Have to pay the consequences....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm back finally...

Ok so this weekend I did NOT do good at all. It was my birthday weekend and I tried to do the best I could but it was tough. I really did bad some days.

I did ok on Friday @ Bunco. Only had 1 slice of pizza & some salad but 3 glasses of wine. It was red though so that means less sugar! Sat I had a family BBQ where I had some BBQ chicken breast, corn tortillas a little bit of rice & a little bit of a sorta Chinese pasta salad. Then had a B-day party where I ate half a hot dog but no cake and ice cream. Dinner was at yummy Boccali's w/ my girls. I had 2 slices of pizza (pineapple & bell pepper) and about 4 raviolis (I shared the pizza and ravioli w/ Beth). Then shared a strawberry shortcake w/ Beth also. Oh and I think I had about 2 glasses of Riesling. Sunday I woke up and had a bowl of cereal and then didn't eat until dinner. But dinner was a doozie. My family took me to dinner to Osabi and I ordered the Filet Mignon & Chicken and a glass of red wine. Of course it came with the rice and salad too. The rice was prob the worst thing for me...until dessert when I had a piece of blueberry sour cream pie. Then Monday (my actual birthday) was prob the worst of all. Woke up late and then met Beth & Jannette for lunch at Tia Babes. I had a bean rice & cheese burrito which was YUM but went straight through me! LOL For dinner my mom cooked me chicken tacos which are actually fairly healthy except I also had Spanish rice with it. We also had cake and ice cream for dessert. While the frosting on the cake was reduced sugar the rest of it was NOT healthy by any means. Oh so bad but I'm not upset with myself because it was my birthday and I allowed myself to enjoy it.

I have been back on track as of yesterday though.

Tues Meals
Breakfast - black coffee
Lunch - grilled chicken w/ new potatoes & steamed veggies...oh and a salad
Dinner - grilled turkey burger on whole wheat bread w/ fat free cheese, corn & some baked Lays
Snack - Eating Right Light Pomegranate Ice Cream Cup

Wed Meals
Breakfast - black coffee
Lunch - chicken, rice & veggies in a spinach wrap w/ a side salad and iced tea
Dinner - will be BBQ'd chicken & brown rice

No work outs this week so far. I'm fearing I will NOT meet my goal of 2 lbs this Friday due to last weekends birthday binge. But I'm willing to pay the consequences. If possible I will be doing laps tonight but prob wont get in another work out until maybe Fri sometime. I'll be up at Rhoni's from Thurs night - Mon but I am determined to get in some sort of work outs (even if I have to hijack your workout equipment Rhoni).

Next week is gonna be killer. I'm going to be Uber-strict to make up for this past week. I HAVE to meet my goal by Vegas. Even if it means I have to lose more in one week to make up for a lapse from a previous one. But I'm doing it the HEALTHY way!

I can't believe we only have 6 weeks til Vegas as of tomorrow! We CAN do this ladies...now if I can just take my own advice! =)

Hump day blues.....

Ok no excuses... I just haven't had it in me to work out... =( for the past 2 weeks I have only worked out ONCE... and it wasn't a work out work out... it was running!

The good news is that I have been really good about staying on track with my eating. Other then the weekend... =) I suck. At Bunco I was bad, 2 maybe 3 pieces of pizza and 3 glasses of wine. YIKES! Then Sat. wasn't tooo bad, had a protien bar in the morning, 4 of those Jersery Mike sami's the tiny ones, then only tri tip and a little bit of garlic bread at the tournament. But I did have a few beers so that doesn't help either.

Sunday, not too bad, just vegged around, I was sooo beat from the golf tourney I didn't have the energy to do ANYTHING. Had an egg sandwich in the AM then missed lunch and then dinner was no good....left over pizza from the night before. SO my WEEKEND WAS BAD!!!!

Monday: New week trying to have a new attitude - AHHH NO WORK OUTS
Breakfast - Yogurt w/ low fat granola & coffee w/ creamer
snack - protien bar
Lunch - missed lunch to busy at work
Dinner - bad... =( Chicken / asada burrito with Beans, rice and cheese & a beer... =) was at my sisters house.....

Breakfast - Oatmeal w/ br. sugar from starbucks & coffee w/ creamer
Snack - none
Lunch - 6ft black forest ham sami from subway WATER
Dinner - Chicken that was it... just lemon pepper chicken .....

Wednesday: PLANNING on working out......
Breakfast - 2 whole wheat waffles with reduced fat PB on them & coffee w/ creamer
Snack - Luna for woman protien bar
Lunch - ??? what to eat today
Dinner - ?? plan something with Shirmp I took it out.. not sure what to make but I am SOOO OVER chicken. =)

So far so good today!!! I am really really going to try and work out tonight. I HAVE TO... been feeling ok... but need to get my @$$ back in gear with almost a month to go i HAVE to step it up.

You ladies are doing great. LAURA where are you? LEESE awesome job, Terese you rock with your 4:30 AM work outs, Rhonda great job on getting so close to your goal... WE will all get there one way or another!!! PROMISE!!!

Where are my peeps? Hopefully not slacking!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hee hee just kidding :) With summer events in full swing and the upcoming holiday weekend, it is going to be harder and harder for us to stay strong. I think it's important we don't beat ourselves up over splurging here and there (we have to enjoy ourselves afterall) but we DO need to try and stay focused on the OVERALL goal since our Vegas trip is right around the corner! We are just over a month away! Ahhhh! So excited.

