ Kayla. Had a wrap w/ chicken, rice & veggies and yes I'll admit I had a couple fries. Oh and an iced tea.
Snack - small bowl of cereal
Dinner - leftover chicken tacos but soft tacos this time so NO fried shell w/ corn.
NO exercise

I guess I didn't eat too badly yesterday but I feel like I did because my body feels really bloated right now and it's NOT that time of the month. Who knows what it is. Maybe it's the cereal I had this morning?

Anyway today:
Breakfast - black coffee & a bowl of cereal
Lunch - Think we're doing sushi but not 100% sure
Dinner - meeting my dad at Garmans for dinner and will prob get a sandwich & salad or just the chicken Caesar. We'll see.
For snacks I have reduced fat Triscuits & baked Lays although I'm not always a big snacker so we'll see if I even have anything.

Gonna try to keep motivated throughout the weekend. My mom will be doing the same so if we work together I'm sure it won't be too bad. Wish me luck!

Muy Mal

I have not exercised in over a week. Actually, I did go walking on Sunday and I did a few laps in the pool but other than that, zip, zilch, nada! We are out of our normal routine since Colby started swim lessons this week so we've been eating out and not exercising. I hope next week I can get in the mood to make myself do some sort of work out even though we still have another week of lessons. And maybe I can plan ahead to do a quick healthy meal when we get home.
I've been eating OK at work though. I've had the same thing for breakfast and lunch all week.

breakfast: coffee, 2 whole grain waffles with lite syrup and strawberries, iced mocha
Lunch: salad with cucumbers, half avacado, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and balsalmic dressing.
Snacks: cottage cheese, yogurt, and reduced fat cheez-its and granola bar.
Last night I had a chicken fajita pita from JITB so I know that wasn't too bad. My weight has stayed the same for the last month and I'm ok with that. Just hope to get some more activity in the next few weeks!

22.5 days til VEGAS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey lady birds! I'm starting to get really excited for our trip!

Talking about it more and more is making it hard to wait! =)

Ok quick update on my food from Mon night & yesterday. Didn't do too hot but not gonna beat myself up too much for it either.

Dinner - anyone who grew up in SP knows what Mr. Chips is and how they had the BEST corn burritos EVER. It was mostly the sauce that came with it because let's face it...a corn burrito is pretty much just beans & cheese in a fried corn tortilla. But anyway...lets just say that I was fairly obsessed with their corn burritos and was devastated when they closed some years back without saying a word about it.
My mom's class reunion was 2 weeks ago and she happened to run into someone who used to work there and HAD THE RECIPE FOR THE SAUCE! Needless to say I was beyond excited for this. So...dinner on Monday was my beloved Mr. Chips corn burritos made from home. And my mom managed to make them a little more healthy by baking them in the oven to get them crispy instead of frying them. The sauce was soo good. Almost exactly how I remembered it. So any unhealthy part of those corn burritos just flew out the window in my eyes. They were YUM and SO worth being bad! =)
NO exercise

Breakfast - black coffee & oatmeal
Lunch - Turkey sandwich from home on wheat bread w/ baked lays & water
Snack - baggie of cherries & about 5 reduced fat Triscuits
Dinner - Chicken tacos & Spanish rice w/ a water. I know the rice isn't the healthiest but aside from the fried shells the tacos were completely healthy.
NO exercise.

Ugh...unfortunately I can't do much exercising this week because my tattoo is still healing and just the thought of getting sweat in it make me cringe. But I will be back to working out next week for sure. With Laughlin this weekend I'm sure to sweat out a good amount of water weight and will be walking around a lot as well so hopefully I can at least maintain my weight. We'll see...

Weekend Recap w/ a little Monday added in

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good afternoon girls!

Ok so gonna do a quick recap of my weekend if I can. As you will see it could have been better but as could have been much worse too!

Lunch - I did end up going to The Habit and had a chicken sandwich and ended up sharing some fries with Kayla. We both were dying for them but figured it was better to share then get an entire order each. Oh and I had some iced tea.
Dinner - Met you ladies at Garmans and had a chicken Caesar salad w/ a slice of bread and an iced tea
NO exercising! =(

Was up at Rhoni's to watch Dadoo
Breakfast - A bagel thin w/ whipped cream cheese (but a very thin layer) and a cup of black coffee
Lunch - Had a hot dog bar at Rhoni's work. Was way yummy but so not good for you. But Rhoni and I each cut 2 dogs in half so it was like having 4 mini ones.
Dinner - some of Rhoni's yummy chile verde w/ rice & beans in a bowl. I served WAY too much for myself but ended up saving half of what I served for my breakfast.
I don't even remember but I'm gonna say I had about 5 Vodka & sparkling water. Was soo good on that hot day though!
Exercise - Took Dadoo for a walk in the morning in the heat. Not sure how long I walked but the heat made me sweat out at least half my body weight so I'm gonna say it was a successful amount of exercise.

Breakfast - leftover chile verde, scrambled eggs & black coffee
Lunch - Tuna sandwich w/ light mayo on whole wheat bread & some reduced fat Triscuits
Dinner - Drove down to Hemet for an 80's birthday party. It was late and HOT when we got there and I didn't feel like having a darn thing to eat but they served me a plate anyway. Had a couple bites of pit BBQ, a couple bites of potato salad & a couple bites of the rice and I was over it. They also served me a margarita but Bitoyia ended up knocking it over so I guess it just wasn't meant to be. =) I didn't end up having any thing else because my mom and I had an hour and a half drive ahead of us back to my brother's house (which turned into an almost 3 hour drive due to an accident).
NO exercise.

Brunch - Went to eat w/ my mum, bro, sis-in-law & Jannette before my tattoo appt. Had a turkey burger and only ate 3/4 of it and had a couple of my fries (NOT all of them) w/ a black coffee.
Lunch - no lunch unless you count the 1 chip I had from Jannette's nachos. The tattoo lasted 5 HOURS so by the time we left the Expo at 7:30pm I was tired, sore & starving.
Dinner - 2 McDonald's cheeseburgers, fries & a coke. I honestly do not care how bad that was for me. My body needed it so there! LOL
NO exercise

Breakfast - black coffee & oatmeal
Lunch - turkey burger, side salad w/ light balsamic dressing & an iced tea

No clue what's on the menu for dinner and I can tell you right now there will be no exercising. It was a LONG weekend with far too much driving and I need to catch up on my rest.

Tomorrow I'll be back in it to win it but today...I need to recuperate!

No me guesta Mondays...

Mondays are soo hard... =(

This weekend WASN'T entirely bad... well you be the judge and of course be bruitally honest.

So Friday I was good all day...

