Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Had another successful day eating and exercising yesterday. Last night I did my core synergistics. It was tough but I can do more of the exercises than I could do during my first week and that feels great. I don't think I've lost weight since I started the program but I can tell I'm stronger. I don't feel like I look any different and I should measure myself to see about inches. I never did an initial weigh in and measurement when I started the P90 but I did take them when I started Slim in 6 which is when we started this so I figure it will work. I was looking at myslef in the mirror last night after taking a shower and I still see so many problem areas that I would love to improve and wish after all the work I've done so far weren't problems but now I wonder if I'll EVER be 100% happy with my body? Ummm, probably not. I guess I just feel blah today but that won't stop me from my daily goals of eating healthy and exercising.
Breakfast: coffee, 2 waffles with strawberries and lite syrup
Lunch: Sandwich with turkey.ham, cheese , lettuce and mustard
Snack: bar and passion ice tea from starbucks
Snack: a few gold fish and a chocolate chip cookie (very bad)
Dinner: Tilapia, white rice with soy sauce and lite ceasar salad
Snack: Low fat chocolate milk and eating right chocolate pudding (not good. Leese, I really want to try the ice cream)
Tonight I have cardio X. Looking forward to a good work out! Hope you all had a successful day yesterday and are on track for today. Woo hoo!!


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