I have been doing ok on exercise and eating OVERALL. I have my moments, but I am trying to stay on track- especially during the week. I have been completely faithful to my Tuesday/Thursday lunch workout routine for the past few weeks and that feels great. It has been really HOT up here since the weekend so Ariana and I can't get our walks in unless we go at 2:00 am! I have been doing abs, arms and squats/lunges whenever I can at home though.

This morning I weighed in at where I left off (and have pretty much stayed) for the last two months! Well I know I have no problem maintaining right?! LOL! But like I have mentioned before, I feel like I look better so I am happy with that.

Food for today:


Breakfast: 110 calorie baby yogurt. (These are my FAVORITE! (Stonyfield Yo Baby) They are a little on the small side (4 oz) but I think they are sooooo much better than regular yogurt because they aren't super sweet.

Snack: reduced fat wheat thins

Lunch: I will have 10 oz of tuna with lemon and mixed veggies!

Snack: I will have grapes

Dinner: will be green beans and 2 chicken hot links (with apple and gouda cheese from Costco) 110 calories each and 13 grams of protein. 26 grams of protein for the cost of 220 calories is freakin' awesome!

Today is going to be super low-cal by the looks of it. I know I won't be able to do it every day but I definately want to take advantage of it when I can and have the willpower.

OK I am looking forward to hearing from you all!!!


2nd Monthly weigh in & 2nd weekly weigh in

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ok ladies. As of yesterday we were 7 weeks from Vegas!

Today was my 2nd monthly weigh in since we've started blogging and my 2nd weekly weigh in since I made my 2 lb a week goal. I'm happy to report that I lost 4.5 lbs! Woo Hoo! Not only that but my body fat went down by 3.45 points! Soo excited for that because my body fat NEVER goes down! And on top of that I lost a total of 4.5 inches. I have to say I am very proud of myself. Especially since I know most of this loss is due to the last 2 weeks where I really decided to get my butt in gear. If this keeps up I'll definitely meet my goal of 18 lbs by Vegas (maybe more!).

Ok here are my meals from yesterday:

Breakfast - still haven't gone grocery shopping so just a large no sugar added iced vanilla latte w/ soy milk...and it actually took me most of the day to drink about 2/3 of it.

Lunch - My office ordered in lunch for the June birthdays. Luckily they just ordered sandwiches from Jersey Mike's. I've never had their subs but they're WAY small! I had 2 halves (which was equivalent to a 6" from Subway). I was still so hungry but I knew that if I waited a while the feeling would pass.

It didn't and I was still starving by the time I got off of work. But I headed straight to Kai's tee ball game so I didn't have time to stop for food. I ended up having dinner at Pollo Bravo w/ my grams and aunt. I ordered the taquito plate. I know that it's fried but it was corn toritillas and chicken w/ salad so not TOO bad. I also had beans and rice but only had a couple bites of both. Oh and a diet coke.

Later I went to hang out with Beth & Jannette and Beth made an AWESOME strawberry cheesecake. I only had a tiny sliver but felt so bad afterword.

This weekend is my birthday weekend so I know I'll be around a lot of food. I have Bunco, a family reunion, Kai's birthday party and 2 birthday dinners for me. I'm going to do my best to make good choices but I'm also going to enjoy myself since it's my birthday. I still fully intend to meet my 2 lb/week goal by next Fri so I know in order to do that I'll have to really work next week to make up for any lapse in judgment this weekend but I'm up for the challenge!

Again, thanks so much ladies for being my inspiration & motivation to really do this!



Sorry I haven't posted this week. It's been busy at work but I'm proud to report that I've had a really good week. I worked out everyday this week except yesterday (I had a hair appointment and had to clean up the house for bunco). I even got up at 4:30 AM this morning to work out!!! I set my alarm and once it went off I said forget it. I want to sleep! But thankfully, my doggies were ready to be let out and once I was up, my hubby convinced me to work out (He got up at 3:30 to work out!!). I missed yoga yeseterday so I plan to make that up on Sunday. As far as eating, I think I've done pretty good this week. Yesterday I was starving before my appointment and I had a craving for chicken nuggets. I got a 6 piece with no fries. I know it wasn't the best choice but I could have done worse and now I'm over my craving for chicken nuggets. Tonight I know I will be bad too with bunco but I'll try to not go too overboard. I'm looking forward to a glass of wine for sure!!
I think I will weigh myself on Monday. I still need to take measurements and a new "before" photo since I started P90x.
Hope you all have a good weekend!!!

Aaaahhhhh :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So I am really excited this morning... I got on the scale and I am down 2 lbs from what I weighed in at the beginning of the week! Now, 6.6 lbs from my goal! It is motivating and satisfying to see the hard work pay off... just need to stay on track. ESPECIALLY this weekend which is always my downfall.

Food yesterday:

Coffee w/creamer

Breakfast: nectarine

snack: reduced fat wheat thins

lunch: tri-tip, beans, salad w/ italian dressing

snack: turkey, cheese and crackers

Dinner: black-eyed pea salad w/ roasted peppers, celery, red onion, garlic and red wine vinagrette

I did not do any exercise yesterday for the 1st time this week. I am doing my lunch workout today and I am shocked to say that my abs are STILL sore from what I did to them on Tuesday! I am going to abs and arms tonight though since I won't be able to workout tomorrow/night.

I hope you are all having a successful week and I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Crazy week...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey ladies! Here I am again. Feeling like poop because I haven't exercised all week! =(

Ok meals for yesterday:

Breakfast - Uh...nothing...

Lunch - Sandwich with eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, sprouts, avocado & cheese w/ a side salad and water.

