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Friday, July 9, 2010

Not doing bad for this is my 3rd post of the week!!! =) YAY ME. lol

Ok down to biz...ness....

So Wednesday dinner was blah... but what could I do, I can't complain cause, well, I didn't have to make anything but... Rod made Mai Mai burgers that we had bought from Whole Foods awhile back. I have to say they weren't BAD but not toooo good, didn't satisfy me at all, being I just ate the patty no bun or bread so it was a little on the fishy side. =( And a few bites of undercooked brocolli. That was it for the night.

So Thursday morning I was STARVING... We had the day off to attend Ryan's grandma's funeral so Rod whipped up protien shakes for us in the AM. They were tasty. For lunch we ate at the reception, so I had some fruit mainly melon, a bite of taco salad, a small piece of ranchera meat, two bites of a very good tortolini pasta salad, and a thigh of friend chicken. The chicken wasn't too good for me, but the BROWNIE I had to have after was the icing on the non-cake.. =( THEN... ahhh got worse, we went to VTA later to see Aliyah perform at her last day of cheer camp and i had a TWIX in between. llolol
BUT dinner was good:
Went to SMFCO - Ceviche, ahi pocket, and not so good for me, wontons... But had WATER and nothing else the whole night. OH and we ate REALLY early like 5:30 p.m. so i definitly was a little hungry later that night.

I had planned to get off the couch lst night to work out, but that didn't happen. Did some stuff around the house and then relaxed.

So far today has been GREAT:

Breakfast -NON fat yogurt with low fat granola, lrg Banana, coffee with /creamer

Lunch - not sure what I am in the mood for

Dinner - gonna be pizza and maybe salad!!! =)

Tomorrows plan: running in the AM and maybe a video work out in the AM. Gonna have pizza and salad again tomorrow lol for Aliyah's bday but i will have more salad!!!

Ok ladies keep up the good work. 5 more weeks!!!!


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