Thursday, July 29, 2010

so last night I felt bad for not doing any excersize so I did some yoga before bed...I might do the same 2night! Everyone is asleep & I just need to wash face & maybe that will wake me up a little :)

bfast: egg w/ extra egg white multi grain bread & avo
lunch: salmon w/ zucchini & mozzarella cheese
dinner: sorry we went to familia diaz but I did choose the lobster tostadas sooo good they just put a lot of rice on them but they do serve it with pinto beans oh & I did have a marg oops :)

but I did do 175 sit ups my goal was 200 but I got interuped by some children! I did do house work also & catered to kids all day so I am counting that as some kind of excersize!

I can't wait for bunco & all the Greek food! Mmmm I will workout extra hard 2marrow!


LeeseD said...

Good Job Jen! As we keep telling each other...something is better than nothing and just being aware of your activity level and food intake makes a difference.
Sorry to disappoint but thanks to my giant horse of a dog needing to go to the vet, dinner for Bunco has been altered to fit my budget. =(
Rhon is still making a Greek salad I believe & Reese is helping out w/ dessert but it looks like it's just gonna be pizza.

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