Snack - Large Iced Tea & small chicken burrito (bad but I was STARVING)

Dinner - small portion of whole wheat penne pasta w/ grilled chicken & bell peppers (didn't eat much because I had that late snack that I should have had)

Dessert - it was The Heathan's birthday and we went over for cake and ice cream. I didn't have any cake but had some of the sugar free Jell-O and one scoop of ice cream (ugh NOT GOOD!)

OK...I'm also going to post my meals for today because I already know what I'm having for dinner.

Breakfast - Nothing again....out of bagels and our fridge is still broken

Lunch - Sushi! YUM! - I shared a California Roll with my co-worker and also had a Tony Roll which is only 5 pcs and is spicy shrimp, spicy tuna & cucumber...I could be a little off on that but I'm pretty sure that's correct. Oh and an iced tea.

For dinner I'm having leftover penne pasta w/ chicken & bell peppers.

This week has been crazy busy with birthdays and other stuff but I AM going to do my laps today. I'm also going to try to get to the gym tomorrow morning before work because I know I won't have time to after work. Friday is my monthly weigh in and I will be so sad if I don't hit AT LEAST 4 lbs. I hit my first 3 last week so I'm hoping to get that last one by Friday. Wish me luck!

Not the best but not the worst...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok so yesterday wasn't so hot for me. Our fridge broke at home and so I'm sorta having to make do with what I can buy for meals right now until the landlord either gets it fixed or gets us a new one.

Mondays Meals:

Breakfast - Whole Wheat Bagel

Lunch - Chicken Sub from Subway, Baked Lays & Water

Snack - 1/2 a chocolate chip cookie (bad I know but at least it was only 1/2 right?)

We went to the movies right after work and didn't have time for dinner but I was starving so I had a couple cups worth of movie popcorn & a pepsi. After the movie we stopped at Pollo Loco and I got a chicken burrito & a water. Still not the best but also not the worst.

No excercise yesterday unfortunately. I was planning on either hitting the gym or doing some laps but the movie sounded so much better!

I prob won't get a work out in tonight either unless it's late because I'm going to Kai's first T-Ball game right after work and then to my aunts for cake & ice cream for the Heathen's birthday after that. I will NOT be partaking of the sweets though.

Running feels sooo good!!!!

Feeling sooo good today!!!

Went on a 3.75 mile run yesterday and felt sooo good. Got home and really stayed focused. Got my running shoes on, ipod charged to jam out to my running list, hat on and I was out. It was HOT but it felt so good to be outside and running.


Lunch yesterday: Small salad from Rusty w/ ranch... w/ WATER

Snack : Protein bar

Dinner: Talpia w/ steamed broccoli, sauteed mushrooms w/ recovery drink (thanks to the BF who made dinner for me)

Had every intention to work out last night but when I got back from running my stomach was not feeling well. So I took it easy last night and am going to do Plyometrics tonight... and Ab Ripper!

This morning so far:

coffee w/ creamer

Blueberry muffin from P90X recipe book. ACTUALLY pretty good! I like. Very health nut-ish but good!!!

Ok ladies I am in determination mode...let me know if I can help out with anything!!! Thank you for the motivation!!!

It's Officially Summer!

Hello Ladies!

Hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend as far as the diet/workout was OK. I ate OK except for on Sunday (Father's Day) where I had some spinach dip, cheesecake and cookies! On Saturday I had some shrimp cocktail (very healthy!) and a michelada with bud light (YUM) to balance it out! I did walk on both Saturday and Sunday evening so that helped offset it. Oh! I also did some laps in the pool until my boy bulldog Buddy decided he wanted to swim along with me :) I probably got in about 10 laps or so of breast stroke.

I am 1 lb lighter today than I was on the weekend but this is where I am stuck :) hopefully this is the week where I break the barrier!!! I did a 45 minute walk with the baby last night and my stair workout is on the agenda for today at work.

Food yesterday was good:


Breakfast: Maple & brown sugar oatmeal (my fav!)

Snack: 4 strawberries

Lunch: Salad with bacon, egg, cheese and tomatoes with 2 tablespoons of ranch dressing

Snack: vegetable soup broth

Dinner: Carne asada with guacamole, cilantro, onion, cheese and salsa- no carbs!

So far today I have only gotten through my coffee so will have breakfast in a bit. I did about 30 bicycle situps this morning to get my blood pumping! Trying to stay focused!!!

I'm BACK!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok got back in... Not sure what the heck is going on but I will make this happen. Gonna copy and paste what I wrote in the email a bit...

BUT for a brief update to own up to my SUCKY-NESS... =) I didn't work out ONE day last week. I needed a break. BUT I did eat very good and actually from MON- SAT... eating good, I lost 3lbs. BUT I was on the go a lot running all around and staying up LATE... like 12:30 every night so that gave my body time to work off food too. so maybe that was it! But today is back to the plan.... I am suppose to be on Week 3 of Phase 3 but I am going to RE-DO week 2 and go for the gusto again.... 8 1/2 weeks... not a long time but WE can all DO THIS!!!

Yesterday I will own up to my splurging....
Breakfast - Hozy's pancakes, bacon, & eggs w/ WATER
Lunch - Protein Shake, movie popcorn - then Lazy Dog Shrimp Tacos and edamane
Dinner - since lunch was so late, I didn't actually eat dinner but had dessert Oreos w/ milk =) as my last hooray for the week of bad eating. =)

So the plan for today: Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer & 3/4 cup of oatmeal with some brown sugar.

