Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ok great HUMP DAY!!! Off to a great start, blogging and cking in on I will blog on the FB Group in a minute here too!!! Love all our ways of communication. Just another short and sweet note, ate really good yesterday being I was in a meeting all day, Bkfst- fresh strawberries, some melon, and coffee (stayed away from the pastries) Lunch - Grilled chicken, small portion of chili beans, salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of ranch dressing. Dinner - left over grilled chicken from our meeting... and edamame EXERCISE - Ran 2.41 miles in Santa.... Didn't get up to do a P90X video, was busy playing with Andy (Leah's son). But we did go up and down their set of stairs like 3-4 times! =) ON DECK for tonight: Aliyah's game @ 5:30 then a night of P90X!!! for sure no if ands or butts, I have a goal of 5x's this week so I can't take anymore days off. Love you girls!!! (hope this thing spaced out...)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WOO HOO I am here, day two... Just quick update. Yesterday was a good day. Ate really good. Lunch - dry no mayo mini sub from Jersey Mikes snack - 1/2 protein bar Dinner - 1 piece of Talpia, salad with cucumber, cherry tom. hm ranch, 1/2 of and AVO EXERCISE - Ran 4.30 miles in 43 minutes. Awe felt so good to get outside, breath the air. It was very easy too, which was great, I didn't feel like I was going to die being it has been a few weeks since I last ran more then 1 mile. Today: BKFST: Fresh fruit, coffee with creamer LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, salad with feta cheese and ranch. DINNER: ??? not sure we have dance and need to get P90X in too. EXERCISE: Running for sure after work while waiting for Aliyahs dance class to start, maybe 3-5 miles. ALSO doing a P90X video tonight. A MUST Making things happen here!!!! Love you girls.

APRIL is here!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi my friends!!! It is MONDAY and new week and a NEW Month!!! I wasn't very good at blogging last week, only got on once. Today I am getting on and hoping to get on more this week. I have 3 days of meetings this week tho so that might be tough, but I will try Ok RECAP of my goals from last week. ;( not to happy: 1. Do Plyo 5x - =( well I didn't do bad, but only 4x, and really 3 1/2x's mon-YOGA X, tues-Core syner., Wed-kempo, Sat-1/2 of YOGA X 2. Weigh in at 124.4 - Didn't meet, but didn't gain either stayed the same.... so not to bad 3. Run 2x's - SUCK... didn't run at all, but when I went on a walk on Mon, we did sprints up Foothill 5 times... so I guess that counts as some running. IT WAS HARD TOO. 4. Find 8lb weights - Didn't find or really look for them either. Ok so that was my recap... This week. Big goals: Friday was exactly 6 months from my big day. **sorry if I wrote 5 months earlier in a post, I clearly don't know how to add. =) SO... 6 months to my big day. but really only 4 months until I need to be in a bathing suit for VEGAS!!! =) SO pushing and keeping up the hard work. I am determined to get to 7 work outs a week... I can do it. I ate pretty bad this weekend.. had bday party at bowling alleys, and then after BM dress shopping we went to my fav. place HOOTERS!!! Had to have some wings... but then didn't have anything the rest of the day, I was sooo full! =) I am on Week 5 of P90X but really only being really good with the works outs for the last 3... doesn't matter tho. week 5 and going stronger. Today:: Eating so far is good Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, Quaker Oatmeal Squares (serving size) w/ 2% milk snack - nada Lunch - 1/2 of turkey sami NO MAYO and 1/2 of a ham sami NO MAYO (can you believe no mayo for me... my managers had a meeting so I jumped in for lunch =)) Dinner - ?? Don't know what's on the menu, we have no kids so we will see maybe fish GOALS for this WEEK: 1. P90X 5 x's 2. weigh in at 124.3 3. run 2 x's I am going with 3 goals this week! Going to get them all complete for sure! Ok hopefully it doesn't squish my whole blog together again. Miss you ladies... where you be???

