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Friday, July 9, 2010

Woo hoo over my hump for hump day

Ok so I finally did it! I worked out last night!!! YAY. I got off the couch and did the Cardio X video, and felt really good to get my blood pumping. 45 mins of cardio and great stretch.
Finished off the day good too.

For yesterday lunch(Tuesday):
SMFCO was a callin, so I had a Ceviche Tostada and 1 ahi pocket to go
Dinner: homemade spaghetti w/ ground turkey and whole wheat pasta, ½ of ½ cup of orange soda.. =( bad I know…

This morning so far(Wednesday):
Breakfast – coffee w/ creamer ¾ cup of oatmeal w/ little bit of br. Sugar & 2% milk
Snack – Fresh fruit melon
Lunch – in a mtg so we ordered sandwiches. I will have a turkey breast sami on wheat bread… but I will confirm my meal later today
Dinner – not sure yet what is planned, Rod is home today so we will see what he whips up! =)
Ok so the plan tonight… I am going to try and do another video but I think it will be for arms or shoulders… but for sure going to follow up with the ab ripper. We will see how the night goes after we get home.
Keep up the great work ladies.


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