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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Morning Ladies!

Well I'm here at a normal time thank goodness but unfortunately...I still have a headache. Thankfully it is NOT as bad as the past 2 days and I'm confidant that if I hit it early w/ meds I'll get rid of it once and for all today!

So last night was bad bad bad. I was feeling like crap and didn't want to cook and my mom said it was too hot to cook so she ended up picking up Taco Bell for me and Matthew. I had a chicken burrito, chicken taco & a bean & cheese burrito. I was a pig and I know it but I'm cool with it. I've been doing good and with not feeling well the past few days I allowed myself to enjoy it.

On the menu for today:

Breakfast - Black coffee, oatmeal & 2 advil =)

Lunch - meeting a friend at The Habit and I really want the chicken sandwich but I'm going to try to get a salad. However, if I do end up getting the chicken sandwich instead I will NOT be getting fries. =( And they're soooo good! But sacrifices must be made!

Dinner - Garmans. Will prob just get their chicken salad. I love their salads and they taste good enough for me not to feel like I'm depriving myself.

Won't be getting in a workout today because right after Garmans I'm heading up to B-town til Sat.

See you tonight ladies...even you Rhon...just a little later than everyone else. =)


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