Lunch - Nick just called and is brining Aliyah down so I can go to lunch with her (we are doing on week with me one week with him for the summer. =( VERY hard to be w/o her. ) Not sure where we are going yet, but she wanted to go to the place with the BIG fork and tomato on it (Toppers) the other day so maybe I will take her there and I will get a salad! =)

I am so thankful that I have you ladies to help motivate me. I am sooo excited for our trip and can't wait to just chill and DRINK!!! Ok so I will update tomorrow for sure! MUAH

Monday Monday...blech

Ok so here's my post for this weekend.

Sat started off ok with a swim workout in the morning and then had egg whites on a whole wheat bagel w/ fat free cheese for breakfast. After that it all went downhill. LOL Had a hot dog and some pasta salad and bread at the par-tay (not to mention a couple of beers). On my way back to SP I stopped by Del Taco to get my step-dad & Kai food and got myself something too so that wasn't great. Then later met up with Ash for dinner and went to El Pescador in Fillmore. I ordered the Pollo Nortena (sp?) but only ate half since I wasn't that hungry from snacking before I went.

Yesterday I woke up and had a whole wheat bagel w/ a couple squirts of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Then went to my dad's for some pool time and BBQing. We BBQ'd rib eye and had baked beans, some sliced grilled potatoes and bread. Not the best but not exactly the worst either. Later for dinner I had some of the leftovers from my mom's BBQing and had a small piece of carne asada & some Spanish rice. Oh and some veggie kabobs. Ugh...then I went to Sookie Sundays where Beth served us apple pie a la mode. Then hopped in the jacuzzi and had 2 Bud Light Limes. =(

So all in all this wasn't exactly the ideal diet weekend. But I'm back on track for today. I'm not going to deprive myself from things or I'll go overboard if I fall off the dieting wagon. But I also need to try not to let myself give into temptation either. However, as long as I am fairly strict with myself with eating and exercising during the week...I'm ok with myself if I let go a little on the weekends.

I'll post my meals for today later this evening but I'm hoping to hear from my girls soon too!

Keeping it going...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ok ladies...I'm here...where are all of you?

Started off the day with going to the gym and had my first weigh in as I previously posted. I could have gotten away with just that but I went to my dad's this evening and did some of my laps anyway. I only did 20 today (half & half). I was simply too tired to do all 40 but I was proud that I worked out twice today so I forgave myself. =)

Ok meals....

Breakfast - black coffee & a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

Lunch - Went to CPK with my mom and grams. My mom and I shared a Chinese chicken salad and a Thai chicken pizza on their optional whole wheat crust. I also had an iced tea.

Snack - Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cup

Dinner - Turkey sandwich from Subway & baked chips. I cheated and had a coke but it was my first one in AGES and it was sooo worth it.

Dessert - Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cup (these things are healthy and really good so I'm sorta addicted)

I know today wasn't exactly the best it could have been for me considering my lunch but I worked out 2 x's today so I'm saying I deserved it. =)

First goal results...

Hey girlies!

Well today was my first weigh in since making my 2 lb/week goal (my official monthly gym weigh in is next week). I'm happy to say that it was a success! I lost 3 lbs this past week! And as an added bonus I noticed that I was one of the top 10 losers last month at the gym! Yay me!

Now I just have to keep it up. Not only for the next 8 weeks but until I reach my ultimate goal. But I'm taking it a week at a time right now and I'm happy with my results!

I'll post my meals later today but just had to share my mini victory with you all! =)

Have a wonderful day!

8 Weeks til Vegas!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can't believe it's so close! I'm so excited to be going on this trip with you ladies and am crossing my fingers I can meet my goal by then.

I'm entering my daily meal info now because I'll be running errands after work and don't know if I'll remember to do it tonight.

Breakfast - Large black coffee & a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

Lunch - Went to BJ's for lunch and ordered a Turkey Burger on a wheat bun and only ate 3/4 of it. Also had a side salad with non-fat balsamic dressing & an iced tea.

Snack - In the middle of eating a Fiber One Bar as I type

Dinner - Not sure yet since my mom & Matthew have church home group tonight and I'll be running errands. May just pick up Subway because if I wait til after HG it will be close to 10 and I don't want to eat that late.

I really want to do some more laps in the pool today but with everything I have to do after work, I think I'll probably get to SP too late to go to my dad's to swim since he gets up so early for work.

But tomorrow is my first day of reckoning! Cross your fingers I lost the 2 lbs I'm hoping for! =)


So, I'm sitting here at my desk and the yummy smell of bbq sauce is coming from the cubicle next to me. Someone is having a potluck and it's torture. I hear talk of mac-and-cheese too and I know there are cookie bars there as well. Luckily it's not my team having the potluck but still. It smells so good!!! I just ate a banana though. Not very exciting.
Sooo, I had another good exercise night. P90 shoulders and arms. I used 5lbs weight and could have had a more intense work out if I used the bands. Next time I will for sure. And I attempted to do the Ab ripper but gave up. It was sooo hard!!! I decided I would do the Slim in 6 abs which is also 15 minutes in place of the ab ripper until my abs are a little stronger. It was pretty funny. I was laying down most of the time instead of the moves. hahah Tonight is Yoga and I'm looking forward to that. My legs are still sore (even more so than yesterday) from the Plyometrics!!!! It feels good to have a successful week so far. I hope I can keep the momentum going through the weekend as well.
On to the food. I had a pretty good day yesterday!
Breakfast: Coffee, turkey, cheese sandwich
Lunch: Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, salami, and cheese
Snack: banana, oatmeal bar and all fruit smoothie
Snack: grapes
Dinner: turkey burger patty with lettuce, american cheese, and tomatoes (no bun). I have to admit that I also had a few nibbles of pasta that I made for the kids. Kinda like spaghetti but different pasta.
Post-workout: low fat chocolate milk
I still need to take my measurements again and new "before" photos. Here's to a good day for all of us! We can do it!!!

