Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ok great HUMP DAY!!! Off to a great start, blogging and cking in on I will blog on the FB Group in a minute here too!!! Love all our ways of communication. Just another short and sweet note, ate really good yesterday being I was in a meeting all day, Bkfst- fresh strawberries, some melon, and coffee (stayed away from the pastries) Lunch - Grilled chicken, small portion of chili beans, salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of ranch dressing. Dinner - left over grilled chicken from our meeting... and edamame EXERCISE - Ran 2.41 miles in Santa.... Didn't get up to do a P90X video, was busy playing with Andy (Leah's son). But we did go up and down their set of stairs like 3-4 times! =) ON DECK for tonight: Aliyah's game @ 5:30 then a night of P90X!!! for sure no if ands or butts, I have a goal of 5x's this week so I can't take anymore days off. Love you girls!!! (hope this thing spaced out...)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WOO HOO I am here, day two... Just quick update. Yesterday was a good day. Ate really good. Lunch - dry no mayo mini sub from Jersey Mikes snack - 1/2 protein bar Dinner - 1 piece of Talpia, salad with cucumber, cherry tom. hm ranch, 1/2 of and AVO EXERCISE - Ran 4.30 miles in 43 minutes. Awe felt so good to get outside, breath the air. It was very easy too, which was great, I didn't feel like I was going to die being it has been a few weeks since I last ran more then 1 mile. Today: BKFST: Fresh fruit, coffee with creamer LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, salad with feta cheese and ranch. DINNER: ??? not sure we have dance and need to get P90X in too. EXERCISE: Running for sure after work while waiting for Aliyahs dance class to start, maybe 3-5 miles. ALSO doing a P90X video tonight. A MUST Making things happen here!!!! Love you girls.

APRIL is here!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi my friends!!! It is MONDAY and new week and a NEW Month!!! I wasn't very good at blogging last week, only got on once. Today I am getting on and hoping to get on more this week. I have 3 days of meetings this week tho so that might be tough, but I will try Ok RECAP of my goals from last week. ;( not to happy: 1. Do Plyo 5x - =( well I didn't do bad, but only 4x, and really 3 1/2x's mon-YOGA X, tues-Core syner., Wed-kempo, Sat-1/2 of YOGA X 2. Weigh in at 124.4 - Didn't meet, but didn't gain either stayed the same.... so not to bad 3. Run 2x's - SUCK... didn't run at all, but when I went on a walk on Mon, we did sprints up Foothill 5 times... so I guess that counts as some running. IT WAS HARD TOO. 4. Find 8lb weights - Didn't find or really look for them either. Ok so that was my recap... This week. Big goals: Friday was exactly 6 months from my big day. **sorry if I wrote 5 months earlier in a post, I clearly don't know how to add. =) SO... 6 months to my big day. but really only 4 months until I need to be in a bathing suit for VEGAS!!! =) SO pushing and keeping up the hard work. I am determined to get to 7 work outs a week... I can do it. I ate pretty bad this weekend.. had bday party at bowling alleys, and then after BM dress shopping we went to my fav. place HOOTERS!!! Had to have some wings... but then didn't have anything the rest of the day, I was sooo full! =) I am on Week 5 of P90X but really only being really good with the works outs for the last 3... doesn't matter tho. week 5 and going stronger. Today:: Eating so far is good Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, Quaker Oatmeal Squares (serving size) w/ 2% milk snack - nada Lunch - 1/2 of turkey sami NO MAYO and 1/2 of a ham sami NO MAYO (can you believe no mayo for me... my managers had a meeting so I jumped in for lunch =)) Dinner - ?? Don't know what's on the menu, we have no kids so we will see maybe fish GOALS for this WEEK: 1. P90X 5 x's 2. weigh in at 124.3 3. run 2 x's I am going with 3 goals this week! Going to get them all complete for sure! Ok hopefully it doesn't squish my whole blog together again. Miss you ladies... where you be???

It's Monday again!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning my girls!!! Hope you all had a great rest of your weekend. Friday Night was soooo much fun! I can't wait till next BUNCO! Ok weekly recap from last week 3/21-3/27: 1. Do P90X 4x - ck!!!! YES I DID IT!!! mon-chest & back, tues-PLYO, Wed-Arms& shldrs, thurs-YOGA!!! ahhh everything felt soo good 2. Run 3 miles 2x - negative... I didn't get any running in. 3. Try new healthy recipe - negative, didn't try anything new 4. Weigh in at 125.6 - CK!!!! I weighed in at 125.6!!! so excited 5. Blog at least 3x - only blogged 2 x's. Sooo I am going to give my self a BIG pat on the back for this past week.. I was soooo pumped about my work outs and my weigh in. I really am doing this. Plus my waist line is feeling and looking a bit slimmer! Last week Food was good ALL week. Friday was good too, tho, maybe I shouldn't have had like 10 mimosa's.=) Sat. I was very good, and Sunday not so great eating but not bad on the calories. This week is going to be a good week. I am now on Week 4 of P90X and will be starting the CORE serious this week. So today I have YOGA X (138 mins), tomorrow CORE synthetics that should be hard and very interesting but I am really excited about just focusing on the CORE. that is my problem area for sure. Today's menu: Brkfst - Non fat lemon cream pie yogurt, 1/8 cup of NUT-trition Omega 3 mix snack - string cheese lunch - Jersey Mikes (Cancer foundation fundraiser today) Dinner - not sure yet??? This weeks GOALS: 1. Do P90X 5x's 2. Weigh in at 124 3. Run 2x's @ least 3 miles 4. Find 8lb weights Jenny it's good to hear from you... Terese, Rhon??? Laura I know you see us!! =) LEESE WHERE ARE YOU??????????? =) Hope you all are having a great MONDAY!!! Keep up all the great work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok so I have been committed to the Lose it! App!!!! But then I forget to check in here, but here I am :) So I like how Ang you make goals for just the week so I am going to try that :D plus I like Lauras idea of having 2 days off (I need that!)

