Weekend Recap w/ a little Monday added in

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good afternoon girls!

Ok so gonna do a quick recap of my weekend if I can. As you will see it could have been better but as always...it could have been much worse too!

Lunch - I did end up going to The Habit and had a chicken sandwich and ended up sharing some fries with Kayla. We both were dying for them but figured it was better to share then get an entire order each. Oh and I had some iced tea.
Dinner - Met you ladies at Garmans and had a chicken Caesar salad w/ a slice of bread and an iced tea
NO exercising! =(

Was up at Rhoni's to watch Dadoo
Breakfast - A bagel thin w/ whipped cream cheese (but a very thin layer) and a cup of black coffee
Lunch - Had a hot dog bar at Rhoni's work. Was way yummy but so not good for you. But Rhoni and I each cut 2 dogs in half so it was like having 4 mini ones.
Dinner - some of Rhoni's yummy chile verde w/ rice & beans in a bowl. I served WAY too much for myself but ended up saving half of what I served for my breakfast.
I don't even remember but I'm gonna say I had about 5 Vodka & sparkling water. Was soo good on that hot day though!
Exercise - Took Dadoo for a walk in the morning in the heat. Not sure how long I walked but the heat made me sweat out at least half my body weight so I'm gonna say it was a successful amount of exercise.

Breakfast - leftover chile verde, scrambled eggs & black coffee
Lunch - Tuna sandwich w/ light mayo on whole wheat bread & some reduced fat Triscuits
Dinner - Drove down to Hemet for an 80's birthday party. It was late and HOT when we got there and I didn't feel like having a darn thing to eat but they served me a plate anyway. Had a couple bites of pit BBQ, a couple bites of potato salad & a couple bites of the rice and I was over it. They also served me a margarita but Bitoyia ended up knocking it over so I guess it just wasn't meant to be. =) I didn't end up having any thing else because my mom and I had an hour and a half drive ahead of us back to my brother's house (which turned into an almost 3 hour drive due to an accident).
NO exercise.

Brunch - Went to eat w/ my mum, bro, sis-in-law & Jannette before my tattoo appt. Had a turkey burger and only ate 3/4 of it and had a couple of my fries (NOT all of them) w/ a black coffee.
Lunch - no lunch unless you count the 1 chip I had from Jannette's nachos. The tattoo lasted 5 HOURS so by the time we left the Expo at 7:30pm I was tired, sore & starving.
Dinner - 2 McDonald's cheeseburgers, fries & a coke. I honestly do not care how bad that was for me. My body needed it so there! LOL
NO exercise

Breakfast - black coffee & oatmeal
Lunch - turkey burger, side salad w/ light balsamic dressing & an iced tea

No clue what's on the menu for dinner and I can tell you right now there will be no exercising. It was a LONG weekend with far too much driving and I need to catch up on my rest.

Tomorrow I'll be back in it to win it but today...I need to recuperate!


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