It's Monday again!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning my girls!!! Hope you all had a great rest of your weekend. Friday Night was soooo much fun! I can't wait till next BUNCO! Ok weekly recap from last week 3/21-3/27: 1. Do P90X 4x - ck!!!! YES I DID IT!!! mon-chest & back, tues-PLYO, Wed-Arms& shldrs, thurs-YOGA!!! ahhh everything felt soo good 2. Run 3 miles 2x - negative... I didn't get any running in. 3. Try new healthy recipe - negative, didn't try anything new 4. Weigh in at 125.6 - CK!!!! I weighed in at 125.6!!! so excited 5. Blog at least 3x - only blogged 2 x's. Sooo I am going to give my self a BIG pat on the back for this past week.. I was soooo pumped about my work outs and my weigh in. I really am doing this. Plus my waist line is feeling and looking a bit slimmer! Last week Food was good ALL week. Friday was good too, tho, maybe I shouldn't have had like 10 mimosa's.=) Sat. I was very good, and Sunday not so great eating but not bad on the calories. This week is going to be a good week. I am now on Week 4 of P90X and will be starting the CORE serious this week. So today I have YOGA X (138 mins), tomorrow CORE synthetics that should be hard and very interesting but I am really excited about just focusing on the CORE. that is my problem area for sure. Today's menu: Brkfst - Non fat lemon cream pie yogurt, 1/8 cup of NUT-trition Omega 3 mix snack - string cheese lunch - Jersey Mikes (Cancer foundation fundraiser today) Dinner - not sure yet??? This weeks GOALS: 1. Do P90X 5x's 2. Weigh in at 124 3. Run 2x's @ least 3 miles 4. Find 8lb weights Jenny it's good to hear from you... Terese, Rhon??? Laura I know you see us!! =) LEESE WHERE ARE YOU??????????? =) Hope you all are having a great MONDAY!!! Keep up all the great work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok so I have been committed to the Lose it! App!!!! But then I forget to check in here, but here I am :) So I like how Ang you make goals for just the week so I am going to try that :D plus I like Lauras idea of having 2 days off (I need that!)

Workouts: 3x Denise Austine's shrink your female fat (don't laugh!!! One day I will work up to the P90x)
Eat: stay in my Lose it! Cal. Count 1802 total for the day without workouts
Blog: more than 1x this week

Mon: 1244 total
Bfast: 236 Cal
Hungry Girls recipe cinnamon oatmeal & berries
Low cal chi tea latte (made with almond milk mmmm not so bad!)
Lunch:580 cal
Oh ya I had to have Taco Bell (I was just craving it :0/ ) fresco crunch taco tostada & I can't remember one other thing
Dinner: 370
Dream dinners chicken & pasta in peanut sause (really good!)
Snack: 48 cal
2 Hard boiled egg whites (no yoke) with laughing cow(LC) Swiss cheese & Dijon

Tues:1736 cal total
Bfast: 358 cal
HG (Hungery Girl) eggs in a mug with onions 1 mozzorella cheese ball & spinach mmmm!
Orange juice
Lunch: 589 cal
turkey sandwich on wheat few tortilla chips & ranch dip
Dinner: 614 cal
Salmon & Cesar salad with parm cheese crisps & asparagus

Bfast: 236 cal
HG cinnamon oatmeal apples & bananas & light almond chi tea
Lunch:??? Maybe SMFish co anyone going to be around?
Dinner: depends on if Kenzie has a SB game

Oh P.S i know Lisa will be having her cronies fundraiser next tues by we are also next tues all day doing one @ smfishco in honor of my mom all day long so I hope you can make it let me know if u have any questions :) have a good week!!!!!

Hellooo is anyone there... it's me, Ang =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I crack myself up with my titles!!! =)

I totally forgot yesterday to list my goals for this week!!! I was thinking about it last night...