Workouts: 3x Denise Austine's shrink your female fat (don't laugh!!! One day I will work up to the P90x)
Eat: stay in my Lose it! Cal. Count 1802 total for the day without workouts
Blog: more than 1x this week

Mon: 1244 total
Bfast: 236 Cal
Hungry Girls recipe cinnamon oatmeal & berries
Low cal chi tea latte (made with almond milk mmmm not so bad!)
Lunch:580 cal
Oh ya I had to have Taco Bell (I was just craving it :0/ ) fresco crunch taco tostada & I can't remember one other thing
Dinner: 370
Dream dinners chicken & pasta in peanut sause (really good!)
Snack: 48 cal
2 Hard boiled egg whites (no yoke) with laughing cow(LC) Swiss cheese & Dijon

Tues:1736 cal total
Bfast: 358 cal
HG (Hungery Girl) eggs in a mug with onions 1 mozzorella cheese ball & spinach mmmm!
Orange juice
Lunch: 589 cal
turkey sandwich on wheat few tortilla chips & ranch dip
Dinner: 614 cal
Salmon & Cesar salad with parm cheese crisps & asparagus

Bfast: 236 cal
HG cinnamon oatmeal apples & bananas & light almond chi tea
Lunch:??? Maybe SMFish co anyone going to be around?
Dinner: depends on if Kenzie has a SB game

Oh P.S i know Lisa will be having her cronies fundraiser next tues by we are also next tues all day doing one @ smfishco in honor of my mom all day long so I hope you can make it let me know if u have any questions :) have a good week!!!!!

Hellooo is anyone there... it's me, Ang =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I crack myself up with my titles!!! =)

I totally forgot yesterday to list my goals for this week!!! I was thinking about it last night...

So Goals for this week 03/21-03/27:
1. Do P90X 4x's
2. Run 3 miles 2x's
3. Try a new healthy recipe
4. Weigh in at 125.6
5. Blog at least 3x's

Ok so those are my goals! I am going to meet them this week. Have a busy busy weekend ahead but it will be fun and good times. But still need to stay on track. I will be tested for sure, with Bunco on Friday, Sat. BBQ for my nephew, Sun. lunch and BINGO for my Mom's 60th bday... Truly tested, but I WILL come up ahead... Not working this hard for nothing I tell ya! =)

Yesterday recap:

Not bad, my loseit says I was below 873 calories, but I did EAT 1283 is my work out that off sets it. Plus while baking chocolate chip cookies I think I tasted the dough 3 times... so that has to really count for like 100 calories, being they have 1 cup of BUTTER! =) lol

Brkfst: A LOT OF CAL. tall nonfat chi tea, bacon Gouda cheese egg sami from Starbucks.. yummy and only 350 calories

Lunch: followed thru and ate my lunch from Friday since I went to SMFCO instead.... 1/2 TUNA sami with NO mayo on the bread but some in the Tuna, I'm not that crazy. =) with small bag of carrots, 1/2 bag of Veggie sensations LOVE THOSE darn things and only 130calories for the whole bag.

Dinner: I was denied... you know us moms... I got home and did my P90X Chest & Back video along with Ab Ripper. my arms are still tired =) Then hurried and got cleaned up a little, ran to get Aliyah in SP from her dads, then over to a MK customers house to see which foundation looked better on her (YES she ordered), then to VONS for things we needed, then home, to get Aliyah to bed... FINALLY time for Dinner, no time for Tilapia and veggies being it was 8:20 by this time, so my dinner was 4 Egg whites and 2 yokes... They were yummy tho...oh and 1oz of Cashews. =) After baking for 2 more hours for Aliyahs school and doing laundry and the dishes, getting Aliyahs and my lunch ready for the next day, I called it a night when Rod got home around 11:00PM from working since 1:00AM that morning.

We are amazing ladies, I tell ya. There isn't anything we CAN NOT do... You put the task in front of us and we will get it done, and do what ever we need to get get there...

Today on the menu:
Brkfst - nonfat yogurt and granola, strawberries
Lunch - homemade lunch salad with a little bit of ranch
Dinner - ?? not sure Aliyah's cousin is in town that we want to try and see for a little bit. PLUS must get home to do P90X-PLYO is on deck today.

Hope to read what you girls are you to soon!!! MUAH

Monday, and a new week!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning friends!!!

How was everyone's weekend??? I hope good, and I hope everyone was safe yesterday if you were out driving in that MAD rain. Awe love the rain at times but geezzo I couldn't even go to the darn store. =( lol BUT it will be all that much prettier out when I go running after the storm.

SO Starting my week off with a BLOG. Recap for last week:

Goals for 03/14 - 3/20:
1. Do P90X 4x's - I did it 3x's ... so need to push harder
2. Weigh in at 126.5 - well.. I weighed in at 126.6... I have to say it was close
3. Run 2 x's - CK!!! I ran on my treadmill on 3/17 then ran home from Laura's hse on Sat. morning!!!
4. Eat w/in Loseit Calories guide - I kept up with my calories until Friday night.=( went over by 92 but really more then that... but my exercise gave me more!

SO.... I am not there at making all my goals just yet but getting there!!! =) Must work harder!

Last time I blogged was Wed. of last week so since then I have been eating good, nothing crazy and still haven't had any chips since I gave them up for lent. =( boo. lolo

This morning and today's plan:
brkfst: (I splurged) Bacon egg & Gouda cheese sandwich from Starbucks (350 cal), tall nonfat chi latte
snack: Chocolate dipped coconut LUNA bar
lunch: 1/2 tuna sami no mayo on bread, carrots, veggie straws
Dinner: ?? I think Tilapia wild rice and broccoli
BREAKS - at least one 1 mile walk

Going to do P90X CHEST AND BACK & AB RIPPER tonight when I get home... couldn't get up this morning since Rod went into work at 1:00 a.m. I woke up for a bit so then I wanted to just sleep and sleep.

Tomorrow the plan is to run after work before Aliyah's dance class!!! Hoping the rain stays away for one more day!

Ok ladies, where you be? oh ya... I couldn't figure out why my butt was a little tender on Sunday... Then, I got up and the back of my thighs were too, then I remembered... WE did like 20 walking lunges on our walk on Sat.!!! SOOO awesome ladies... lets do that more! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND WEEK!!

Lovin Hump day so far!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi there loves!!! It is HUMP DAY and that means it is weigh in day!!!

Recap for Monday and Tuesday first!!!