Breakfast - coffee, non fat yogurt w/ low fat granola
snack - ... don't think I had one. Water for sure
lunch - i know it is bad... but I didn't have one. Was so busy with wrk we had a lot of STORM stuff going on so I didn't ever get to leave. but I did have 3 small plums and 100 calorie granola bar
Dinner - Asparagus & Spiniach spagitinni from CPK, some focacchia bread, 1 glass of wine!!! I got a text from the FOOD NATZI (aka Mrs. M) to ck the nutrition facts on my food before I splurge.. =) so my past wasn't on the TOO TOO bad list well a lot of calories but not to bad on the FAT tip.
Late night cap - 2/3 glasses of wine at BFF's house. SIDE note - we were up until around 1:15am soooo that had to help a little bit with my burning my food off, plus TONS of laughs as we strolled down memory lane and ck'd out our hi-school yearbooks!!! =) Good times.

Woke up very wide eyed, and ready for the day. So got up at 6:00am washed my face, got the work out clothes on and headed to SB.
Meet my sister for a run on the beach it was soooo nice, made me miss my hometown a lot =(. We ran/walked 3.42 miles not to bad.. =)
Breakfast - to our fav. brkfst place Cajun Kitchen, build my own omelet so I had Egg whites w/ spinach and jack cheese since they didn't have any motz. cheese. Only a few bites of the hash browns, and shared a bowl of oatmeal with baby Q!
lunch - Since breakfast was at like 9-930ish we just snacked a little on chex mix and water by the pool
Dinner - 1/2 turkey club wrap and a full Cesar salad from a FABULOUS place called FRESCO. Ladies must try this place, one of my fav's yummo, fresh, good food.
Snacks and Nightcap - Went back to sisters house for wine and snacks... BUT before that we went on a 1.13 mile walk with Baby Q to traders to grab some snacks and wine. Only ended up munching on the Assort nuts mix and wine all night.

SUNDAY - Couldn't get the energy up to go running so we just relaxed then went to our brkfst spot again.
Breakfast - Omelet w/ ham and jack cheese. Oatmeal again, and a little bit of hash browns.
Missed lunch again since I was past out asleep then woke up to drive home to meet my BF back from Sin City.
Dinner - BAD bad Bad....Rod was still feeling the affects of Vegas, you know drinking obsessively, heat and not drinking water, so he was in the mood for BAD food. So, Rod, Aliyah and I went to Carl's.... got a chick sandwich that is ate w/o most of the bread!! =) But inhaled my fries =( and drank a rootbeer. BAD BAD BAD...

NOW this morning....

Breakfast - coffee with creamer & chopped up at least 1 1/2 cups of honeydew melon, it was sooo ripe I had to eat it... and since we hadn't gone grocery shopping yet we had NO food.
Snack - Slimfast snack bar and 1/2 liter of water....
Lunch - Will be the chick Caprice salad from Urban, (heading out in a bit)
Dinner - on the menu is Chick Parmesan homemade with salad!!!

Ok so ... I decided today I am going back to phase 1 diet with P90X to get ready ready for VEGAS the next couple of weeks. It is the FAT SHREDDER!!! Gonna focus, no messin around on the weekends. Hope you all had a great weekend.... Thanks for all the support keep it up and we will succeed!!!


Back to work. Ugh, I don't like Monday work days but here I am. Had a great weekend but was not soo good when it came to exercise and eating good. I think Wednesday was my last workout and I ate pretty bad all weekend. Thursday and Friday I was good at work with breakfast, lunch and snacks but both evenings I was at Garmans for dinner. Super good but very bad! Saturday was OK I guess. We were in Santa Barbara all day at the zoo. I had some cheerios and a half banana before we left. While we were there I had an unsalted pretzel for a snack and by lunch/dinner was a turkey club sandwich with (bacon and avocado) from CPK. Yesterday I got up and had my workout clothes and shoes on to do some cardio X and yoga to catch up and could not bring myself to "press Play". We went for a family walk instead which was good. Then we went to Cronies for lunch where it all went downhill. I had a Thirsty Chicken Sandwich, fries, armadillo eggs and a schooner!!! Then we went to the movies so that was popcorn and a cherry coke. For dinner Scott made yummy juicy lucy's (cheeseburgers) and I had two glasses of wine OH and we had our usual Sunday Mimosas too. Great weekend, bad eating!
This week is going to be a challenge as far as working out goes. Colby starts swim lessons today so I won't be getting home until 6:30. AND I need to start cleaning for the baby shower this weekend. SO much to do!! Totally worth it and I'm going to try my best to do a video every night.
Oh, and last week my computer at work was not liking our blog. I would be on the website and it would keep opening up a bunch of windows and I would have to manually shut down my computer. Hope we don't have a virus or something. They did do some updates on our PCs this weekend so maybe that will help. SO far so good though. :)
Hope you are all having a great monday!

Friday fun day... but staying on track

Friday, July 16, 2010

TGIF ladies!!!

So excited it is FRIDAY and this week was a very sucessful week!

So Yesterdays food:

Lunch - homemade salad w/ a little bit of ranch and Carne Asada added from Snapper Jacks.
Sanck - Luna bar - blueberry something... very good highly recommend
Dinner - Turkey club w/ salad w/ ranch and WATER - Thanks to Food NATZI Laura!!! =)

No work out since we had our pow wow at Garmans but that will be my break day. =)

Friday so far hasn't been bad,

Breakfast - Coffee w/ creamer, NONFAT yogurt w/ low fat granola.
Snack - 1/2 cup of omega 3 mix - choc covered soy beans, dried crans, walnuts
Lunch - I am thinking SMFCO pick up but nothing bad... maybe a tostada or ahi salad
Dinner - going to splurge and have pasta at CPK and a glass of wine prob. date with my bff

Tomorrows agenda:
Run on the beach in SB early AM at least 3 miles!!! Then heading to the spa for a massage with sisters, there we will lay by the pool and only eat good things from what we are packing from traders!!!
Dinner will be at one of my favorite places FRESCO and I may just have the most AWESOME Chick. ceaser salad! =)

Sunday - I plan to run in SB again... then head home and clean house. =) so no slackin at all!!!

Thank you Laura, for being a food natzi and not letting us go CRAZY last night. =) good good work! I will do my best to update over the weekend... don't have it on my phone yet, but will log on. All this talk of VEGAS is making me very excited!!! Stay strong this weekend ladies!

Tired, but still motivated....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi all!

I was planning on posting from my phone last night (I have done it before) but my phone was acting dumb...

Anyway, I had good intentions for CardioX on Tuesday night but I got about 5 minutes in and the boss started calling.... and it was already after 9:00- I thought she was out for the night but she got up and wanted to play! By the time I got her settled again, it was already almost 10:00 and I still had to get our stuff ready for the next day, along with our swimming stuff for class! I didn't work out other than busting out 70 bicycle situps, then showered and hit the pillow!

