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Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Monday Morning Ladies!

I see we're all back to posting again which is great! I think it's really motivating to hear each others successes!

So I sorta slacked off with posting toward the end of last week so here's my quick update.
Friday meals
Breakfast - 2 Eating Right Multi-Grain Waffles w/ Sugar Free syrup & an apricot.
Lunch - 2 Ahi Pockets & an order of WonTons from SMFCO & lemonade
Dinner - Chicken Salad on whole wheat bread & baked Lays

Sat meals
Breakfast - I can't remember but don't think I had anything
Snack - some of Rhoni's awesome garlic & sun-dried tomato dip & crackers...oh and a couple apple slices
Lunch - a hot dog, a small serving of pasta salad & a spoonful of chili beans. Plus about 4 beers. Not good at all
Dinner - I can't remember for sure but I think I had Carl's Jr. I was feeling like poo that night (I think thanks to the beer) so I just picked up food and went to bed. SO not the right thing to do and by far the worst meal of the weekend but it is what it is.

Sun meals
Slept in so no breakfast
Lunch - Chicken breast sub on honey oat bread, some baked Lays & water
Snack - a few handfuls of popcorn and about 1/4th of a medium Pepsi @ the movies
Dinner - Spaghetti w/ Heart Smart sauce & ground turkey & water
Dessert - Eating Right Light Pomegranate Ice Cream Cup

All in all the weekend was not that bad. I'd have to say that Saturday was by far my worst day so with 1 bad day out of 3 I'm counting my weekend a semi-success. Unfortunately I didn't get in any exercising this weekend but I did work-out 3 times last week which is my personal minimum so I'm not too upset about my lack of exercise this weekend.

So far I've started off my day right.

Breakfast - 1 Eating Right Multi-Grain Waffle (no syrup), a plum & water

For lunch I have about a cup of last nights spaghetti w/ heart smart sauce & ground turkey.
I also have reduced fat Triscuits to snack on & a reduced fat peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat for a late afternoon snack before I head to the gym. Not sure about dinner yet but I'll post that later.

I know I've said this before but I AM on track this time to get my Vegas goal. I didn't weigh myself last Fri so I don't know if I met my 2lb weekly goal but I can feel in my clothes that I'm succeeding somewhere either in weight or inches. I think that while I may not be being 100% perfect with this, being aware in any amount is helping me lose and that's a good thing. Like Rhon said "we still have time to see results" and I'm determined to do just that!

Good Luck this week Ladies! XOXO


RhondaM said...

Keep it up keep it up, keep it up!!!! We will definately incorporate meals/activity that are aligned with our goals this weekend when you are here!

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