Monday I finished with eating 1099 calories my limit was 1404.
brkfst - nonfat very vanilla yogurt
snack - chocolate dipped coconut LUNA bar YYUUMMOOOO (only 190 cal)
lunch - chick and beef bowl from CHIPOTLE
dinner - VONS rotisserie chicken, steamed broccoli
EXERCISE - walked 1.13 miles on my break

Tuesday I finished with eating 1320 calories my limit was 1404.
brkfst - nonfat harvest peach yogurt
snack - chocolate peppermint LUNA bar... another YYUMMOOO
lunch - left overs - VONS rotisserie chicken, string cheese
dinner - small amount of whole wheat angel hair pasta with turkey spaghetti sauce, diet dr. pepper

Wednesday sooo happy... WEIGH IN... down to 126.6 woo hoo very happy with that anything that isn't going up I am happy with.
brkfst - 2 pieces of raisin bread, 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1/2 med orange
snack - protein bar
lunch - 1/2 sami on whole wheat bread, veggie straws, string cheese
dinner - ??? not sure whats on the menu

Ok that's my update, movin and shakin for sure... Tonight's plan is to do a P90X work out with Ab Ripper! Eat healthy and stay active....

Ok ladies...until tomorrow or Friday, talk to you all soon.

Monay is a tough day....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Morning ladies... I thought I would get my blog in earlier then later... Maybe it will help me get into MONDAY... =( lolo

This weekend wasn't to bad for me, until yesterday. Well and Sat. night but still all good. =)
RECAP of my goals for last week:
1. Do P90X 4 x's this week - well I did P90X 2 x's last week.. didn't quite make it
2. Weigh in at 125.5 - My weigh in was 127.6 not bad... but gained from being sick.
3. Run 2 times this wk - No running... but I did go on two 3 miles walks this week.
4. BLOG 3 times this wk - BLOGGED 2 x's this week

Soo I didn't hit ANY of my goals =( Which is a big bummer, cause I know I could have... just didn't push through hard enough =( On that note (no butts.. =)) I did work this week, got in 2 days of P90X Chest in back w/ AB Ripper and Arms and Shoulders w/ AB Ripper. Then one lunch hr amanda and I did a 3 mile walk, I had a 1 mile walk in, and then Sat AM my girls and I went on a 3 mile walk! So it wasn't a BAD week but COULD HAVE BEEN, AND NEEDS TO BE BETTER!

This week... No Excuses....
Goals this week 3/14-03/20
1. P90X 4 times this week!
2. Weigh in at 126.5
3. Run at least 2 days this week
4. EAT w/in my calorie guide from

I can do this!!!
Brkfst - non fat yoplait Yogurt
lunch - salad from somewhere
dinner - ??? i have a school mtg at 530 =( boo
Exercise, - going to go on a 1 mile walk with Amanda on our break, run at least 2 miles after work while waiting for my meeting, do a P90X chest and back.

Love our motivation that we all have and how we all bounce off one another!!! Alright girls Happy Monday!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ok I think I am ready to ge back into the game...I didn't want to commit if I was not serious! So I tested my self & committed to 1 week of doing Jillian Michaels wii workout & I was able to follow through!! I work up before everyone & did a 30 min work out on Monday Wednesday & today Friday plus I walked a couple times last week I got a good 30 min in :) So that is better than nothing! Now I need to get back to watching the food intake.
Bfast egg & veggie firtatta & oj
Lunch SMFish co side salad with grilled veggies small ceviche with some chips oh ya & a grilled shrimp taco (I was still hungery & had no kids so I enjoyed my lunch!) & iced tea
Dinner I don't know if this is good or not but I had jack in the box tacos (3) they r made of tofu is that ok? I will admit I did have a few curly fries about less than a small size I shared with the kids & lemonade

Bfast egg & veggie fitatta & oj
Lunch SMFish co ahi pocket
Shrimp salad with grilled veggies
Dinner ?

Well that's me so I will try to keep a posting :)

HUMPDAY aka Weigh in day!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning ladies happy Hump day, happy Ash Wednesday, happy... almost the weekend day! =)

Today started out GREAT!!! but I will get to that. Recap from Monday since I blogged then.

Eating habits have been very good.
Yesterday - Tuesday:
Brkfst - 1/2 of an orange, 1 NONfat yogurt, still no coffee since my machine broke
lunch - SMFCO - Grilled Shrimp Parmesan taco, 2 Ahi pockets
snack - luna bar - chocolate rasberry
dinner - 4 egg whites, 2 pieces microwave bacon (much healthier), mushrooms, motz cheese scramble 1/2 cup of milk (i need more milk)

TODAY... woo hoo very happy today, I got up at 4:30 AM and worked out!!! YAYA ME!!!! lol I did the P90X Chest and Back work out... plus Ab Ripper. couldn't quite do all of the AB Ripper but did most of it. Even logged what I did of each one!!! Going to get yoked!!!
For food..
Breakfast - 2 Morning Star patties on a whole wheat english muffin with motz cheese.
Snack - Blueberry NONfat Yogurt
Lunch - on the menu Tuna no bread no crackers, string cheese
snack - on the menu Baby carrots
Dinner - on the menu Being it's ASH Wed. that means no meat.... hmmm what to eat. Should treat myself to a BIG salad from Toppers! =)

I would like to Run later... think I will do so on our treadmill instead of trying to get outside, but still might try to do that...

RHON... where you be, I need some crock pot ideas! Tuesdays are game days and I don't want to eat nachos and cheese fries every week for sure... so I need some ideas!

I am so pumped... Laura I think you vicariously rubbed off on me. lets walk or jog or something this week or weekend!!! Lots going on these days need the support of my girls!

March = Spring time = getting serious

Monday, March 7, 2011

YAY!!! I love reading what my girls are doing!!!!

I have been away for a bit, well I was getting lonely for one, but then I just got really really busy and then I got sick! GEEZO...
But I am back now, and ready to keep working....

Now where I have been and what I have been doing.

I love love love this Loseit ap.. really I think it helps me so much. OH and if you don't have the ap you can go to and do everything there... I sometimes go there instead and it automatically updates on my phone.
Before getting sick last week I was doing good with my running and walking... Then I got sick. I didn't work out for a week, but keep with in the range of my good eating. After Sat. the 26 I didn't want to drink for a little while... one to many strawberry margaritas... =/

Where I am now.

ONE plus from being sick, I lost 4 pounds!!! =) So when I weighed in on Wed. I was down to 126.4!!!! I was happy.