I have been eating really good, I am not going to bore you with my posts of food for the last two days so I will just do last night and today's. Oh, and I am VERY proud of myself, I hit a all time low weight of 135 this week! It has been a challenge to say the least but it is great to see the results. I always fluctuate a bit during the week but just the fact that I got there is a milestone, it might take me a week or so to actually stay there but I am fine with that :)

OK food!

Last night:

Dinner: baked egg casserole with 2 whole eggs + 1 egg white, spinach, a tad of parmesean cheese, salt and pepper and then topped it with fresh sliced tomato, half an avocado and a scoop of non-fat plain greek yogurt in lieu of sour cream.

Almost forgot, did about 25 minutes of Cardio X last night. I fast forwarded the punching parts that felt like a retard doing and a couple others but did most of what I had left!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with a handful of freshblueberries
Snack: 110 calorie baby yogurt
Lunch: salad
Snack: lowfat cottage cheese/tomato

I will have another snack b4 dinner more than likely since i have to go grocery shopping and don't know what is on the menu tonight or when I will actually eat!

Snack # 2: 100 cal granola bar.

Dinner: TBD but 2 taco bell crunchy tacos (super low cal and decent protein!) are kinda sounding good :)

Plan on exercising tonight, not sure what tho!

Hang in there girlfriends!!

4 weeks to go!

Good Morning Ladies!

Well I'm here at a normal time thank goodness but unfortunately...I still have a headache. Thankfully it is NOT as bad as the past 2 days and I'm confidant that if I hit it early w/ meds I'll get rid of it once and for all today!

So last night was bad bad bad. I was feeling like crap and didn't want to cook and my mom said it was too hot to cook so she ended up picking up Taco Bell for me and Matthew. I had a chicken burrito, chicken taco & a bean & cheese burrito. I was a pig and I know it but I'm cool with it. I've been doing good and with not feeling well the past few days I allowed myself to enjoy it.

On the menu for today:

Breakfast - Black coffee, oatmeal & 2 advil =)

Lunch - meeting a friend at The Habit and I really want the chicken sandwich but I'm going to try to get a salad. However, if I do end up getting the chicken sandwich instead I will NOT be getting fries. =( And they're soooo good! But sacrifices must be made!

Dinner - Garmans. Will prob just get their chicken salad. I love their salads and they taste good enough for me not to feel like I'm depriving myself.

Won't be getting in a workout today because right after Garmans I'm heading up to B-town til Sat.

See you tonight ladies...even you Rhon...just a little later than everyone else. =)

Going strong and coming up on the wknd

Morning ladies!!!

Awe Laura I just read your blog...=) I am glad you like the texts... I will keep them coming for sure. YOU ladies help motivate me for sure with your notes and positiveness. I didn't send one last night just cause I started later then norm. which was hard but still got it done!!!

So yesterday food:

Lunch - Sumo Sushi was on the menu Ult. Salmon roll (no tempura stuff) & Salmon Sushi (I even cut the rice in 1/2 and didn't eat that other 1/2)
Snack - Lemon Zest Luna Bar YUMMOOO
Dinner - Extra lean hamburgers (homeade) low fat shredded cheese and a little bit of Noodle Roni - Garlic & Olive oil. 1/2 can of cream soda... =( bad I know but was a little watered out...

Evening work out:
Back, tri's and Biceps I think... =) The work out Leese & Laura & I did that ONE WOW. =) Then did 3/4 of Ab Ripper X... ahhh I was so beat... But again, there was my little one, right beside me working her little biceps out. =) too cute my girl.

Today's plan:
Breakfast - Coffee w/ creamer (not skinny, not liking that stuff lol) 2 whole wheat waffles w/ reduced fat PB

lunch - packed a salad w/ ranch on the side... going to Snapper Jack's to get some CARNE ASADA to add to my salad so not sure if I will even use the ranch! =)

Dinner - Not sure what I will order but GARMANS is on the menu

Going to get at least 3 liters of water in today... it is a must with this heat for sure. Stay Hydrated ladies... I wanted to go for a run last night but when Fillmore was till like 90 degrees when I got home... BIG NEGAtIVE... When we went to bed at 11:10 (yes I am a night owl) it was still 71 degrees in Fillmore... YIKES.

This weekend I am staying focused. The plan for Sat. is to head up to SB around 6AM and go for a run on the beach with my sister... then we will have a healthy breakfast and head up to the Chumash SPA for a nice relaxing day!!! Massage, Laying by the pool, then some shopping. Dinner will be good and healthy too!

We can do this ladies... We all make such good and valid points. And yes we all do look great but like Laura said we are getting so much healthier it is so good for us all!!! Keep up the good work and see you all tonight... =( miss you Ron.

And the fun continues =(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ok so last night I ended up going to visit Gaga at the beach house and didn't do a darn thing as far as exercising goes. I ate good though. We had the Cajun Chicken pasta like I said we were going to and then I hit the hay a little earlier than normal for me.

This morning I woke up at 5:45 determined to hit the gym because I knew I would once again be busy after work today and wouldn't make it there before they closed. I was just finishing up my first circuit when BAM...I was slammed with another migraine. Normally they come on gradually but this sucker decided to take me by surprise and almost knocked me over. I struggled to get through my 2nd circuit taking everything I had in me not to barf all over the place. It was slow going but I managed to finish my workout and make it home just in time to puke up the emptiness that was in my stomach. Needless to say...I did NOT eat anything for breakfast. I came into work at 1:30 and so far am doing ok but am fearful that another migraine is just around the corner. =(

Breakfast - LARGE black coffee & a Vicodin

Lunch - Leftover pasta from last night & water

Snack - 4 Advil

I'm starting to sound like a druggie! No clue what's on the menu for dinner tonight and to be honest...with the way I'm feeling I'd be happy having water only. Hopefully this is the end of the migraines although they have been known to last a total of 72 hours! Oh the horror!

However, on a positive least I got a work out in today! LOL

4 weeks to go as of tomorrow girls! We're on a roll and let's keep it going!


From Beach Body (P90X, Slim in 6...)
Grilled Dijon Chicken

We love the lean protein of skinless chicken breasts, but let's face it: we're always looking for new ways to make them taste great. Here's a tasty—yet simple!—way to prepare chicken breasts that works especially well on your summer BBQ grill.
2 fresh skinless chicken breasts
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh herbs—parsley, thyme, etc.
1 Tbsp. olive oil
Salt (to taste)
Ground black pepper (to taste)
Preheat grill or broiler. Rinse chicken breasts and pat dry. Mix garlic, mustard, herbs, olive oil, salt, and pepper together in flat bowl or casserole dish, then coat chicken liberally with mixture on both sides. Grill or broil chicken for 5 to 10 minutes on each side, or until center is no longer pink. Makes 2 servings.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 to 20 minutes
Nutritional Information (per serving):
Fat Total
Saturated Fat
38 g
4 g
6 g
15 g
2 g

Work it, baby work it!

