Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ok great HUMP DAY!!! Off to a great start, blogging and cking in on I will blog on the FB Group in a minute here too!!! Love all our ways of communication. Just another short and sweet note, ate really good yesterday being I was in a meeting all day, Bkfst- fresh strawberries, some melon, and coffee (stayed away from the pastries) Lunch - Grilled chicken, small portion of chili beans, salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of ranch dressing. Dinner - left over grilled chicken from our meeting... and edamame EXERCISE - Ran 2.41 miles in Santa.... Didn't get up to do a P90X video, was busy playing with Andy (Leah's son). But we did go up and down their set of stairs like 3-4 times! =) ON DECK for tonight: Aliyah's game @ 5:30 then a night of P90X!!! for sure no if ands or butts, I have a goal of 5x's this week so I can't take anymore days off. Love you girls!!! (hope this thing spaced out...)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WOO HOO I am here, day two... Just quick update. Yesterday was a good day. Ate really good. Lunch - dry no mayo mini sub from Jersey Mikes snack - 1/2 protein bar Dinner - 1 piece of Talpia, salad with cucumber, cherry tom. hm ranch, 1/2 of and AVO EXERCISE - Ran 4.30 miles in 43 minutes. Awe felt so good to get outside, breath the air. It was very easy too, which was great, I didn't feel like I was going to die being it has been a few weeks since I last ran more then 1 mile. Today: BKFST: Fresh fruit, coffee with creamer LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, salad with feta cheese and ranch. DINNER: ??? not sure we have dance and need to get P90X in too. EXERCISE: Running for sure after work while waiting for Aliyahs dance class to start, maybe 3-5 miles. ALSO doing a P90X video tonight. A MUST Making things happen here!!!! Love you girls.

APRIL is here!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi my friends!!! It is MONDAY and new week and a NEW Month!!! I wasn't very good at blogging last week, only got on once. Today I am getting on and hoping to get on more this week. I have 3 days of meetings this week tho so that might be tough, but I will try Ok RECAP of my goals from last week. ;( not to happy: 1. Do Plyo 5x - =( well I didn't do bad, but only 4x, and really 3 1/2x's mon-YOGA X, tues-Core syner., Wed-kempo, Sat-1/2 of YOGA X 2. Weigh in at 124.4 - Didn't meet, but didn't gain either stayed the same.... so not to bad 3. Run 2x's - SUCK... didn't run at all, but when I went on a walk on Mon, we did sprints up Foothill 5 times... so I guess that counts as some running. IT WAS HARD TOO. 4. Find 8lb weights - Didn't find or really look for them either. Ok so that was my recap... This week. Big goals: Friday was exactly 6 months from my big day. **sorry if I wrote 5 months earlier in a post, I clearly don't know how to add. =) SO... 6 months to my big day. but really only 4 months until I need to be in a bathing suit for VEGAS!!! =) SO pushing and keeping up the hard work. I am determined to get to 7 work outs a week... I can do it. I ate pretty bad this weekend.. had bday party at bowling alleys, and then after BM dress shopping we went to my fav. place HOOTERS!!! Had to have some wings... but then didn't have anything the rest of the day, I was sooo full! =) I am on Week 5 of P90X but really only being really good with the works outs for the last 3... doesn't matter tho. week 5 and going stronger. Today:: Eating so far is good Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, Quaker Oatmeal Squares (serving size) w/ 2% milk snack - nada Lunch - 1/2 of turkey sami NO MAYO and 1/2 of a ham sami NO MAYO (can you believe no mayo for me... my managers had a meeting so I jumped in for lunch =)) Dinner - ?? Don't know what's on the menu, we have no kids so we will see maybe fish GOALS for this WEEK: 1. P90X 5 x's 2. weigh in at 124.3 3. run 2 x's I am going with 3 goals this week! Going to get them all complete for sure! Ok hopefully it doesn't squish my whole blog together again. Miss you ladies... where you be???

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