Sunday (yesterday) I got back out there and ran 3.5 miles. Then when I got home the kids wanted to go jogging, so we ended up jogging for 1 more mile. I loved it, loved that the kids were out there with me, getting some exercise, and wanting to do it!

This weeks plan: I am suppose to be on the second phase of P90X right now BUT being that I only did it about 5 times in the last 30 days... I think I need to start again.
Rod and I both are trying to not drink very much. BUT when things come up like an event we will splurge.

GOAL This week:
1. Do P90X 4 times this week
2. Weigh in at 125.5 this Wed.
3. Run 2 times this week
4. BLOG 3 times this week.

It felt like summertime on Sat. I loved the weather, but was not near wearing summertime clothes (i.e. shorts) so I am determined to change that come spring time!!! Just around the corner.


Progress, slowly but surely....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hi Ladies!

Here I am, it's been a while but glad to be here! I am always sooooooo busy at work and it is the easiest time for me to blog. Anyway... I was stuck in the 141 range for quite some time (and most recently, last week) but I am happy to report I was 138 this morning! I have been trying to focus on portions, smaller frequenet meals and little or no carbs at night. I read that Cameron Diaz takes this approach and really, it makes sense for me. I have been trying to have fruit, breads, rice or pastas (small portions of course!) in the first half of the day for breakfast or lunch, then only have protein and veggies in the evening and really it has seemed to work for these few pounds that I have lost. I know it will be hard to do it ALL the time (especially when my Dad whips up a yummy, carb filled meal for dinner sometimes!) but in general if I can make that a habit then it won't be such a painful regime to stick to!

Yesterday I had a turkey wrap from Mimi's for lunch- the whole thing was between 700-750 calories which sounds bad but I only ate half so 350-375 calories is not bad at all. I would normally have eaten the other half for dinner, but with my "approach", I saved the other half for lunch today, and I had cornish game hen and veggies for dinner last night.

I know that when I actually do get to work out in the evening, this approach might not work well since I will need the extra energy to get through a good workout at night, but for now this seems to make sense for my activity level.

I hope you are all having a good day and have a fabulous weekend!!!


Me in Bullets

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

  • I'm working out now.
  • I LOVE working out now.
  • I'm eating WAY healthy.
  • I understand working out is going to build muscle so I may not see my weight decreasing very much.
  • I have found my groove.
  • I LOVE you girls.
  • Early morning weekend walk get togethers...anyone? anyone?
  • I don't write in often, but I read our blog everyday.
  • This is a great article I just found: HERE.
  • A friend told me that we need to take time and invest in ourselves over all...meaning taking time to exercise the mind, body and soul...literally investing in ourselves and buying good healthy food, bars, shakes, supplements, etc.
  • I know I sound like a wacko and not myself.
  • I seriously have found my groove.
  • It took some time finding it, but I love how I'm feeling.
  • Portion control is key.
  • Although I'm focused on getting healthy, I'm not losing sight of fun time splurges. I get the weekends to cheat a little. My weekends are Friday and Saturday. If we're together on a Sunday, please help keep me accountable ;)
  • The Lose it! app is awesome!
  • I LOVE you girls!

I'm back!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm back! It's been awhile since I've blogged and to be honest, I've just been in a slump lately. I was excited when I first joined WW but the last few weeks I've just been blah. I don't want to go into all my excuses but I feel like I'm ready to really commit.
I was off work last Friday which is when I usually go weigh in at WW. It was a hectic weekend filled with food temptation galore. We ate lunch at Red Robin on Friday and I had a BLT on a Crossaint! It was delish and ate the whole thing, WITH FRIES. Friday night I was cooking all night long and of course picking at and that which I'm sure was lots of calories. And of course all the wine that L and I took down (don't regret wine though). Saturday I had lots of yummy stuff to eat at the party and Sunday we went on our date. Had a flank steak with YUMMY mashed potatoes and of course wine for dinner. Monday was bad too! I had Del Taco for lunch and I can't remember what for dinner. Tues - Thursday I was determined to eat well and stick to the program. As you can tell, I had been really bad over the long weekend and I had no idea what damage I had done the week before so you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and found that I had lost 1.6 pounds which is a grand total of 5 lbs that I have lost since being on WW! I got a cute little sticker for my accomplishment! I'm now at 130.6 and am really going to try my hardest to lose at least a pound for next week. I would really like to be in the 120s again! I think I needed this loss to motiviate me to get on the ball. This weekend my goal is to work out at least once and next week at least 3 times! No excuses!!
For dinner tonight we are having turkey burgers so that won't be so bad. Tomorrow night will be our splurge night. I'm going to make meatloaf and blue cheese mashed potatoes but I figure if I eat ok for breakfast and lunch AND work out, it won't be so bad. The days, weeks and months are going by so fast and summer is just around the corner. My body is nowhere near ready for shorts, tank tops, or bikinis so I really need to start working hard.
We can do this! And I promise to blog more often. Whether or not I'm losing weight!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahhh! It has been a while but here I am. Really nothing good or bad to report- just kind of in between I guess. I weighed 141 this weekend which is the same,.. no better no worse! I have not been able to get any real exercise to speak of in, except for climbing a hill about a dozen times yesterday when we went to the snow!!! I always have tennis shoes, lounge pants and a sweatshirt in my car though so I am always prepared which is good, BUT executing the action is the key! At this moment I don't have any goals this week but writing this makes me realize I NEED to set some!!!! OK, so let's aim for 2 lunch time stair workouts this week and some situps. Who knows, it might actually happen!!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Either 1 waffle w/ no syrup or oatmeal. Haven't decided yet :)
Lunch: My dad's gumbo with a little bit of white rice. The gumbo is actually quite low-cal. It is chicken, hot link sausage, veggies in sauce so not bad at all.
Snack: probably soup broth and/or blueberries- my work has those little packets that are like 5 calories
Dinner: Not sure yet but it will be something easy since we have Ariana's gym class tonight!!

Hope you all have a great week my friends!!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think today is a blue day... maybe brighter tho... being that I am not blue.... down in the dumps. =)

Ok well I know I blogged last night before I left for the day so this one will be short...

Yesterday I had a bigger goal: EXERCISE: As soon as I am done blogging going on a run... goal 5 miles!!! CK I ended up running 5.44 miles!!! Sooo excited to get over that hump of 4 miles.