So Goals for this week 03/21-03/27:
1. Do P90X 4x's
2. Run 3 miles 2x's
3. Try a new healthy recipe
4. Weigh in at 125.6
5. Blog at least 3x's

Ok so those are my goals! I am going to meet them this week. Have a busy busy weekend ahead but it will be fun and good times. But still need to stay on track. I will be tested for sure, with Bunco on Friday, Sat. BBQ for my nephew, Sun. lunch and BINGO for my Mom's 60th bday... Truly tested, but I WILL come up ahead... Not working this hard for nothing I tell ya! =)

Yesterday recap:

Not bad, my loseit says I was below 873 calories, but I did EAT 1283 is my work out that off sets it. Plus while baking chocolate chip cookies I think I tasted the dough 3 times... so that has to really count for like 100 calories, being they have 1 cup of BUTTER! =) lol

Brkfst: A LOT OF CAL. tall nonfat chi tea, bacon Gouda cheese egg sami from Starbucks.. yummy and only 350 calories

Lunch: followed thru and ate my lunch from Friday since I went to SMFCO instead.... 1/2 TUNA sami with NO mayo on the bread but some in the Tuna, I'm not that crazy. =) with small bag of carrots, 1/2 bag of Veggie sensations LOVE THOSE darn things and only 130calories for the whole bag.

Dinner: I was denied... you know us moms... I got home and did my P90X Chest & Back video along with Ab Ripper. my arms are still tired =) Then hurried and got cleaned up a little, ran to get Aliyah in SP from her dads, then over to a MK customers house to see which foundation looked better on her (YES she ordered), then to VONS for things we needed, then home, to get Aliyah to bed... FINALLY time for Dinner, no time for Tilapia and veggies being it was 8:20 by this time, so my dinner was 4 Egg whites and 2 yokes... They were yummy tho...oh and 1oz of Cashews. =) After baking for 2 more hours for Aliyahs school and doing laundry and the dishes, getting Aliyahs and my lunch ready for the next day, I called it a night when Rod got home around 11:00PM from working since 1:00AM that morning.

We are amazing ladies, I tell ya. There isn't anything we CAN NOT do... You put the task in front of us and we will get it done, and do what ever we need to get get there...

Today on the menu:
Brkfst - nonfat yogurt and granola, strawberries
Lunch - homemade lunch salad with a little bit of ranch
Dinner - ?? not sure Aliyah's cousin is in town that we want to try and see for a little bit. PLUS must get home to do P90X-PLYO is on deck today.

Hope to read what you girls are you to soon!!! MUAH

Monday, and a new week!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning friends!!!

How was everyone's weekend??? I hope good, and I hope everyone was safe yesterday if you were out driving in that MAD rain. Awe love the rain at times but geezzo I couldn't even go to the darn store. =( lol BUT it will be all that much prettier out when I go running after the storm.

SO Starting my week off with a BLOG. Recap for last week:

Goals for 03/14 - 3/20:
1. Do P90X 4x's - I did it 3x's ... so need to push harder
2. Weigh in at 126.5 - well.. I weighed in at 126.6... I have to say it was close
3. Run 2 x's - CK!!! I ran on my treadmill on 3/17 then ran home from Laura's hse on Sat. morning!!!
4. Eat w/in Loseit Calories guide - I kept up with my calories until Friday night.=( went over by 92 but really more then that... but my exercise gave me more!

SO.... I am not there at making all my goals just yet but getting there!!! =) Must work harder!

Last time I blogged was Wed. of last week so since then I have been eating good, nothing crazy and still haven't had any chips since I gave them up for lent. =( boo. lolo

This morning and today's plan:
brkfst: (I splurged) Bacon egg & Gouda cheese sandwich from Starbucks (350 cal), tall nonfat chi latte
snack: Chocolate dipped coconut LUNA bar
lunch: 1/2 tuna sami no mayo on bread, carrots, veggie straws
Dinner: ?? I think Tilapia wild rice and broccoli
BREAKS - at least one 1 mile walk

Going to do P90X CHEST AND BACK & AB RIPPER tonight when I get home... couldn't get up this morning since Rod went into work at 1:00 a.m. I woke up for a bit so then I wanted to just sleep and sleep.

Tomorrow the plan is to run after work before Aliyah's dance class!!! Hoping the rain stays away for one more day!

Ok ladies, where you be? oh ya... I couldn't figure out why my butt was a little tender on Sunday... Then, I got up and the back of my thighs were too, then I remembered... WE did like 20 walking lunges on our walk on Sat.!!! SOOO awesome ladies... lets do that more! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND WEEK!!

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