On a roll...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok gals...as of tomorrow we only have 8 weeks to go til Vegas! Yikes!

I did pretty good today.

Breakfast - Honey Nut Cheerios & a large black coffee

Lunch - Went to Chili's to welcome the new designer and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun w/ non-fat honey mustard dressing. I asked for a salad w/ non-fat honey mustard dressing INSTEAD of fries but the dumb guy gave me fries anyway as well as the salad. I admit that I had 2 fries but ONLY 2 and an iced tea.

Snack - Fiber One bar

Dinner - Salmon & brown rice & water

I also did my 40 laps again today in the pool. Half freestyle, half breast stroke. And for the record I'm counting one lap as swimming to one end of the pool and back.

Gonna weigh in on Friday! Yikes! I'll let you know how it goes!

On the PX90 Train

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I wanted to start fresh with P90X on Monday but we had to take an unexpected trip to Urgent Care (everything is ok) and we got home too late to work out. Last night I told myself I HAD to work out. I was going to do a make up for Monday with Chest and Arms (?) but decided to be brave, stick to the schedule for Tuesday and try the Polymetrics! Holy Moly was that hard. I don't think I've jumped so much in an hour before but I felt so good after. I couldn't do some of the sets all the way through but I didn't give up. Though I love my Slim in 6 and still want to do those videos here and there, I think I will like P90X cause it's a different video everyday and I won't get bored. Hopefully we will get our "real" set of the DVDs today, not all of our burned copies are playing in our DVD player.
As far as eating , monday was OK. The only bad thing I ate was for lunch. I ordered two chicken taquitos but I could have been super bad and ordered 3 or the side of rice and beans. What sucked even more was I wasn't full at all. Had I had my usual salad, I would have been fine.
So, yesterday's food intake was:

Wheat sandwich thins with a slice of turkey and provolone cheese
Salad with tomatoes, a little salami, chicken, reduced fat cheese (my spin on the chopped salad from CPK)
Snack: Veggie plate with carrots, hummus and snow peas
Snack: oatmeal bar
Snack: a few mini ritz crackers with peanut butter and an apple with peanut butter - I get snacky when I get home :)
Dinner: Think cut pork chop, corn and rice a roni :)
Snack: 1 cup of low fat chocolate milk (I'm cheap and didn't buy the P90 recovery drink but I heard this was a good substitute).

I've been finding that I'm really hungry in the late afternoon before I leave for work. I think the apple and peanut butter was really satisfying but I tend to cave and eat crackers when I give them to colby. Oh well, I think I did pretty good and I could have snacked on weird things or had a glass of wine that Scott was tempting me with. I'm really trying to only have alcohol on the weekends and so far that has been easy to stick to.

My legs are pretty sore this morning but I'm about to head for a little walk on my break. Will keep you posted on how tonight's video goes. Wish me luck and you ladies are all doing great and have been my inspiration to get my booty in gear!

Swimming to success...lol

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahhh....I'm back to my old self!

After a weekend with a few emotional highs and some very low lows I finally feel like my old self today. I moved into my own office today and I'm back in the swing of things with this diet. The weekend went pretty well but I honestly can't remember everything I ate to list it.

Here are my meals for today though:

Breakfast - Small bowl of Cheerios and a med black coffee

Snack - Fiber One Bar

Lunch - Leftover whole wheat penne pasta w/ grilled chicken, bell peppers & Cajun spices and a large glass of water

Snack - Fiber One Bar (I needed something to eat before my swim and couldn't find anything else...lol)

Dinner - haven't eaten yet but it looks like I'm having enchiladas. While it's not the healthiest meal, the meat is lean and it's corn tortillas with low-fat cheese. I'm a little disappointed it's not something healthier but I didn't have to cook it which is a blessing because I'm soo soo tired.

For my workout today I swam laps at my dad's pool. I didn't realize how much I missed swimming until I started my laps. It's how I kept in shape in HS and it felt great to get back into it. I swam 40 laps total - 20 freestyle & 20 breast stroke.

Looking forward to see if I meet my goal of 2 lbs per week!

9 weeks and counting....

Ok totally not sure what the heck has happend but I could not log on for two days... said I EXPIRED... but I don't have a google account I am using my live.com address??? SOOOOO confused.

Ok all that aside... Now to my post: I am going to be better about getting on at least for a little bit to post my daily stuff... that way this will be faster and I will be doing my part!!

Ok so yesterday food.... Very good for the day:
Brkfst - Coffee w/ creamer Non-fat yogurt w/ 1/2 cup of low fat granola
Lunch - sushi and water
Dinner - BBQ'd top sirlion w/ steemed broccoli & little bit of wild rice & water!!!

SUCKED on the exercise yesterday and this morning... Just couldn't get my ass up to do anything this morning and as for last night, well we all know how being busy gets in our way. NO EXCUSES... I suck I know.. =)

So today!!! So far:
Brkfst - 1 whole grain waffle toasted w/ reduced fat crunchy PB litghtly spreaded
1 liter of water & a handful of mini nila waffers =)
Lunch - 1/2 sandwich w/ turkey & ham and LITE mayo, 4 sticks of celery w/ reduced fat crunchy PB
Dinner - TBD Rod is out in AV playing with Ryan and my baby girl is with her daddy tonight, and Jay, well I don't get to keep him when Rod is away most of the time... SOOOO dinner for 1 please. =) Not sure if I will just have a bowl of cereal - =0 low fat granola or if I will actually make something to eat....I am not a good cook for one person.

