Thursday, December 30, 2010

So I signed up for Weight Watchers again today. I weighed in and I'm at 135 lbs which is 15 more lbs than I was around Vegas time. I'm so sad but not surprised. I've been eating my pants off! And they are too tight now and I can't put them back on!! hahah. They have a new program which I think will be motivating and since I'm paying money for it, I think it will make me stay on track. I will officially start this diet and exercise effective Monday Jan 3rd.
I'm glad you girls are ready to start being healthy again which will be motivating for me. I'm not sure what 2011 has in store (besides a FAB wedding) but I want to be at a good weight and feel good about myself for all the fun festivities I'm sure this year will bring.
Let's do this girls!!!

Come Back!!!

Time has FLOWN by and it's lonely on this blog!!!!! I think about it all the time, and I am FINALLY gettin' on here! The holidays are just about behind us so we ALL need to get back on track. We have all slipped a little lately and have no reason to feel guilty about it... life happens and we're busy and I think it is ok to slack off a bit but hopefully we can get back into our good habits!! I ate pretty bad over thanksgiving and Christmas BUT I have been trying to scale back this last week to offset some of the damage! I am going to hop on the scale tomorrow and see what it says :)

Now with Christmas over, I am hoping to fit some lunch workouts in again. I brought my clothes and shoes today, so after this I am going to do it! I made some homemade chicken tortilla soup that I brought for lunch and will have again tonight, very low-cal and loaded with veggies and lean protein!

Another thing, eating well and exercise helps your immune system and this time of year is usually plagued with coughs and colds and I know I don't have time to be sick, so it is another form of motivation! In addition to everything else we've discussed on this blog since it's inception as far as motivation goes, I have back pain EVERY day since I can't get to the chiropractor as often as I should ........I know that if I am in better shape and have a stronger core and abs, it will help tremendously so I need to also keep that in mind!!!

Come back ladies come back!!!! Miss you all!!!


Confessing.... I'm back... but first Confessing

Thursday, November 18, 2010

First and foremost, I love this blog... I love that we are all soooo trying to help motivate one another to keep us healthy and happy and in good spirits...

NOW for my confessions... I guess I decided to take break... ??? Not sure why, but I for some reason after my 1/2 marathon, I felt like.. oh I need to eat. =) lol Silly huh...I don't think I have fluctuated to much on the actual weight number... but the inches has definitely changed =( which is the ugliest part for me. Well the number has changed too...

Ok so I can't recap the past 15 days... so I just give a brief summary.

I was doing great with my work outs and food intake... I was ready to go for the 1/2 marathon. I did really awesome in the run... I ran the 13.1 miles in 2:17hrs. My goal was 2 hrs flat, but I got really close. Side note - I had to stop to pee, and had to wait in line for 5 minutes (i timed it) so really my time was a little less. I was/am super proud of myself... I felt really good the whole time. I am still debating on signing up for the LA Marathon again... It really is sooooo exciting to be part of a great event.... And to be honest... Jenny, your moms fight makes me want to do it even more. Monies raised goes to all sorts of non-profits, and I am sure one or tow of them are for Cancer Research!! Every little bit helps.

Since the Marathon, I haven't worked out... have been SUPER lazy, but also SUPER busy.... The following week was a short week for me at work since we had Veterans Day off, but also it was my PC party... so we ate very good that night. =) Then that weekend we headed off to Disneyland on Friday. We were there until Monday. So... when I thought I was going to be REALLY bad with the eating, I wasn't too bad. =) Plus we walked around the park on both Sat. & Sun from 7AM -10PM =) LONG DAYS...sooooo that has to count for some sort of exercise... PLUS I was wearing my Reebok Tone Ups!!! =)

The time change is great, and makes it feel like the holidays... BUT sucks for my running. It is to dark for me to run after I get home by myself, so I am stuck... LADIES, Wanna start running? =) Seriously????

Reality ck: Today I went to put on a pair of Bebe jeans... that I LOVE and fit into perfectly say 6 months ago.... IT was tough for me to put them on and couldn't get them to button if my life depended on it. YES they are very much JEAN, with not much give... but really to not fit me at allllll =(.