Yestedy before I left home to Ptown, B and I went for a quick walk aroud the block...and I carried him. I'm SO glad I ended up writing about taking a walk yesterday because that really held me accountable. Once I had all of our stuff packed up to leave, taking a walk around the block was the LAST thing I wanted to do...but I did it!

As for eating, I wasn't too bad. My killer is TORTILLAS. I love them and will eat them with anything.

I had Rice Krispies for breakfast
Edamame for snack
An avocado burrito for lunch (1 avocado mashed with salsa...I know I'm weird)
Dinner was baked chipotle chicken breast, guacamole and salsa with TWO tortillas
Edamame for snack

Food choices are VERY slim since we're trying to eat everything we have on hand so we don't have to move it to Fillmore with us ;) It's more of a personal challenge to make meals using what is left in our pantry and fridge.

I LOVE getting Ang's texts about what she's doing. I got one last night, RIGHT before Iw as heading to bed (yes, I'm an early bird). Knowing she was up working it out, I decided to do a little something too. I got up right that second (at 9:00pm...way late for me) and for the next 30 minutes I did sit ups, jumping jacks, and lifted weights.

I agree with T...I've looked at myself and see so many issues. I know no one is perfect so I just need to focus on doing my best and ultimately getting and staying healthy. Remember, just because a person is skinny, looks good, and toned doesn't mean they're healthy!

Work it out, girls!! :) 29 more days!! :)

Hump day but no humpin around... lol

Morning ladies!!!

What awesome weather we are having... LOVE it and super motivating.

So yesterday for lunch I ended up having: Tuna and 1 piece of bread... ate most of it w/o bread LOTS of protein!!!
Snack - 100 calorie granola bar
Dinner - Ranchera meat and YUMMY homemade salad
2 1/2 liters of water all day!!! Love that.. WATER is GREAT!

Evening work out:
Plyometrics baby... omg kicked my butt, seriously sooo sweaty it was great.... and even better was that my sweat angel was right there next to me, doing the squats and the lunges, and the jumping jacks... =) She would write down each time how many we did!!! =0 Too cute.

TODAY: Lazy and couldn't get up to do Cardio X like I had planned... SO I plan to go for a run today after dinner, then do Shoulders/arms/ab ripper tonight. Anyone want to join?

Meals so far today:
Breakfast - coffee w/ skinny creamer, non-fat yogurt w/ low-fat granola 1 liter of water down.
Lunch - plan to have sushi -ult. salmon roll and salmon sushi and water
dinner- not sure whats on the menu tonight, maybe chicken and salad

So bloated this week... visitor came a day late... scary for a sec =) but now not lovin the bloatingness, but will love the skinnyness after I am done. =)

Keep up the GREAT work ladies!!!


Had another successful day eating and exercising yesterday. Last night I did my core synergistics. It was tough but I can do more of the exercises than I could do during my first week and that feels great. I don't think I've lost weight since I started the program but I can tell I'm stronger. I don't feel like I look any different and I should measure myself to see about inches. I never did an initial weigh in and measurement when I started the P90 but I did take them when I started Slim in 6 which is when we started this so I figure it will work. I was looking at myslef in the mirror last night after taking a shower and I still see so many problem areas that I would love to improve and wish after all the work I've done so far weren't problems but now I wonder if I'll EVER be 100% happy with my body? Ummm, probably not. I guess I just feel blah today but that won't stop me from my daily goals of eating healthy and exercising.
Breakfast: coffee, 2 waffles with strawberries and lite syrup
Lunch: Sandwich with turkey.ham, cheese , lettuce and mustard
Snack: bar and passion ice tea from starbucks
Snack: a few gold fish and a chocolate chip cookie (very bad)
Dinner: Tilapia, white rice with soy sauce and lite ceasar salad
Snack: Low fat chocolate milk and eating right chocolate pudding (not good. Leese, I really want to try the ice cream)
Tonight I have cardio X. Looking forward to a good work out! Hope you all had a successful day yesterday and are on track for today. Woo hoo!!

Inspirational Quote!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OK this is great.... my co-worker shared this quote from one of her friends with me so I am sharing it with all of you! The topic was how good the donuts in the kitchen smell everytime we walk by them....

"It's never going to taste as good as being skinny feels"!!!

Yucky yucky yuck!

Hey ladies! I woke up at 3am with the worst migraine I've had in months. I took some Tylenol and slept in an extra hour before coming into work but it's still there. I'm powering though though. Not to mention the fact that it's that time of the month for me (TMI I know). =(

However, even in my yuckiness it's great to see everyone posting with positivity! It lifted my mood. =)

Ok I posted yesterday's breakfast & lunch so here is the rest of my day yesterday:

Snack - 1/2 a (reduced fat) peanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread (needed a food boost before my gym workout)
Dinner - Baked blackened salmon, brown rice w/ low sodium soy sauce & water (I have to say I was STARVING by dinner for some reason and was afraid I was going to cave and eat something bad. However, I held out and with the help of my snack I managed to resist the urge to cheat)
Snack - a handful of baked Lays
Dessert - Eating Right Light Pomegranate Ice Cream Cup ( guys need to try addicting!)

Went to the gym after work and I don't know if I was just more motivated or what the deal was but I pushed myself harder and I could feel it. I sweat like a beast and it was great! Felt so good to push myself a little more and not just do the same old routine.

Today I fully intended to wake up early to hit the gym since I'm busy this afternoon and don't think I'll make it home in time. Unfortunately, the arrival of my stupid migraine stopped that idea in it's tracks. So instead I'm going to try to talk my mom into going for a walk with me this evening at some point. If she doesn't want to go I'll just take my Bear dog with me. =) I'd rather do the gym but something is definitely better than nothing!

So far today:

Breakfast - 2 cups of black coffee & 2 Tylenol (lol...not much of a breakfast but the thought of food made me want to barf)

For lunch I have a turkey sandwich w/ low-fat cheese, mustard & lettuce on whole wheat bread & a plum

Snack will be reduced fat Triscuits (if I can manage to keep my lunch down)

Not 100% sure but I think dinner is going to be Cajun pasta made w/ grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta, bell peppers & Cajun spices (no sauces!)

Keep up the good work ladies!

In the zone...

It feels good....I FINALLY have reached the point (again, it has been years!) where I feel like I have reprogrammed my mind to immediately think about what I am eating before I eat it and ask the following questions... Am I really hungry? Am I eating just because I am bored, or just because it's there in front of me? Is this one of the better options of meals/snacks for me to choose?
And if I do decide to go for something that probably is not the best selection like fries, chips/dip, I now tell myself how many is acceptable instead of just consuming them without any sense of consciousness like I would have done before. I know that on weekends, social events, holidays etc., this is not always going to be my criteria, but I figure I am doing a great job if I use this thought process for the MAJORITY of my choices! Of course this is not realistic for every day for the rest of my life, because let's face it, we need to ENJOY life!!! Just maintain a proper balance. Ok, enough of this stuff, down to busines....