Yesterday felt great to be outside working out... getting some fresh air, and perfect timing being that it is raining today. That will help me do P90X!!

Good news on my weigh in... Last week I weighed in at 129.6 (I think .6) and today which I was scared about... weighed in at:
128.0!!! I lost 1.2lbs from last week!!! WOO HOO

Brkfst - 4 egg white NO YOKE, NO CHEESE...i decided I don't need the cheese every time. Coffee w/ creamer
snack - planning: 1/2 protein bar
lunch - planning: not sure... forgot to bring something
dinner - planning: grilled chicken
EXERCISE - P90X arms and shoulders work out plus AB RIPPER

I forgot my tennis this morning so we can't really go on a walk during or break, but I will be walking back and forth from building to building to do some stuff for my boss man.

Goals for today:
1. Eat right... no mess ups
2. Drink at least 3 liters of water
3. Do P90X tonight...

Ok girls... have a great hump day... I hope someones reading me talking to myself. =) lol

All alone.... but still moving strong...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where my girls be???? I am the last to blog and that was LAST WED... all alone here I tell ya.

Ok recap.. here are my goals from last week... last WED.

GOALS: P90X arms and shoulder work out right after work - maybe... ahhh I need to pick up some school mates from school and think they need to hang out at my hse for a bit, then I need to bake, I promised I would go visit lylia and the girls, and I have to pick up Aliyah from her dads, and BAKE for school... SOOOO I will get all this done. WONDER WOMAN!!! We are awesome ladies. Did not happen =( had major children of a parent... more to explain later in blog. but did go see Lylia and the girls... =) oh and i did get all my 4 dz cookies baked, from scratch!!! Wonder woman I tell ya. =)

WALK - on my break at least 1.2 miles. This didn't happen either. =( no bueno day at all

Ok so the rest of Wed...

Dinner - didn't have an apt. So I didn't eat.. It was a bad calorie day for me being that I only ate 391 calories all day...umm WAY to little. but my day was just ugly... Baby momma drama, kids lying... just the works. I was at my ends meet by the end of the day....


A much better day on the eating tip

brkfst: morning star, coffee,

Snack: 1/2 protein bar

lunch: Sandwich from subway

Dinner: Had some potato thingy at Laura's PC party.. yummy but still in range

(not sure what's up with the spacing... sorry ladies)

NO EXERCISING =(**** to freakin busy.


Brkfst: egg whites w/ motz cheese, coffee with creamer

lunch: SMFCO - Ahi Tuna salad... and good talks with my girls!!!!

Dinner: What a week... Finance and I went to Pescador and had Grilled Fish, refried beans, 1 michilada, 2 strawberry margi's, WAY OVER ... then went to BFF's hse and had 1 Ultra... Tell ya what a week we had.

EXERCISE: LOVIN!!! =) hilarious cause the looseit app has that as exercise!! =)


EXERCISE: to start of my day... walked 3.17 miles with BFF so nice to get out early but FREEZING.

Brkfst: P90X protein shake

lunch: combo of snacks at my sister babyshwr: artichoke dip, crackers, chips, salsa, cake, corn burrito, punch...

Dinner: Trip tip, some refried beans, 8 ULTRAS... Yeah a long night...


brkfst - eggs scrambled with motz cheese, turkey lunch meat, small cup of milk

lunch: Jin's Roll, Salmon Sushi, edamame from LOVE Sushi

Snack: Circus animal cookies.. =)

Ok so that was my REcap from last week... Not the best weekend in the world and really I am bummed I drank so much beer... but i just had one of the hardest weeks and well I felt like having a beer, so I did... not beating myself up from it. This week... another story.

This is starting of week 3 of really being active and doing P90X... I didn't do it once last week so this flaking


Brkfst - 4 egg whites and 1 yoke w/ motz cheese, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, coffee w/ creamer,

Snack - 1/2 protein bar

EXERCISE: walk on break 1.05 miles

Lunch: Caprese salad w/ a little bit of ranch from URBANE cafe

Dinner: It was VDAY but we didn't have plans... actually plans to not do anything really... But Rod made dinner Tilapia, wild rice, broccoli and 1/2 diet dr. pepper

EXERCISE: Ran 4.39 miles right after work!!!


yucky all day meeting didn't help with my walks today...

Brkfst: P90X protein shake, coffee w/ creamer

lunch: two turkey sandwiches with no bread, just meat, lettuce, cheddar cheese, homemade kettle potato chips, Salad greens w/ feta, cherry tomato's, and ranch. 4 waters.. geezo. =)

Dinner: ??? ?have no idea what is on the menu for tonight.

EXERCISE: As soon as I am done blogging going on a run... goal 5 miles!!!

Ok ladies.... I am just talking to myself here... Where you all be. Miss you all. I know we all have a lot going on and are busy bees but let keep on another motivated!!! MUAH

Wednesday Hump day week 2

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning everyone... happy hump day!!! YAY RHONDA... your back!!! woo hoo company. =)

Hope everyones week has been great so far, we are half way through, YES!

Recap since Monday.
Monday's goals:
EXERCISE: Walk at lunch or break at least 1.25 miles. CK walked 1.22 miles on my break
EXERCISE: Run for at least 4 miles...OR P90X video CK sooo excited, I ran 4.33 miles, I am getting my mojo back!!!
Dinner - Tilapia filet w/ edamame and a joint juice... funny I know.

Brkfst - P90X protein shake, coffee w/ creamer
EXERCISE - walked 1.07 miles
snack - 1/2 protein bar
EXERCISE - walked 3.77 miles on lunch
Lunch - 1/2 turkey sandwich w/ little bit of mayo, Veggie sensations straws, Motz string cheese low fat.
snack - 1 chips ahoy cookie
Dinner - homemade Turkey burger w/ slice of peper jack cheese, edamame joint juice
Tried to do a work out last night after we got home from Mini-Sox practice but with homework, dinner, dishes, and upating my ipod so i don't get board of my music I ran out of time.... bad enough I didn't get into bed until 11:22 ahhhh I never go to bed early when Rod is gone. =(

Today is my weekly weigh in.... I am wondering if I should do it every two weeks to make it more intense??? Well last week I was at 129.2 I was super excited... My goal this week was to go down 127.5.....
Today I weighed in at 129.6... Not what I was hoping for... but, not bad. Maybe it is muscle who knows.. maybe it is water??? BUT I am not worried.
Still great progress this past week and my clothes are NOW finally feeling better... that is my MAIN goal.

Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 1 yoke, turkey lunch meat, motz cheese, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
Lunch - Tuna w/ a little bit of mayo... no bread or crackers. String cheese,
snack - almonds
dinner - ??? not sure, Rod is coming home but I am running all over the place so we will see.

P90X arms and shoulder work out right after work - maybe... ahhh I need to pick up some school mates from school and think they need to hang out at my hse for a bit, then I need to bake, I promised I would go visit lylia and the girls, and I have to pick up Aliyah from her dads, and BAKE for school... SOOOO I will get all this done. WONDER WOMAN!!! We are awesome ladies.
WALK - on my break at least 1.2 miles.

I am planning on staying on track.... This is a really really busy week for me. Love ya ladies.

Estoy aqui.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello my beautiful friends!

I am here, finally :)

It has definately been a WHILE but my excuse is work has been CRAZY! Crazy crazy crazy! I am passed that crazieness for now, hopefully, and hoping to be back to normal going forward and that means better eating and trying to get in some exercise.

I have my stair workout stuff today so I will do that at lunch in a while. Aiming for 20-30 minnutes.... I have green pozole for lunch that has lean pork, green sauce and hominy and I will add a bit of lemon to... YUM! I should really break down the calories on this one, I think it is actually really low-cal.

So far today:


No baby yogurt!!! Ha ha ha Ang ;)


A handful of grapes for a snack later

Trying to step up the water intake too....

This weekend wasn't too bad on Friday and Saturday but Sunday was chips/dip, deviled eggs, stuff jalapenos and beer! It was light beer and I think I only had 4 which wasn't great but it could have definately been worse!!!!!!!! I was terrified to weigh myself this morning but I had to do it. Scale wasn't even bad... 141.3 BUT I don't feel great and I know that although my weight doesn't fluctuate a ton, when I am eating better and exercising at least a little, I look MUCH better than I do now. It isn't time for tank tops and shorts yet, but it will be here SOON so I need to get back on track and get back into better habits. Hope you are all going to join me!!!

Not sure what is on deck for dinner tonight but I am kind of leaning toward grilled tuna patties and veggies. I will share my recipe for sure!


Monday morning... week 2

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good morning ladies... Hope you all had a great weekend!!! I know Mondays are hard but I am going to start off the day with an update to get the week and morning started!!!

First step... recap of my last blog goals and weekend goals:
Friday I was really sore... but didn't know what sore was really till later that night and Sat. morning. LADIES I could barely move... My thighs felt like 50 lbs weights... So Friday night I took it easy and just hung out w/ no work out. I made dinner for the kids and then cruised around Target, so at least I didn't just sit on my booty. =)

Sat goals:
Run 4.5 - 6 miles before the basketball game.... Stay on track eating Well I didn't quite get to 4.5-6 miles... but I did get out there... I thought it would help with my soreness... I was a SLOWWWW snail but still ran 3.13 miles Sat. morning. I wanted to cry 1/2 the time and was hoping that Laura or Terese would happen to be outside their house so I could take a break.. =) no luck.. lol so I had to keep going.
Sunday - Do p90x video in the AM before the big game... Stay on track eating (few very few exceptions) Ok so no work out again... we slept in until 9AM woo hoo Aliyah was knock out too. BUT I did clean house... up and down back and forth, laundry, vacuuming dishes, everything. =)
Recap eating:
Friday - I made the kids chicken tenders and mini corn dogs... motz cheese sticks and fries...
I made a salad with cut up chicken tenders in it! Not bad. But not great.

Brkfst - Protein shake (P90X) and recovery drink;
lunch - 1/2 Tuna sandwich with a lot of tuna on wheat bread
dinner - mixture of random food at a Company Winter party tiny piece of tenderloin, some Asian noodles, mashed potato's, zucchini feta salad... 1 bud light,
EXERCISE: Run 3.1.3 miles, dancing at night!

Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 1/2 yoke (shared eggs w/ rod) 2 pieces of Turkey sausage
lunch - mixture of things... baby carrots, celery, ranch, black olives, crackers, motz cheese w/ prushito???, chips and salsa
Dinner - homemade Turkey burger, turkey chili, tortilla chips.

Gezzo... I thought since I was blogging more often they would get shorter. =) lol BUT I guess I have a lot to say.

Today I have on the menu and goals as follows:
Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 1 yoke, moztz cheese, coffee with creamer
lunch - chef salad may be a "Sub in a Tub" from my fav. Jersey Mikes
Dinner - Turkey burger or Talapia fillet, wild rice, zucchini or broccoli
EXERCISE: Walk at lunch or break at least 1.25 miles.
EXERCISE: Run for at least 4 miles...OR P90X video

Feeling really good today, much less sore but still there... can't believe how freaking sore I really am. I am sooo shocked. My butt was/is even sore, not sure when that has ever really been sore.
The boys are off to AV this morning again, this time for a whole week... LAURA come over and we will work out???? LADIES... WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER... LEESE WHERE YOU BE? It is hard for me to go out to others houses, cause my little one is in bed by 7:45 p.m.
With Rod being gone, I am going to take full advantage of this time to work and work hard... NO BS this time. =)

Goals for today:
EXERCISE: Walk at lunch or break at least 1.25 miles.
EXERCISE: Run for at least 4 miles...OR P90X video

OK ladies... can't wait to hear about what you have been up to!!! Don't leave me talking to myself... VEGAS HERE WE COME!!!!

Friday BLOGGING!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok I am ending the WORK week on a great note, but not ending the work... going full speed this weekend too.

First... recap of my goals on Wed. and recap for Thurs.
GOALS:EXERCISE - 1 mile walk on my break (after my mtg) CK
EXERCISE - P90X - Arms and chest wooo gonna be sore!!! CK I am super weak but I did it... and logged what I did, like 10 push ups... I logged so I can see how YOKED I get! =)
No running today... need to give my legs a rest.

brkfst - 2 morn star sausage patties on 1 100% whole wheat English muff. topped w/ motz cheese, (P90X plan) and coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar, 1/2 recovery drink
WALK - 3.77 miles on my lunch!!!!
Lunch - Steak salad (P90X plan made from home)
snack - String cheese
Dinner - Baked Chicken w/ small serv. of butter pasta (Knorr brand)
EXERCISE - PLYOMETRICS BABY.... ok didn't do the last 18-15 mins. had to make dinner, and I dont like that part, but the part I did... GEEZO I was sweating like CRAZY.

