Exactly 30 days to go.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok this is it! No more weeks counting for me... EVERYDAY will be counting for me.

Ahhh another bad weekend and week really w/ only one work out, no running and not so great eating. Then Pizza on Friday, Aliyahs small bday party, and the Dodger game on Sunday... those are just all events for bad eating!=)

But 30 days to go and need to get this bod in shape! Where I wanted to be when we started this thing. I am going to start the TODAY!

This morning is not the BEST start but it is not bad... I had to drive Aliyah up to SB this morning since our daycare is slim this week with Chris (Rod's mom) being on vacation. So... Unfortunatley I forgot that I was out of coffee this morning so I drove to SB dropped Aliyah off, and hopped back into the car down to VTA. By the time I got to Seaward with no coffee all morning I was tired... So Starbucks was calling. And being I had been up since 4:30 already I needed to eat too. So...

Breakfast: Non-Fat Chi latte, Reduced Fat Berry Coffee Cake

Lunch: not sure yet... maybe salad, or subway sandwich or sub in a tub from jersey mikes.

Dinner: Going to that Italian place in Moorpark at like 6:30 so going to more then likely eat pasta... =/

Ok so my work out plan... I am going to take a short lunch and scoot out at 4:00 p.m. today get home and try and go on a run for at least a 1/2 an hr. OR maybe do a work out video not sure which on yet.... I have to do something. especially since I am going to be eating PASTA!

I am weighing in tomorrow since I forgot this morning. And measuring tomorrow morning to! GOTTA DO THIS!!!


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