BUT I do plan to do Cardio X or Plyometrics tonight!!! Anyone wanna join me? I will be doing it around 8 I think!!! SHOOT only 9 wks!!! YIKES... need to focus! Have a great day ladies.

Summer is here!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling motivated today! I am off today so have some extra time which is NICE :) for breakfast had two over easy eggs w/ salsa, whole pinto beans and a bit of cheese. No carbs! Had half a banana for a snack, then some cucumber with lemon and chile YUM!
While baby was napping, got 4 sets of squats in, 3 sets of push ups, and a good amount of ab work. Later on, I am hoping to get a walk in once it cools down.

With the hotter, sunny weather upon us, I feel much more motivated since I will be in shorts every day for the next couple months! And in a bikini too!
I am really going to work toward losing a pound a week until vegas.over the weekend, I tried making better choices and it felt good. @ a bday party where there were burgers and hot dogs and I had no bun, although I did have a few chips.for breakfast instead of having a whole bagel, only had half and instead of a whole cupcake I had a half of one :) I should have avoided some of it completely but at least I made a few sacrifices... Yesterday I even turned down one of my dad's red beers!!!! So I had him make me a spicy virgin bloody mary instead :)Vegas will be here before we know it! We can do it girls, I know it.

Sick sucks...

Friday, June 11, 2010

So...after my email to all saying we needed to get back to blogging, I ended up being the one to slack off. Things have been crazy at work this week. One of the designers had something happen and we don't know what. Don't know if she tried to commit suicide or had a breakdown or what the deal is but needless to say things were a bit out of whack at work this week. Then to top it off I got ridiculously sick on Wed night. I started that day off so well too! I had a no sugar added vanilla latte w/ soy milk for breakfast and a turkey sandwich from Subway for lunch. But when I came home that night my stomach was hurting and I felt slightly nauseous. I tried to take a couple bites of dinner but it was grossing me out so I went to bed. Unfortunately I didn't stay there. I didn't think it was possible but projectile vomiting is real (think "I Love You Man")! LOL Sorry if that's gross but I had to share.

Thurs I still wasn't feeling too hot...very achy and weak so I stayed home from work and pretty much only had Gatorade and a couple bowls of matzo ball soup all day.

The GOOD part of getting sick is that whenever I....um...clean out my body like that....I feel like making a fresh start.

This morning I woke up late but feeling almost 100% (I was just a little sore from being sick) so just had a cup of black coffee and then showered to run some errands with my Mum and Grams. For lunch we went to Mimi's and I ordered the broiled chicken w/ fruit and baby greens & an iced tea. That salad was SOO GOOD! I highly recommend it.

Haven't had dinner quite yet but I've talked with my mom about how proud I am of her and how I'm really going to make a effort to really try to lose the weight with her and get healthy. We're going to plan out our meals for the week and stick to them. We have 9 weeks til Vegas and my goal is to try to lose 2 lbs a week (which is actually healthy). If I can do that then I'll have lost just under 20 lbs by our trip! Here we go again! =)

Back in Action

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally worked out after many weeks of not really working out and boy did it feel good. As soon as I put the DVD in and it started, I felt totally into it even though I had been dreading it all after noon. I tried the harder Slim in 6 video and it wasn't too bad. Just faster and longer than the rest of the videos but boy were my legs tired afterwards.
I've been eating OK this week. I haven't been writing anything down but so far so good. I weighed myself and I was up 2 lbs but the funny thing is, I've received at least 4 comments at work this week about me looking thinner!! I'll take them though! I'm a little more motivated to work out cause I bought Scott the P90X for Father's Day. I dont' know if I will be able to do that everyday but I'm going to try my best. Tonight I think I'm going to try and get a walk in with Colby and the dog and then do the shorter Slim in 6 plus the ab work out.
I hope I can stay on track until Vegas. I have lots of work to do!!

Short and Sweet

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ok, so I'm here too! I've been MIA for a LONG while but I've been lurking around here still. Over the past week I've done really well with eating healthy EXCEPT for a blowout last Friday...Girls Night (enough said).

As far as my weight goes, I'm down a lot. Pants don't fit and I even need a new belt because that doesn't do the job either. My problem is that I'm still wiggly. I've done no exercise since May 27th when Leese and I hit up Curves. I NEED to workout more!! I know even if its just a few sets with weights in my living room OR a nice long walk with B. I need to start doing SOMETHING. There's really no point (to me) of losing weight if I'm still gonna be wiggly jiggly.

Here's to working out more...at least more than once every two weeks!

9 more weeks until Vegas Ladies!!! (if I counted right)


Semi-Success :)

I want to report soreness in my legs and booty from my lunchtime power workout yesterday! I finally narrowed down the most challenging workoutThus far!

Food journal for yesterday:
Breakfast: plain cheerios w/ strawberries, no sugar
Lunch: salad w/ tomatoes, cucumber,turkey (lunch meat), cheese and as little ranch as I could :) figured out a trick that I want to share- I love restaraunt ranch dressing but know it's not low fat/cal so I got a container and put some ranch dressing in it and added milk and shook it... Made a smaller amount of dressing go farther!
Dinner: grilled bbq chicken and green beans

This morning the scale has me at my lowest weight in years, BUT I have been stuck here for a month and a half! I really want to shed 7 lbs and maintain from there! I know I can do it, but it is really going to take some work. How many weeks do we have til vegas??! If I did about a pound a week, that would be just about perfect timing!

Moving on!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello beautiful girls!

