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Monday, July 26, 2010

I definitely was not my usual self last week. I know a lot of it was due to PMS but I was stressed and tired and just felt blah. This week is different. Mondays are always hard but at least I feel happier. I think it was because of the FUN weekend I had (and I'm wearing my super cute new shoes). Fun weekends = no calorie counting and lots of wine. :) It was so worth it though. I won't even try to list my food intake over the weekend but all that matters is that I'm ready for a fresh start this week. I've been good so far even though I did get a grande mocha. I needed the extra pep today and I got lowfat milk and NO WHIP!
The Hubby and I went to the store last night and planned out our dinners for the week. Tonight Tuna melts are on the menu. I'll try to cut back on the mayo and I bought sandwich thins which are very low cal. Rhonda and I got the idea of doing Kabobs on the grill so I bought ingredients for that and we are also doing talapia this week too. It's going to be a challenge to cook and exercise after swim lessons this week but I am determined. Even if I can't work out until 10:00 PM, I will work out each day this week (except probably Friday). Hope you all are feeling determined this week. We can do this!!!!
Also, at the baby shower Jenny expressed interest in our blog. She needs our help ladies. Let's spread the motivation to her and invite her to "get skinny with us"! Laura, do you think you can set her up so that she can add to the blog??


Ang said...

WELCOME JENNY!!! You ready to get motivated??? WE are the ladies to do it... seriously you ladies, I love the support and motivation we give!!! SO welcome welcome Jenny!!!
NOTE: Terese what I have been doing with Tuna... cause i LOVE mayo, is we bought LOW FAT mayo and I mix it... a little of that mayo and a little of reg... maybe in my mind but I think that is better then SLOPPIN the mayo on, but still moist! =) GREAT Job planning the menu for the week.

LeeseD said...

Yucky...I hate mayo so I try to use the light mayo whenever I make tuna or chicken salad. But I also add in a little mustard because it's so not bad for you and it gives it a little extra flavor. OR if you want to go extra healthy...just mix the tuna with salsa on toast. I used to do that when I worked at the travel agency and it was SO GOOD! =)

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