I want to get back on the work out wagon. AT least 3-4 times a week. I have a treadmill, to run in the back, not my fav. way to run but it will work those nights I can't go outside and run.
I am going to get back on drinking water, water, water... most of the time if we eat out, that isn't a problem drinking water, but it is during the day lately that I have been struggling... funny how the mind works, cause if I don't have a water bottle at my desk, I just don't drink water... stupid huh? =) lol I am back on to drinking at least 3 liters a day.
Eating, I want to start making NEW meals... Still going to follow the P90X plan but really want to find some new dinner ideas. I want/going to start taking my lunch more. That will not only help my waste line, but my pocket book.
Logging & Blogging - I was doing really good at logging my food intake and exercise activ. and blogging at least 3 times a week.... Back on track. I am looking back at Oct. when I was being bad ass with my logging... and seeing my exercise... looked great! =) Gonna start doing that again to make myself be accountable.

I will be weighing in on Sunday... yuck. =( Gotta face the ugly truth.

Thank you everyone for liking my cheerleading, and making me feel like I have been a great motivator for you all... I want to keep it going, sorry I have sucked for a bit. =) BUT I AM BACK!!!

Had to be in extra early... so no coffee yet =( debating on if I should run to Starbucks but really do I need the xtra calories and the xtra spending?
Breakfast - 3 eggs with ham and motz cheese... had to make something that Aliyah could take to go since she was riding with Tina this morning =) (T, Tina your sisters friend... love her)
Lunch - 1/2 ham sandwich not sure what else I will have with it.
dinner - it's not decided yet... another night, just Aliyah and I...
Work out - PLANNING ON RUNNING OR WALKING A BIT on the treadmill.. =)

This weekend, I had planned to Rod out to dinner for his bday (I tried to make it a group thing but he said he wanted it to be just the two of us... ha don't get any ideas) BUT that idea got squashed since they are working Friday night... Then again reporting in the EARLY AM like 3-4 AM on Sunday morning...
Sat. we will be spending the day at the football field. Rod's nephews play in the Banams Superbowl at 9AM... WAIT... T, does that mean you will be there too? Then Moy plays for the J1's Superbowl at 1PM. BIG Deal so we will be there all day! Gonna try and get some Christmas shopping in, but not eating all the holiday yummies out!! =) ok maybe one. =) lol

I miss my girls... no bunco this month =( no Fillmore game for me.. =( Wed. night at the Morales house I am going to make soon, hopefully the guys will be home one of these darn nights. =)



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Was a little late waking up this morning so I only did two videos: Cardio and Abs. Both challenging. I feel pretty good. I haven't been too sore and I hope that isn't a sign that I'm not working out hard enough.
Yesterday was a bad, bad, BAD day. We had a potluck so I had some of my yummy tortelinni pasta salad, a little bit of some egg caserole, crackers with cheese and meat and a cookie. I'm sure I had more stuff but I can't remember. I did refuse the bagels which was good, I think...
Lunch: More pasta salad
OH and I had my usual 3 coffees. It's hard to resist those peppermint mochas. I did say no to them today though. Yay me!
Snack: piece of cake from the potluck. I didn't eat any of the frosting. Just the chocolate cake part and it wasn't a huge piece, still not good though.
Dinner: shredded beef tostada from Pescador. I didn't even eat half but it wasn't the best choice, though yummy.
I'm very very hungry today though. I had my banana and oatmeal and now I'm snacking on cheez-its that I should not have bought. They are reduced fat but sooo soo good!

Still going strong

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woke up early again. Today was just one exercise, YOGA FLEX. It was mostly just stretching but nice to have an easy morning. Tomorrow it will be a 3 exercise day.

Food Tuesday:
Coffee : 3 again. One was a peppermint mocha. My weakness this time of year.
Breakfast: banana and oatmeal
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Pizza
Snack: veggies with hummus and cottage cheese and a granola bar
Dinner: Special K and I snacked on a few cheeze-its and Colby's chicken and fries

My stinking scale is still stuck at 130. I hope I see a decrease next week!!! Glad more people are blogging!! Let's do this.

Jenny, I love you to pieces. Stay strong and let me know if there is anything I can do.

Like can suck sometimes!!!!!!

so last night my mom was admitted to the hospital she ended up having nemonia (I don't know how to spell that) so anyways they was treated right away with antibiotics & they rehydrated she does look way better then she did the past few day!!!! And now I am praying that God can lead us on a path other than chemo to kill this cancer!!!! So please just keep her in ur prayers :) so that's the update on my mom...know for my update:
bfast: 1 cup special K
lunch: SMFish co 1 hard shell grilled taco with extra chees & lettuce (sorry I love chees!) then I also had poki salad w/o ahi instead grilled shrimp ice tea & some chips & salsa
ferraros salad & a little rigguletti ( I bright most of it home) but that did make me feel a little better after seeing my mom in the ER!
not sure I will be @ the hospital so I will update later!
Hope u all r having a good day ;)

