2 weeks to go!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's officially 2 weeks away from Vegas and I can't wait any longer! LOL

Ok so last night I had my stupid gym weigh in...lol...as you can tell by my attitude it didn't exactly go the way I would have hoped but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought either. I'm not gonna list everything but I went down in some places and up in others which is really strange however the amount was minimal. The good news is that my weight stayed the same.

So after I got home from the gym I was STARVING and with my mom's prodding decided to drop the "no carbs" diet because in the end it isn't healthy. So I decided to do "low carb" and by that I mean ONLY healthy carbs (wheat bread, wheat pasta, etc) and I'm going to try to keep my carb intake to one meal a day if possible. So that being said, for dinner I had whole wheat pasta w/ grilled chicken & bell peppers & a salad.

I just remember that in the past when I was on Atkins I lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks and then went on our cruise and gained 7 lbs back in one week. I do not want to deprive myself and work hard just to gain it back in a couple days. And I should follow my mom's lead. She has now lost close to 60 lbs and all with still eating carbs...however it's only the healthy ones. It's been working for her so why would I doubt it?

And I have felt a difference in the way my clothes fit. I may not be losing drastic weight but since starting at the gym in Dec I've lost a total of 15.75 inches all while still eating carbs...to me that proves I'm doing something right. So I just have to stick with it, stay motivated and not look for a quick fix because they never last. Not only that but I need to be happy with myself regardless of what I weigh. I want to be healthy and I feel that by doing this blog with you ladies I am on my way to getting where I need to be but I need to work on my self-confidence as well. Because in the end...I can be a skinny person but if I don't feel happy with myself what does it matter?

LOL...ok so sorry to turn this into a "Dear Diary" moment but I had to say what I was feeling.

Anyway so far today I've had a cup of black coffee only but I'll post the rest of what I have later this evening.

So let's keep this going gals! Only 2 weeks to go! And welcome to Maynard! =)


ReeseS said...

I'm so glad you decided not to do the "no carb" eating plan. I just think extreme diets like that aren't really worth it. Yeah, you might lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time but it's not a realistic way to eat every day and when you go back to your normal eating, you pretty much gain it all back. Low carb is way better. Your mom is doing great and she's being realistic and eating in a way that is practical for the rest of her life. YAY leese!! Sometimes it's better to focus on inches than weight. Yay, so proud of you!

Jenny :) said...

Way to go leese!!! That's what this blog is for to pour our hearts feelings & food choices :) and u r right all that matters is how u feel about urself & that u r proud of urself...that's what keeps u motivates! Keep up the good work & good food choices!

RhondaM said...

Totally agree with Reese & Jen!!!!!!!! Better carb choices for long term is definately the best approach, not extreme. Keep it up!

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