Brkfst - 4 eggs whites 1 yoke, 3 pieces of ham lunchmeat and motz cheese, coffee with creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Caprese salad from Urban cafe 1/4 of the bread
Dinner - not sure whats on the menu but I am thinking chicken left over from yesterday
EXERCISE - Not sure yet, but might take a break... need to clean house but might try to do a shoulders/arms video. Or maybe some Just Dance with the kids.

Ladies... I am soooo soooo soooo sore, but it is a really good sore. I have had a talk with myself and really really want this. I do. I am not depriving myself of anything because I WANT THIS... I want to be in shape and fit into my clothes, so this is what I need to do. Just for a little while. I was flipping through the channels last night and there again was the P90 Info-merical... OMG Seriously these peoples results!!! I can do this for 90 days... come on. that is nothing! Then I was watching on MTV "I use to be fat" and these transformations... are amazing just from sticking with it. YEA after I meet my goal I am going to eat to not so great things here and there but not all the time. And by then I won't have to START all over again!!! =)
I want to get there. I WILL get there.

LOVE this loose it ap. really it helps motivate me like crazy. =)

OK GOALS for this weekend:
Saturday - Run 4.5 - 6 miles before the basketball game.... Stay on track eating
Sunday - Do p90x video in the AM before the big game... Stay on track eating (few very few exceptions)

My goal weight for next WED weigh in is 127.5 so about 1 1/2 lbs... not a lot but a little bit. I am very pumped up ladies... Love that we are all trying to do this together too.

Been a long time, but I'm back

Hi Ladies,
It's been so long since I've blogged. I honestly keep forgetting. I'm trying to keep on top of things at work but I need to make some time for this too. So 6 weeks ago (geez that went fast) I joined weight watchers again! I plan to stick with it this time and not let things go. I need to be accountable by weighing in so I don't get out of control. I joined the on-line tools which gives access to recipes which I really like. The majority of our dinners during the week are from WW and even Scott enjoys them. So, in the last 6 weeks, I've only lost 3.6 lbs but I know it's going to be a long process for me. I haven't been exercising at all (well, not counting running up and down my stairs 20 times a day, seriously). I really can't wait to fit in my old CUTE jeans again. Also, I've been kinda slacking on the weekends. I try to be good but if I want wine, I have wine. If we go out to dinner, I what I want. I know I could be more disciplined and I will get to that point eventually.
When discussing my food intake, I'm talking in "points". I get 29 a day and an extra 49 a week to be used on whatever, whenever. Plain fruits and veggies are free! What I like about the program is that if makes you focus on eating less carbs, not cutting them out totally but things that are higher in carbs are more points.
Thursday eating:
Morning: Coffee with creamer (my two cups of coffee with creamer is 3 points!)
WW vanilla and almond oatmeal (3)
Banana (0)
Lean Cuisine Beef Portabello (5)
Yoplait Yogurt (3)
Quaker Oats Chewy Granola Bar (3)
Lots of gold fish (I'll say 3 points)
Spicy Beef Tacos , recipe by WW (6)
Small side of rice (4)
I had 3 remaining points for the day but I did eat a few (like 3) chocolate covered almonds so I'll just count that as zero points left over.
I think I really need to focus on exercising more. Especially walking on my breaks and lunch if I can't do it at home. My friends here have been walking so I don't have an excuse!
Glad we are back to blogging. I'll have to check out this lose it app even though I'm not exercising. I'll be the one with no medals :)

So happy to update!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok recap first of all on what I did yesterday... I don't think I set goals for the day =( bummer but I did in my head so I will recap that part.
I was in a meeting all day yesterday from 9-330 p.m. so no chance to take a mid-day walk but I did really well eating.

Brkfst - P90X protein shake, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Carne asada/grilled chicken salad w/ very little snapper sauce w/ salsa
snack - around... 7 homemade potato chips.
Dinner - 4 egg whites with 3 pieces of 99% ff turkey lunch meat, w/ motz cheese
Recovery drink 8 oz.
EXERCISE - Ran 3.65 miles burned aprox 462 calories

Was super happy yesterday because my ap worked... it was having some issues stopping tracking me while I was running ggrrr but this time it kept. BUT then this time i started having leg pains. =( This happened last year when I started running consistenly. Need to drink more recovery and take more Cal.Mag vitamins cause my body is pushing stuff out.

Today... Today started off great and is going strong.
This morning was my weigh in day. I last weighed in on Monday 1/24 and that was the week I started the following the P90X nutrition guide, started running again and still had a few little splurges on the weekend... So just a reminder I weighed in at 133.... My goal was to be at 130 today....
I weighed in at 129.2 this morning!!!!!
I was soooo flippin happy this morning. I am so on the right track and want to just keep moving forward.
My clothes don't feel to different yet which is my biggest struggle these days. I hate my pants being tight. But I am see progress. On Saturday when I was getting dressed, Rod said he can see a difference in my waist area!!!! Love that feedback.

Todays goals and menu:
Brkfst - 4 egg whites 1 yoke turkey lunch meat & motz cheese, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - meeting again... so we ordered sandwiches and salad, I will have no bread with my sami's.
snack - string cheese & veggie straws (sooo good from Costco)
Dinner - Top sirloin steak w/ sauteed zuchinni and mushrooms
EXERCISE - 1 mile walk on my break (after my mtg)
EXERCISE - P90X - Arms and chest wooo gonna be sore!!!
No running today... need to give my legs a rest.

I am feeling really good with my work so far... now going to keep it up and get to the point where I don't have to work SOOOO hard just to stay in shape.

Again I love love love this Looseit ap... so much fun to see what I am doing, and how it is working and not working. I have two friends on the ap, Laura and Leah... anyone else want to be my friend and join our fun chats from time to time? They give you badges for doing good stuff.=)
Great hump day to you all!!!

Tuesday... and feeling great.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morning ladies.... Happy first day of FEBRUARY... Exactly 8 months away from my BIG DAY I am way pumped up. =)

I have been doing really really good with a few small digressions but they weren't REALLY bad, not even bad enough to take me off track.