Exercise yesterday:
10 minutes of stairs in the afternoon @ work
Chasing toddler child at gym class :)
40 minutes of plyometrics plus 30 push ups!

So far today:

lowfat cottage cheese (protein GOLD!) along with fresh strawberries and blueberries.
Snacks will be: 100 calorie granola bar and 110 cal baby yogurt.
lunch will be: grilled steak on baby greens, 1/2 avocado, tomatos and red onion tossed with balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil!
Dinner will be lowfat turkey chili and salad.

Thank you for the motivation girls!!!

It's working! To stay I touch with my girls I've gone mobile :) I'm blogging from my phone as a text message. I'm hoping to be able to edit these posts (if need be) through the website.

I had a huge temptation yesterday...rocky road ice cream! I'm happy to say I didn't cave in (thanks Rhondizzle).

For dinner: Baked BBQ chicken, a piece of marinated carne asada and some rice.

My "activity" for the day was a 30 minute cardio workout and a walk around the block carrying a 25lb. Weight (B).

I'm going to do the same walk now before heading home to Ptown to clean house.

Have a great day ladies!!



I'm sooo loving this beautiful morning. It's actually sunny outside and I'm wearing a cute outfit - new skirt and top!! It's going to be a good day!!
Ok, I didn't report yesterday but I was pretty bad over the weekend (pasta, wine, wine cookies, popcorn, sliders, wine, wine). I say out of giving 100% to eating and exercise, last week I gave about 50%. Not good but I'm determined to have a good week! Started my 4th week of P90 yesterday. Yoga was on the schedule but as I mentioned before, the yoga was like an hour and a half so last week I bought Jillian Michael's yoga video. It was 30 minutes and I loved it! Way more realistic for my current lifestyle. I've done yoga a few times before but I never realized how much work it is. My arms are pretty sore today. I really liked it and it was only $10 at Target if you girls want to look into it. There is a beginner and intermediate program. I of course started with the beginner and it was a challenge.
Food yesterday:
Breakfast: coffee, 2 multi-grain waffles with strawberries and blueberries and a little lite syrup.
Lunch: Sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese and cottage cheese
Snack: Yogurt and too many ritz crackers
Dinner: Grilled chicken, rice pilaf and grilled asparagus and squash. Yummy!
Snack: low fat chocolate milk.
Unfortunately I was unable to see what damage I had done weight wise cause our NEW scale broke. Ugh, so mad! That is our second digital scale that has broken. I'm getting an old school one next time :) So hopefully I'll be able to fix any damage this week. I think we all need to realize that even though we have a goal in mind, we also need to enjoy life too and not beat ourselves up when we give in to temptation. It could be worse. What if we never set this goal in the first place and continued eating what we wanted and not exercising?? I think we all deserve a big pat on the back for what we've accomplished so far. Now, less than a month to go! We have some work to do but regardless, we are going to be enjoying cocktails in Vegas and not worrying what we look like anyway. hahahah

Such a great start to the week!!!!

I am pumped ladies!!! Determined, and sooo excited to be doing this with all of you!

OK Yesterday:

lunch - Toppers salad, that wasn't very good so I didn't eat it all =( Water
snack - 100 Cal. granola bar

Got home and got busy, fed the dogs, played with them a little, picked up my recycling and picked up the house a little... I mention all this because it is being active that I think is helping us too... SO Laura.... you keep saying you haven't exercised very much, BUT you haven't been just sitting on your butt.. Packing and moving you are doing a lot... so don't discount that. =)

Ok so then got changed and went to work. Did the 45 min Cardio X!!! OMG sweated like a dog, it was sick... Then did 1/2 of the AB Ripper X... it's been like 3 weeks since I last did it so I didn't make it past the mid part. No worries tho, by week end I will be all over it again. I was soooo sweaty and felt sooo good about getting the work out in. Had to share that news with my girls.

Dinner - went to this place called Viva La Pasta in Moorpark with the BFF and Aunt. It was sooooooo good! Very nice place, ladies we must go there after our Vegas vacation. I wasn't to bad either... Had a small ceaser salad, at least 2 pieces of fRESH baked bread, then had the chicken angel hair pasta with sun dried tomatos and tomato sauce... better then cream sauce for me. And one glass of Pinot Grigo. Also had a few bites of chocolate cake...But then stayed up until 11PM so I am thinking I gave my body a good amount of time to burn it off instead of straitght to bed! =)

So I planned to get up this morning and work out ... but my work ou today is Plyo... I want to do that in the evening, so I slept this AM.

I weighed in this morning at 120.2 Not trying to loose the weight but maintain under 125. so not bad right now. I didnt get a chance to measure but I will today. At least my wasit and thighs!

This morning:
Breakfast - coffee w/ skinny non fat creamer (so proud of myself), cottage cheese and a few garlic triskets

lunch - brought Tuna made w/ low fat mayo & reg. mayo on 1 piece of wheat bread

Dinner - plan to make some ranchera with a salad so nothing to heavy before my big work out

Snacks will be a granola bar and water.

We are doing this ladies!!!! Have a good day everyone.

Whoa...30 days!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's definitely time to reassess my goals. I need to stop putting things off and get down to business. Starting today I am doing SOME sort of exercise EVERYDAY for the next 30 days. To be honest, I've been a slacker in the exercise department and have been straight up lazy and unmotivated. I've been kinda blah lately but ready to make a drastic change :)

I'm also going to set up blogger mobile on my phone so I can stay in touch with you girls more. The blog will be my everyday outlet. I've been keeping track of my exercise and food intake using "LoseIt" and have been hovering around 145 pounds for the past 2 weeks. My lowest weight has been 140 and my current weight is 143.2. I know weight isn't everything because I'm already not fitting in jeans and fitting A LOT better in my Joe's!

Here's what I can remember eating for the weekend:
Friday- 4 Skinny slices of pizza and about 3 Michelob Ultras
Saturday- 2 skinny slices of pizza, 2 Dos Equis, 1/2 a margarita, 2 Al Pastor Quesadillas, 3 tacos (chicken, al pastor, and carne asada)
Sunday- 1 Small Strawberry Margarita, a Veggie burrito, and some pasta salad

Monday-Rice Krispies, Tiny bit of pasta salad, Fried Chicken drumstick (I took the "fried" part off)

30 days and counting...lets get to work girls!!

Another new week...

Good Monday Morning Ladies!