It's been a while but here I am! Just got back from my 20 minute lunch time power workout! This weekend wasn't the greatest on the food front but part of that was that we were guests at the Ramirez residence :) Not complaining at all though! And then the other part was all me!! Friday night had a BLAST with the girls... which included 4 vodka tonics and one bag of popcorn with NO butter! Thanks for keeping me in line Reese!!!!!!

Saturday night the hostess made home made lasagna- Yum :) And then the rest of the weekend, I don't even really remember what the heck I ate but I know I did not do any exercise at all... Oh well.

Yesterday I was off, so the boss and I got up and took about an hr long walk in the beautiful morning sun. Eating was pretty good yesterday and then I squeezed in a short late night weight session in the garage... quads, shoulders, squats and sit ups. I was tired and it was hot but it felt good to push myself considering the weekend I enjoyed so much!

Like I mentioned earlier, I did my 20 minute workout at lunch today and am planning on doing a workout at home tonight too.... I just might bust out the P90X! Planning on BBQ chicken on the grill tonight- it is marinating as I blog :)

I am so glad we are doing this, it really is helping me get back on track after I run off the road! I haven't really lost anything in over a month but I know I look much better in a pair of shorts and in my bathing suit. I have a LONG way to go but I can definately see progress. And tanning will help my efforts too... tanned fat is much better looking than white fat!!!!!


Begining of Phase 3 day 61

Morning laides...

Ok this week started out great. Sunday I have to say SUCCESS on the eat bit.

Had a protein shake in the AM for breakfast
Then of course like always, running around from here to there, went to take Aliyah to dance pictures and that was crazy but fun to see her all dressed up. So by the time we were done with that lunch was really already gone. So I had a snack:
Luna Protein Bar and some saltine crackers through out the rest of the day.
Rod, Aliyah and I headed over to Chris's house for an afternoon of swimming and laying in the sun... SOOOO NICE and relaxing.
For Dinner:
Love Sushi in Moorpark. Had a Jin's roll (nothing tempura) and a Poki hand roll (nothing tempura) and an Ice Tea.
For my snack that evening:
Stawberry Fruit Bar - I think fat free Very Very Tasty.

Monday was a success as well.
Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - 1/2 turkey sandwich w/ light mayo & water
Snack: Chex mix -bold & spicey!!!
Dinner: Grilled Hamburgers 93% fat free lean meat no bun, salad with a little bit of ranch. & water

Success work out of the night: very very cute and fun, Jaylin did the whole work out with me. He was tooo cute!
Back and Chest P90X video followed by AB Ripper a total of over 70 minutes of work out!!!

So today was my 1st day of Phase 3 day 61 of my P90X journey, so to say the least I am going to be a finatic these next 30 days to really see what results I can achieve. I really feel like I have gotten so many GREAT results this far and I haven't even done it as STRICT as I could/should. So starting off today...
Weigh in was great at the same place I was earlier in my work outs and woke up this morning at 4:45 a.m. and did my first work out for the day Cardio X, 42 mins. of a mix of yoga warm up, cardio, plyo, core signes. I am suppose to do another work out tonight, the 52 min. Plyometics!!!
Beakfast: Pear Granola muffin (P90X recipe), 8 oz of Cottage Cheese, 4 LRG Strawberries.
Haven't had a snack cause I have been super busy at work but going to have some sushi for lunch. can't wait for some good food!!!

Ok ladies.... Can't wait to hear how your weeks are going. Talk to you soon.

WOW update????

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ok one more thing ladies. We have to get WOW back in action. So who has WOW this week? What do you think about doing it this Tuesday this week, Leese, your dad pool??? I can't do Wed. Aliyah is going through her Kinder promotion and then Thurs. I am getting my hair did. My plan for those days are to get my @$$ out of bed early and work out in the AM.

So just trying to plant the seed for WOW this week... Lets make it happen!!!

Back in Action

Morning ladies!!! Ok I know I have been away from the blog for a minute but that doesn't mean I have been away from my goal. Now... where did I leave off last...

Ok we lets go back to Memorial weekend... YIKES GREAT times... bad eating tho. Started out the weekend great on Sat. morning I did the Cardio X work out before heading up to the Marquez residence for some fun in the sun. Now once we got there....Had quite a few brewskies, a lot of chips and bad but yummy dip, and then dived into some pizza in the end. I have to admit the next day I felt soooo guilty. So the next day i took the kids to the movies I resisted all the bad stuff and just let the kids eat it all!!!=) Lets just chalk this weekend up to a bust. =(

So moving forward I knew that this upcoming week was my last week of Phase 2 in P90X... Soooo that being said, I got re-focused and got to work. Tuesday evening did a very intense Core Synergistics WOW with this being a very intense hard core work out... I didn't think I could sweat more then I do when I do Plyo or running but wow the sweat was rolling down my face! Then Wed. ended the day with an hour and 33 mins of YOGA X. Another amazing work out... LADIES we are doing these. They work!!!! Thursday no workout -went and supported my BFF and her Pampered Chef show, a lot of fun, good food, and I ate a lot but it wasn't really bad food. The artichoke dip... well not to good for me but still, had veggies, a lot of fruit and some crackers & cheese. Friday... well had a date with my girls!!! so absolutly no work outs =) Just dolled up! Had 3 vodka collins - thanks Laura... then popcorn, so I would have to say it wasn't a bad day or night.

NOW for today... started off my day right. got out of bed at 8:20 and put my running shoes on. Went for a 3.41 mile run.... took my time being I haven't ran in like 2 weeks I knew it was goingto kick my butt. Took 36 minutes so not to bad. Came home and made a recover drink, 5 egg whites and 1 yoke, added some sandwich turkey and a little bit of low fat shredded cheese. 5 big starwberries. And feel really really good for starting out the day right.