First things first... recap of the rest of last week.
I last wrote on Wed. 01/26 and these were my goals for the day:
Today's goals...
1. drink 3 liters of water CK
2. go on a walk at break time at least 1 mile CK
3. run at least 3.5 miles after work. Totally due able as long as I don't stop to talk to my friends hubby. =) lol CK
I was totally happy with my run on Wed. I was feeling better on the run still a little heavy feeling and took me a bit to get going but I got out there... wasn't sure if I was going to make it cause it was already 5:17 when I got out there and it got dark fast. =( no bueno and won't do that again, especially after those dumb kids rob two people on Central when I was out running... ggeeszzooo

Thursday recap - kept the good eating didn't work out but did go on a 1 mile walk during my break.

Friday recap - kept the good eating up again... didn't go CRAZY at bunco had a sandwich and a few chips, and well some Sangria, but none of that was crazy bad. No working out again, but I did go on a walk on my break, 1 mile.

Saturday recap - Woke up early and got outside... went on a 3.5 mile run! Way excited cause I was wanting to just sleep in. BUT NO GOT MY BOOTY UP. Got home, had a protein shake for breakfast.... lunch was yummy VEGGIE pizza, a few nacho cheese chips at skating... then had a great cardio Skating work out!!! two work outs in one day, can't complain. Had a yummy cupcake and 2 small glasses of wine for Lylia's party... then later, had dinner at wood ranch, this is where I went over my calorie limit for the day... I had a 1/2 of a tri tip, some not all of th mashed potato's, like 5 buffalo wings =) see we were talking about them earlier so I was craving them. Then later that night I probably had a whole bottle of wine. lol GOOD NIGHT!

Sunday recap - egg whites and cheese and turkey sausage made at home for breakfast. Lunch and dinner, was a Turkey, avocado, provolone cheese, bacon sandwich on wheat. It was big so I ate it at lunch at bingo, then the other 1/2 at dinner for bingo. =) and water water water.

This week:
Couldn't have started off better. I tell you ladies, I am feeling great and the more I keep eating and getting some work outs in I am feeling more AWESOME.
So Monday:
Breakfast - 4 egg whites 1 yoke with mushrooms and motz cheese, coffee w/ creamer.
snack - 1/2 protein bar
EXERCISE - 1.19 mile walk on my break
Lunch - chef salad NO DRESSING!!! can you believe that???
EXERCISE - 2.19 mile walk on my lunch, incline too!!!
snack - string cheese
EXERCISE - 3.25 mile run!!! (my stupid gps crapped out but I am pretty sure it wasn't more then that)
Dinner - 4 oz Talapia, 1 cup rice roni chick & broc., steamed broccoli, water!
YESTERDAY was a great work out day... just the little bits here and there... it is giving me tons of energy. oh and I am getting better at taking vitamins... I want my skin my hair to be so pretty for my big day. so I am taking them after dinner so that I have stuff in my system... 1 a day for woman, Calcium Mag., Glucostimean?? not sure how to spell it...I really take that for my legs and my running.

TODAY: I have meetings all day today and tomorrow, so that craps on my break walks cause I don't get long enough... but my plan is for today to go home and go for a run. I have a meeting for Aliyah's mini sock team so I think Nick is taking her to dance. on the menu today:
Brkfst - P90X Protein shake, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Snapper Jacks salad made myself, (meeting catered in)
snack - string cheese
Dinner - Top sirloin steak, broccoli or Zucchini,maybe rice....
EXERCISE - run at least 4 miles

LADIES... where are you??? Vegas is 6 months away!!! WOW that sounds close. =) I can't wait.. you ladies are the bestest and I love you all so much... Thanks for everything and motivating me every part of the way.
Gotta get to my meeting now... hope to hear from you all soon.... MUAH

Hump day and day 3 keeping strong

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning ladies....

awe... look 2nd day this week blogging!!! =) Getting it in early since today could be busy busy... WE have a deadline today with our review scoring and I am complete but that means I may have to help others out! Soo....

Recap from Mondays post... I copied and pasted my goals from Monday to see how well I did:

Ok so the plan and goal for today 01/24:
1. I changed my BLOG picture to a pic of Laura and I standing up, Full Body shot from VEGAS, since at that time I was thinner and feeling really good, Still not as toned as I would like to be but in MUCH better shape then I am in now. I would like to get back to that stage w/in 45 days!!! I can do it!!! on going.... doing well...
2. This color is one of my colors for the wedding!! =) totally in wedding mode...=) Still in wedding mode... keeping me motivated.
3. I weighed in this morning at 133.4 =( goal for next weigh in is 130 sched. Wed. 02/02! sched. for 02/02
4. Run at least 2.5 miles today & eat on my plan, drink 3 liters of water today! CK - woo hoo on Monday I went for a run in Fillmore and ran 3.02 miles in 34 minutes... not to bad...and drank at least 3 liters of water!!!! I was thirsty.

Ok super happy with my goal outcome for Monday... Plus I stayed on track and ate the way I had planned for the day.

Yesterday I worked from home since Aliyah woke up throwing up at 2:15a.m. and then again at 4:15 a.m.... ahh i was tired, had a bad headache most of the morning. but it was nice cause I just got to be home with her, but worked!!! =) Soo yesterday menu was this:
Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, P90X Protein Shake....
Snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Tuna with a few ritz crackers
Dinner - 2 VERY BORING VERY DRY Teriyaki chicken breast... blah....
Water intake - 3.5 liters...

I didn't do any exercise yesterday, couldn't leave Aliyah. But I am sore from running on Monday.

Today's goals...
1. drink 3 liters of water
2. go on a walk at break time at least 1 mile
3. run at least 3.5 miles after work. Totally dueable as long as I don't stop to talk to my friends hubby. =) lol

Today's menu...
Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 1 yoke, turkey(lunch meat) 99%ff, motz cheese cooked w/ pam, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar w/ recovery drink
Lunch - SPLURGING - getting a Caprise salad w/ chk from Urban Cafe w/ water
Dinner - Talapia w/ wild rice and zucchini.

I am keeping my diet within 1200 calories per day. These first 30 days are crucial for me... I need to get the ball rolling and I think this will help. This week I plan to run all week and then next week going to start doing p90X HARD CORE!!! =)

So what are you ladies up too???

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