I see we're all back to posting again which is great! I think it's really motivating to hear each others successes!

So I sorta slacked off with posting toward the end of last week so here's my quick update.
Friday meals
Breakfast - 2 Eating Right Multi-Grain Waffles w/ Sugar Free syrup & an apricot.
Lunch - 2 Ahi Pockets & an order of WonTons from SMFCO & lemonade
Dinner - Chicken Salad on whole wheat bread & baked Lays

Sat meals
Breakfast - I can't remember but don't think I had anything
Snack - some of Rhoni's awesome garlic & sun-dried tomato dip & crackers...oh and a couple apple slices
Lunch - a hot dog, a small serving of pasta salad & a spoonful of chili beans. Plus about 4 beers. Not good at all
Dinner - I can't remember for sure but I think I had Carl's Jr. I was feeling like poo that night (I think thanks to the beer) so I just picked up food and went to bed. SO not the right thing to do and by far the worst meal of the weekend but it is what it is.

Sun meals
Slept in so no breakfast
Lunch - Chicken breast sub on honey oat bread, some baked Lays & water
Snack - a few handfuls of popcorn and about 1/4th of a medium Pepsi @ the movies
Dinner - Spaghetti w/ Heart Smart sauce & ground turkey & water
Dessert - Eating Right Light Pomegranate Ice Cream Cup

All in all the weekend was not that bad. I'd have to say that Saturday was by far my worst day so with 1 bad day out of 3 I'm counting my weekend a semi-success. Unfortunately I didn't get in any exercising this weekend but I did work-out 3 times last week which is my personal minimum so I'm not too upset about my lack of exercise this weekend.

So far I've started off my day right.

Breakfast - 1 Eating Right Multi-Grain Waffle (no syrup), a plum & water

For lunch I have about a cup of last nights spaghetti w/ heart smart sauce & ground turkey.
I also have reduced fat Triscuits to snack on & a reduced fat peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat for a late afternoon snack before I head to the gym. Not sure about dinner yet but I'll post that later.

I know I've said this before but I AM on track this time to get my Vegas goal. I didn't weigh myself last Fri so I don't know if I met my 2lb weekly goal but I can feel in my clothes that I'm succeeding somewhere either in weight or inches. I think that while I may not be being 100% perfect with this, being aware in any amount is helping me lose and that's a good thing. Like Rhon said "we still have time to see results" and I'm determined to do just that!

Good Luck this week Ladies! XOXO

Weekend Success

Ah! Our trip is exactly a month away, we still have time to make some progress so stay focused!
I had a great weekend, and somehow managed to stay on track without depriving myself. Had pasta, wine, cookies and chips and dip, popcorn- just really tried to watch the portions and stuck to water other than a couple glasses of wine. I got in a really good walk yesterday morning too... A little more than I had planned after noticing that I had dropped Ariana's sun glasses somehwere along with way! So I finished up my walk by increasing the distance by probably about 1/3 and drastically picked up the pace!!!
From last Monday to this Monday, I am down 2 lbs and need to keep it off! I was sore for like 2 days from the 30 minute plyometrics I did last week so that is on deck for tonight and I am aiming at doing that workout 2 times a week to hopefully make some progress on how I look in a bikini. It left me sore in all the right places!!!!

Food so far today:

2 cups of coffee/creamer :)
1 waffle, handful of blueberries.

Snacks today will be: 100 calorie granola bar, 110 calorie yogurt

lunch will be shredded chicken along with a tomato and avocado salad.

Not sure what dinner is yet but it will hopefully be something easy and healthy since we have gym class (Ariana's) tonight!

Countdown ladies, let's do this!

Exactly 30 days to go.....

Ok this is it! No more weeks counting for me... EVERYDAY will be counting for me.

Ahhh another bad weekend and week really w/ only one work out, no running and not so great eating. Then Pizza on Friday, Aliyahs small bday party, and the Dodger game on Sunday... those are just all events for bad eating!=)

But 30 days to go and need to get this bod in shape! Where I wanted to be when we started this thing. I am going to start the TODAY!

This morning is not the BEST start but it is not bad... I had to drive Aliyah up to SB this morning since our daycare is slim this week with Chris (Rod's mom) being on vacation. So... Unfortunatley I forgot that I was out of coffee this morning so I drove to SB dropped Aliyah off, and hopped back into the car down to VTA. By the time I got to Seaward with no coffee all morning I was tired... So Starbucks was calling. And being I had been up since 4:30 already I needed to eat too. So...

Breakfast: Non-Fat Chi latte, Reduced Fat Berry Coffee Cake

Lunch: not sure yet... maybe salad, or subway sandwich or sub in a tub from jersey mikes.

Dinner: Going to that Italian place in Moorpark at like 6:30 so going to more then likely eat pasta... =/

Ok so my work out plan... I am going to take a short lunch and scoot out at 4:00 p.m. today get home and try and go on a run for at least a 1/2 an hr. OR maybe do a work out video not sure which on yet.... I have to do something. especially since I am going to be eating PASTA!

I am weighing in tomorrow since I forgot this morning. And measuring tomorrow morning to! GOTTA DO THIS!!!

*******MUST READ******

Friday, July 9, 2010

EXCELLENT information! Read all of it!!

Week's End!

Hellloooooo ladies!

This has been one of my most successful weeks yet! It is probably guilt induced from the holiday weekend, but that does not matter!!!!!! Motivation is motivation!

I started off with a walk on Monday night and have worked out (and eaten right!) every day so far this week! I did 3 stair workouts on my lunch this week and yesterday I knocked out 30 minutes of Plyometrics (P90X) while Ariana was napping. Whhhheeeww! I am hoping to do the remaning part of it tonight so we'll see. I am hoping to squeeze in a quick lunch workout today too.
I am happy to report I am down 3 lbs from the beginning of the week! BUT, this is where I always get stuck.... TMI but I weighed 136.4 this morning and have NOT been able to break 136... I am really hoping that this is the week! Like Reese mentioned, it is about portion control and that is something I have to focus extra hard on. For me, it is also about watching the carbs and trying to take advantage of ANY extra time I get, even if it's just 20-30 minutes so I can get some activity in. I have been getting in the habit of doing 50 bicycle sit-ups each morning before I start my day and I want to also incorporate 50 in the evening before going to bed so I will do that tonight if I remember!!!

Food so far today:


Baby Yogurt :)

Snack will be cantaloupe and strawberries!

I am thinking sushi for lunch. Or a salad :)

Dinner- is too far away so I don't know yet!!!!!!!

Keep moving ladies, Vegas here we come!!!


Weekend is here....

Not doing bad for this is my 3rd post of the week!!! =) YAY ME. lol

Ok down to biz...ness....

