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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning ladies!!!

Awe Laura I just read your blog...=) I am glad you like the texts... I will keep them coming for sure. YOU ladies help motivate me for sure with your notes and positiveness. I didn't send one last night just cause I started later then norm. which was hard but still got it done!!!

So yesterday food:

Lunch - Sumo Sushi was on the menu Ult. Salmon roll (no tempura stuff) & Salmon Sushi (I even cut the rice in 1/2 and didn't eat that other 1/2)
Snack - Lemon Zest Luna Bar YUMMOOO
Dinner - Extra lean hamburgers (homeade) low fat shredded cheese and a little bit of Noodle Roni - Garlic & Olive oil. 1/2 can of cream soda... =( bad I know but was a little watered out...

Evening work out:
Back, tri's and Biceps I think... =) The work out Leese & Laura & I did that ONE WOW. =) Then did 3/4 of Ab Ripper X... ahhh I was so beat... But again, there was my little one, right beside me working her little biceps out. =) too cute my girl.

Today's plan:
Breakfast - Coffee w/ creamer (not skinny, not liking that stuff lol) 2 whole wheat waffles w/ reduced fat PB

lunch - packed a salad w/ ranch on the side... going to Snapper Jack's to get some CARNE ASADA to add to my salad so not sure if I will even use the ranch! =)

Dinner - Not sure what I will order but GARMANS is on the menu

Going to get at least 3 liters of water in today... it is a must with this heat for sure. Stay Hydrated ladies... I wanted to go for a run last night but when Fillmore was till like 90 degrees when I got home... BIG NEGAtIVE... When we went to bed at 11:10 (yes I am a night owl) it was still 71 degrees in Fillmore... YIKES.

This weekend I am staying focused. The plan for Sat. is to head up to SB around 6AM and go for a run on the beach with my sister... then we will have a healthy breakfast and head up to the Chumash SPA for a nice relaxing day!!! Massage, Laying by the pool, then some shopping. Dinner will be good and healthy too!

We can do this ladies... We all make such good and valid points. And yes we all do look great but like Laura said we are getting so much healthier it is so good for us all!!! Keep up the good work and see you all tonight... =( miss you Ron.


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