LADIES we only have about 2 months left. We can do this. We can meet our goals we can. LEESE... I have to say thank you for advising me to get the ahi not the fried food last night.... LAURA you are tooo funny with your Lisa wants to go... but you stuck to your guns and we didn't dive into the LATE NIGHT food! Patting everyone on the back. Ok ladies have a great weekend, hopefully see everyone again this weekend. If not back to reporting on Monday! MUAH

Move It to Lose It

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise can improve results, both in terms of being a motivator (people exercise longer and more vigorously to music) and as a distraction from negatives like fatigue. But are certain songs more effective than others?

Generally speaking there is a science to choosing an effective exercise soundtrack, said Dr. Costas Karageorghis, an associate professor of sport psychology at Brunel University in England. One of the most important elements, Dr. Karageorghis found, is a song’s tempo, which should be between 120 and 140 beats-per-minute, or B.P.M. That pace coincides with the range of most commercial dance music, and many rock songs are near that range, which leads people to develop “an aesthetic appreciation for that tempo,” he said. It also roughly corresponds to the average person’s heart rate during a routine workout — say, 20 minutes on an elliptical trainer by a person who is more casual exerciser than fitness warrior.

Dr. Karageorghis said “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg are around that range, as is the dance remix of “Umbrella” by Rihanna. For a high-intensity workout like a hard run, he suggested Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On.”

Songs that need to make it to your work out playlist should include “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” by the Black Eyed Peas (130 B.P.M.), “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers (150 B.P.M.), and “Dancing Queen” by Abba.

In other words, the best workout songs have both a high B.P.M. count and a rhythm to which you can coordinate your movements.

Get a FREE work out playlist from "The Biggest Loser" and "Subway" here: http://www.podworkoutmusic.com/SUBWAY/

Need to focus!

Hellllooooo :)

Definately need to get back on the ball! I have been eating OK this week but with the holiday weekend last weekend- I had some setback on my weight loss/progress. I gained 2 lbs since early last week! Bad bad bad! 3 days of eating/drinking bad and no exercise! But I enjoyed it :)

I am going to be off on MWF for the next couple weeks so I will definately have a lot more free time to exercise and plan meals so I need to get my focus back and make some progress. I managed to workout a couple nights this week and I am doing my stair lunch time workout here at work in just a bit. We are gone this weekend, and I plan to definately have some wine/drinks but I need to be strict about my food intake!

We need to not take such big gaps with our blogging because I am inspired reading your posts for sure. Our Vegas trip will be here before we know it!!

Intake so far today:

String cheese

Lunch will be a salad and dinner will probably be a turkey patty with no bun and salad and veggies!

Let's do this- I know we can!!!



Ahh...ok I'm back! =)

I've been MIA as well lately but that's partly because I just didn't want to admit how badly I was eating lately. I've still been getting some exercise in here and there (
did some laps in the pool and have hit the gym a couple of times) but the eating - while not horrible - could definitely be better.

But thanks to my mum I have once again been inspired to get back on track. I went to the gym yesterday with her even though I had been feeling like crap all day. It was HER weigh in day and I was so proud to hear that she officially hit a total loss of 40 lbs! That combined with reading Reese's post that we only had 10 WEEKS til Vegas I decided I really needed to get my butt in gear.

So knowing that I was going bowling tonight with co-workers I made the supreme effort to get my arse out of bed this morning at 5:45 and get to the gym. My mum, being the wonderful woman that she is, even joined me. I'm in it to win it ladies! (lol...sorry too much American Idol) And I'm back on track.

For the sake of keeping it honest and having a new start, here are yesterday's meals:

Breakfast - sadly...nothing =(

Lunch - Rubios shrimp burrito & a fish taco (see what I mean about the eating?)

Snack - Large Tropical Passion Iced Tea from Coffee Bean

Dinner - Chicken Salad sandwich, some baked Lays & some homemade mac & cheese.

It's a new day and a new beginning! Only 10 weeks to go...we can do this! =)

10 weeks to go.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok, I've totally been MIA, not working out and eating so so. Since we've been getting together everyday for the last week with my husband's family, I'm out of my normal routine as far as making dinner and exercising goes. I'm HOPING HOPING HOPING next week will be fresh start for me. Now that summer is pretty much here, I'm feeling a little more pressure to get my booty in gear. Vegas is only 10 weeks away and I would not feel comfortable lounging around in my bikini in VEGAS with my body right now. I had a successful shopping trip this weekend but standing in front of those three way mirrors was....... eye opening to say the least. I need to TONE.
Anway, this week I've been eating so so. We BBQd like every day this weekend and Monday and I had a few cocktails and wine but yesterday I was good at work for the most part.
Breakfast - oatmeal bar, coffee from home and cafe mocha from Starbucks (really need to stop going there everyday)
Lunch - apricot chicken salad on top of lettuce
Snack - pineapple
Dinner - ham, fruit salad, corn on the cob, a few pieces of bruchetta, and deviled eggs (dinner at my mother-in-laws).
I could have done without a few things I know. So hopefully we can do WOW today. I need it! But of course there is always something. I need to bake a desert for tomorrow and I know tomorrow is going to be a bad day. We are going to breakfast at my favorite morning spot Hozys and then after the services for Scott's grandpa, we are having lunch at his Dad's. Ahhhhh. Ok, next week it's going to be all different! I know I've said it before but this time I mean it.
Ok, now I need to work. I'm swamped here!!!
Hope you girls are doing well. So proud of you all!!!

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