So Wednesday dinner was blah... but what could I do, I can't complain cause, well, I didn't have to make anything but... Rod made Mai Mai burgers that we had bought from Whole Foods awhile back. I have to say they weren't BAD but not toooo good, didn't satisfy me at all, being I just ate the patty no bun or bread so it was a little on the fishy side. =( And a few bites of undercooked brocolli. That was it for the night.

So Thursday morning I was STARVING... We had the day off to attend Ryan's grandma's funeral so Rod whipped up protien shakes for us in the AM. They were tasty. For lunch we ate at the reception, so I had some fruit mainly melon, a bite of taco salad, a small piece of ranchera meat, two bites of a very good tortolini pasta salad, and a thigh of friend chicken. The chicken wasn't too good for me, but the BROWNIE I had to have after was the icing on the non-cake.. =( THEN... ahhh got worse, we went to VTA later to see Aliyah perform at her last day of cheer camp and i had a TWIX in between. llolol
BUT dinner was good:
Went to SMFCO - Ceviche, ahi pocket, and not so good for me, wontons... But had WATER and nothing else the whole night. OH and we ate REALLY early like 5:30 p.m. so i definitly was a little hungry later that night.

I had planned to get off the couch lst night to work out, but that didn't happen. Did some stuff around the house and then relaxed.

So far today has been GREAT:

Breakfast -NON fat yogurt with low fat granola, lrg Banana, coffee with /creamer

Lunch - not sure what I am in the mood for

Dinner - gonna be pizza and maybe salad!!! =)

Tomorrows plan: running in the AM and maybe a video work out in the AM. Gonna have pizza and salad again tomorrow lol for Aliyah's bday but i will have more salad!!!

Ok ladies keep up the good work. 5 more weeks!!!!

Wednesday's post...delayed

Woo hoo over my hump for hump day

Ok so I finally did it! I worked out last night!!! YAY. I got off the couch and did the Cardio X video, and felt really good to get my blood pumping. 45 mins of cardio and great stretch.
Finished off the day good too.

For yesterday lunch(Tuesday):
SMFCO was a callin, so I had a Ceviche Tostada and 1 ahi pocket to go
Dinner: homemade spaghetti w/ ground turkey and whole wheat pasta, ½ of ½ cup of orange soda.. =( bad I know…

This morning so far(Wednesday):
Breakfast – coffee w/ creamer ¾ cup of oatmeal w/ little bit of br. Sugar & 2% milk
Snack – Fresh fruit melon
Lunch – in a mtg so we ordered sandwiches. I will have a turkey breast sami on wheat bread… but I will confirm my meal later today
Dinner – not sure yet what is planned, Rod is home today so we will see what he whips up! =)
Ok so the plan tonight… I am going to try and do another video but I think it will be for arms or shoulders… but for sure going to follow up with the ab ripper. We will see how the night goes after we get home.
Keep up the great work ladies.

Finally Friday

What a week it has been! So glad the weekend is here but with fun things planned brings on temptation. Hope I don't go too overboard with food and drink this weekend but I plan on practicing portion control. Yesterday was a good eating day.
mini egg fritatas (egg beaters, diced ham, green onion and a little cheese mixed together and baked for 15 minutes in mini muffin tins. So easy and good, you should try!!)
cottage cheese (Rhonda pointed out to me that one serving has 14grams of protein!)
iced mocha - non-fat milk and no whip (I needed extra coffee yesterday)
Lunch - Salad with egg, tomato, garbanzo beans and cheese
Snack - Strawberries and Pineapple and a bar
Dinner - chicken fajita pita (no fries and no added sauces)
Snack - low fat chocolate milk.
I lost a litte less than a lb so that is good.
Workout: P90 shoulders and arms. I didn't start my workout until after 9 since Scott worked so I'm proud that after laying down with Colby to get him to sleep, I got back up and started my workout. Hope you all have a good day. Enjoy your weekend. Remember, it's all about portion control!

I'm Here, I'm Here!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've been MIA for a LONG time...what can I say, Life Happens ;)

I'm happy to report that I've been eating good for the most part but can't say that for the past holiday weekend. I've been bad and good but have finally started to get moving. Last week I worked out two days in a row...that's HUGE since the last time I had worked out was May 27 with Leese.

We're moving too so I've spent a lot of time packing, moving, and cleaning. I'm planning of REALLY putting my butt in gear once we're in Fillmore. For some reason I feel that being in Fillmore is going to put me in a working out mood. With my parents living right around the corner from where we'll move, I've found myself walking there every time I go...about 6 times round trip already.

Exectly 5 weeks from today my girls and I will be in LAS VEGAS! Everyone keep up the GREAT work and lets make these last 5 weeks count!

Public Service Announcement

If you need a little more help keeping track of your calorie and fat intake, check out For you iPhone users out there, Lose It is a free application that takes the guesswork out of calorie and fat gram counting!

5 Weeks til VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

OMG! It's getting so close I can't wait!

Ok I'm crazy busy at work today so here's a quickie for me.


Breakfast - Fiber One Bar & some water

Lunch - Chicken Sandwich from Urban Cafe, Side Salad & Iced Tea

Dinner - Shredded Chicken Sandwich on whole wheat bun, corn, baked Lays & a water

Snack - 1 Bud Light Lime...ok so it's not a snack and not the best but it was light and I only had 1 when I usually have 2

Made it to the gym for my work out after work which was good. I went to the store after to buy some healthy snack options for me & some breakfast foods.

So far today I've had 2 Eating Right Multi-Grain waffles w/ sugar free syrup & a cup of black coffee.

For snacks today I have Reduced Fat Triscuits, an apricot & a plum and I plan on having SMFCO for lunch...prob just the Tuna on Fire though since it's not fried.

Has anyone heard from Laura? It's been a while and I miss her!

Hope you all have great days! XOXO

Down 1 lb

Had another successful day and evening. Got on the scale and I'm down lost one of the two pounds I gained over the weekend. Yay!
Yesterday's food intake:
Morning - Coffee, mini egg fritatas, french toast waffle with a little syrup.
Snack - Crackers
Lunch - Salad with egg, garbanzo beans, tomato and blue cheese
Snacks - yogurt, cottage cheese, strawberries and pineapple and sadly two oreos (sabotaged)
Dinner - left over turkey spaghetti
Snack - sherbet
Did Cardio X last night and tonight I have weights of some sort.
I've noticed that I'm pretty hungry today. I blame it on the weather. The gloom makes me want to be lazy and eat comfort food.
Hope you all had a good night and are having a great day!

Just a quick update....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey girls!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on yesterday for me.

Dinner - shredded chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with baked Lays.

Dessert - Sugar-free lemon cake ice cream.

I was able to get out of work in time to make it to the gym which I was very thankful for. I went with my mom and grandma and when we walked in Nicole (my sis-in-laws sis who works there) told us that we were all on the list of Top Ten losers for June! Not only that but I was #4...above both of my mom and grandma! WooHoo to me! That really inspired me to want to work harder.

