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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning ladies!

Ok so I'm back from my fun weekend in Laughlin (actually I was back on Sunday but I mean back here). This weekend was a lot of fun but not very good health wise. I did ok for the most part but will admit I had my slip ups. Not too terrible but still...stuff I know I could have prevented.

My official weigh in day at the gym was on the 23rd but since I was out of town I obviously didn't make it. I was going to try to go this morning but it just didn't happen. I was too too wiped out to get up so early. I'm also going to Kai's T-ball game tonight because it's one of his last ones so I prob won't make it to the gym tonight either. But tomorrow for sure!

Ok so meals - not gonna even bother writing the weekends because I honestly don't remember half of what I ate so here are yesterday and todays:

Breakfast - bowl of cereal
Lunch - Chicken salad sandwich (w/ light mayo) on wheat bread, baked Doritos, string cheese & water
Snack - String cheese & an apricot
Dinner - Turkey hot dogs on wheat bread w/ fat free cheese & low sodium turkey chili, corn & a diet pepsi
Dessert - Eating Right Light Pomogranate Ice Cream Cup (have you tried them yet Reese?)
NO exercise =(

Breakfast - bowl of cereal & black coffee
On deck for lunch - (reduced fat) PB&J sandwich on wheat bread, baked Doritos & string cheese
Snack will be an apricot & string cheese
Not 100% sure but I think dinner will be grilled chicken & bell peppers mixed w/ whole wheat pasta & cajun spices (no sauce)

Keep it up ladies! Lord knows I could use the motivation and you gals are the ones to help me! =)


ReeseS said...

Leese, I tried to look for that ice cream at our vons and they didn't have it. They only had the vanilla. So bummed. I know you are going to have good results at your weigh in and that will be very motivating for you. Yay! you can do it!! Try and do some sort of activity when you get home tonight. Maybe some squats/lunges and then do some abs! You can do it and you will be proud when you are done. Every little bit helps. :)

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