Hump day but no humpin around... lol

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning ladies!!!

What awesome weather we are having... LOVE it and super motivating.

So yesterday for lunch I ended up having: Tuna and 1 piece of bread... ate most of it w/o bread LOTS of protein!!!
Snack - 100 calorie granola bar
Dinner - Ranchera meat and YUMMY homemade salad
2 1/2 liters of water all day!!! Love that.. WATER is GREAT!

Evening work out:
Plyometrics baby... omg kicked my butt, seriously sooo sweaty it was great.... and even better was that my sweat angel was right there next to me, doing the squats and the lunges, and the jumping jacks... =) She would write down each time how many we did!!! =0 Too cute.

TODAY: Lazy and couldn't get up to do Cardio X like I had planned... SO I plan to go for a run today after dinner, then do Shoulders/arms/ab ripper tonight. Anyone want to join?

Meals so far today:
Breakfast - coffee w/ skinny creamer, non-fat yogurt w/ low-fat granola 1 liter of water down.
Lunch - plan to have sushi -ult. salmon roll and salmon sushi and water
dinner- not sure whats on the menu tonight, maybe chicken and salad

So bloated this week... visitor came a day late... scary for a sec =) but now not lovin the bloatingness, but will love the skinnyness after I am done. =)

Keep up the GREAT work ladies!!!


ReeseS said...

Reading about everyone's meals is making me hungry. I've been hungry ALL DAY. Avocado burritos, sushi.. I could eat it all!

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