Unfortunately I had a really bad nights sleep. I woke up coughing hard. Choking on who knows what. My throat felt like it was on fire and when I tried to take a breath in I couldn't. I sounded hoarse and could only get a couple shallow breaths in. Before I started panicking my mom heard me and came in and asked what was going on. When I told her she said she thought it might be acid reflux. Either that or some form of sleep apnea. It really freaked me out though. I know that weight can contribute to both of those things and it scared me thinking that because of my past gluttony (for lack of a better word) I could have died in my sleep. LOL...ok that's dramatic but you know what I mean. Needless to say after that I had a hard time sleeping. But lying there I started think and put things into perspective. While it's great to let myself indulge from time to time, we all know I have a lot further to go than the rest of you. I really need to work hard to get the results I want and I can't allow myself to slack off until I'm closer to my goal. you all didn't expect to get such a story from me huh?

Anyway...I'll be posting my meals from today later. Until then...have a great day ladies!

Another day

Pretty good day yesterday I'm happy to report.

Breakfast - two eggo french toast waffles and coffee with creamer

Lunch- Turkey and avocado sandwich from Subway

Snack - half of a really gross protein bar

Dinner - Spaghetti with Ground Turkey Meat sauce (inspired by Ang).
Snack - low fat chocolate milk

After work I headed straight to the store to get some healthy food. As soon as I got home, I started dinner and started prepping my snacks and meals for the rest of the week. It took a long time but at least everything is planned out. Last night I did Core synergistics, always a toughie but I can tell I have more strength and was able to do more of the moves than prior weeks. I'm on week 3 of P90!!! I will be finishing the program right before Vegas and I'm hoping I have some good results. Though I don't feel like I look more toned, I do feel stronger so that is a good sign. I am going to look for a shorter Yoga video to replace the one in P90. It's sooo long!! 1 hr and 30 minutes and I just don't have time for it. Next week I do yoga twice during the week! Tonight is one of the weight videos, can't remember but I'm going to work out as soon as I get home.
Hope you all had a good evening and have a great day!

Back to the grind...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ahhhh what a fun weekend :)

Needless to say, the flood gates were open on the food/drink front! Diet? What diet?! I got on the scale this morning (SCARED TO SEE WHAT I HAD DONE!) and I only gained a pound from where I ended last week.... which is usually what I do on a normal weekend anyway!! I definately have some work to do, so here we go. I decided to do a quick walk with my mini-me last night to get my week started off right. We did about 20 minutes which is no huge accomplishment but it felt good to get in the right mindframe for my week. Today I did my lunch time power workout on the stairs and included walking lunges. I am aiming to get some ab work in tonight along with some arms.

So far today:

coffee/creamer (if I ever have to give this up, then please just shoot me!)

2 waffles with a tiny amt of butter/VERY little syrup.

lunch was 2 hot dogs (no bun) with a little mustard.

I have lowfat cottage cheese/strawberries on deck for an afternoon snack.

Dinner is going to be a protein (either meat or chicken) along with tomato/avocado salad and whatever veggies Ariana decides she wants to eat!

I can't believe that Vegas is just over 5 weeks away. I know as it gets closer, it will help motivate us even more so let's stay on track- together!!

I'm Back!

Hey gals!

Ok I'm back. Had a bit of a lapse last week and this weekend but I'm here and ready to get back in action.

Last week was ok. The eating wasn't so bad but I did zero exercising. I went up to B-town after work on Thurs and first thing on Fri I hopped on Rhoni's scale. No weight lost which was a bit of a bummer but I was expecting that. The good news is that I didn't gain so that's a mini success in itself. I started things off right with a cup of black coffee and a bagel thin and then set off with the little crazy haired girl for a brisk 30 min walk. After that we met Rhoni for lunch where I had a mini pizza, a salad & an iced tea. Still not too bad but I'm not even going to mention dinner...or the 2nd The rest of the weekend was a bust. Food, alcohol, food & more alcohol. It was well worth it though. As everyone else is I'm sure aware of...this weekend was not the best where diets are concerned.

However I am back in it today. I am determined to lose the weight I didn't last week as well as my weekly 2 lbs for this one. It will be tough but I've done it before and know I can do it again.

So far today:

Breakfast - water and a small amount of oatmeal (was way busy and not that hungry)

Lunch - Kayla and I are going to Subway where I'll either order a turkey sandwich or the oven roasted chicken sandwich.

Still not sure what dinner will be like but I'm hoping to get out of here in time to hit the gym.

Keep up the efforts ladies. Just over 5 weeks til Vegas! Can't wait!

Back on the Work Out wagon

Ok ladies.... I am back. Not so much in action just yet but going to be this week. I think that is part of my tiredness that I haven't been working out. =(

Well obviously this weekend was a BUST on the eating tip, and well alcohol consuption. =) BUT I did get a 2.77 mile run in on Sat. which I thought I was going to die running... gees take a few weeks off and it kicks my @$$....

So the plan for this week: work out eat right, work out eat right, NO ALOCHOL for me...May take a break until VEGAS! =) ha we'll see....

breakfast - 2 whole wheat waffles w/ reduced fat PB, coffee w/ cream but not even the whole cup
water water water (as of 11:30 1 1/2 liters already)
Snack - Chewy Granola bar 100 calories!!!
Lunch - think I will get a sandwich at jersey mikes... but may head up to SMFCO for an order to go =)
Dinner - I took turkey out so I think it will be spagetti night! yummmo with wheat pasta

Going to Cardio X tonight to get the blood flowin, no excuses.

Thanks for hearin my plee for being so horrible on the work out and eating tip.... No more excuses for me, gonna be hardcore for the next 5 1/2 weeks!!!

Plus 2 but worth it!

So I was MIA all last week but I can say I was good about eating and very good about working out. I exercised every day last week. Scott and I even got up early on Saturday morning before leaving to Bakersfield to work out! The weekend of course was bad. Cocktails + yummy food + lounging = 2 pounds gained but it's ok. It was worth it and I had a great time. On our way home yesterday morning we stopped at Sonic (a tradition when we leave BF in the morning) and I had a cheeseburger! Yes, a cheeseburger in the morning!!! Not a good way to start the day and it got continuously worse. I had a piece of pizza at my parent's, popcorn and soda at the movies and then a chicken fajita pita for dinner (which was not bad but still) and then to top off the night I had a bowl of sherbet! Who knows, maybe my 2 pounds came from yesterday alone! hahah. I didn't work out either BUT I plan to the rest of the week and the weekend too! It's going to be rough but once I get in the groove again, I will be fine. I need to go to the store too so I have no idea what my meals will be like the rest of the week. Hope you all have a good week too!!!

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