I'm ALL In

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi My Lovlies...and any other blog readers that may be lurking,

I'm not going to recap anything I've eaten or the exercise I've done because it's all been bad and I don't need to bring any negativity to the blog (or tempt you with all the GOOD...I mean FATTY foods I've had). What I do need to do is say, "I'm ALL IN" with getting back on the healthy wagon. I had felt pretty good considering I've eaten what I want and drank what I want...UNTIL today. I ALWAYS check in with the scale while I'm at my parent's house, which is pretty often but today I had a RUDE AWAKENING! I SWEAR my weight* was WAY lower over the weekend. It could be because Aunt Flow is here, because I've had a half a bag of fun size snickers between Sunday and Tuesday, because I'm starting to drink more soda, or because I haven't exercised AT ALL but whatever it is...I DON'T LIKE IT.

As T said, we have 3 weeks left until The SCE Christmas Party and that will be my small term goal. I WILL get to where I want to be by then.

*The scale read 147!!!

Knock Knock, who's there... It's RHONDA!!!!!!

HI! I suck! But I am going to work on it!!!

Ahhhh I have been sooooooooooooo busy at work and that is my only time to blog but here I am!
I have been eating pretty well, although not too much going down on the exercise front. I have managed to get a stair workout in at lunch here and there but there are a lot more people down in the basement these days so it is a little more challenging... I enjoyed being down there alone and getting squats and lunges in too but I need to switch it up since that isn't working so well right now.
Since Terese ordered the 10 minute workouts and likes them a lot, I ordered them but have not yet gotten to one! BUT, I brought some of them with me to work today and I am shutting my office door during lunch time and I am going to WORK OUT! I am excited to get back in the swing of working out and with the holidays approaching, I don't want to let go of the progress that I have been able to manage over the last year. (Last year at this time I was like 8-9 heavier than I am now). I am holding steady at right around 140 but I would love to be in the 130-135 range.
Anyway, I appreciate the commitment to the steady bloggers, I think this was such a great idea. Even though some of us get lost along the way in this journey called life, we all need to make all back here support each other!!


Thank you all

Ok this is my 3rd attempt to post so hopefully I can get it done this time!!! I have two kidos in school and one asleep & a hubby @ work so here it goes... so first attempt I was going to let you girlies know that we had just found out that my moms cancer spread & she has to basiclly start all over with her treatments :( so I want to thank you guys for being here to listen to me and my issuse!!!
The 2nd attempt was thanking Ang, Lisa & Teesh for there commitment to us & this Blog, Ang you have been my insperation one day I will be able to work out as much as you! Good Job :) Leese Good Job on keeping us updated & for your down 2 sizes!!! I feel terese & I are in the same boat with our updates we update when we can but I do look forward to reading them it really does help me out :)
So now I will update you on my general eating & workout... So basiclly I am still doing Stroller Strides without it I would not be doing any workout so thank you Stroller Strides!
Bfast: 1 cup Special K cereal & milk
Lunch: $9.00 Salad from Lassens...losts of protein & veggies
Snack: Veggies sticks (a good sub for chips from trader joes)
Dinner: 1/2 Pinni & cup of french onion soup (Pinni Restaraunt It was ok I'd rather have Urban Cafe!)
Snack: popcorn & one holloween candy
Excersise: Stroller Strides
Bfast: 1 cup of Special K cereal & milk
So far thats all I got! Hey does any one still have a copy of the PX90 meals? If so text me if I can get a copy... all of angs foods sound so good!!! Next time anyone wants to go to SMFish Co let me know I might be able to meet up with ya...Mondays & Wed I only have B so that would work out best for me :)

3 weeks...

til the SCE Xmas party and I need to get in shape! I started my 10 minute workout plan and got up early yesterday and today to work out. It was easier to get up at 4:15 due to the time change. I do a total of 3 videos so it's like working out for 30 minutes! I love it!! So far...
I need to go to store so yesterday my eating was the best.

2 coffees plus a peppermint mocha (non-fat milk no whip, small)
Lunch: Lean Cusine
Dinner: Taco Bell - chicken soft taco, steak soft taco fresca and 2 pieces of a cheese quesadilla

I'm ready to commit and do this! Hope you are all having a great week!

Hump day!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi all... hellloooo anyone there? =)

I think we are all still recovering from the AWESOME weekend we had!! =)

Well I am back so I will give a brief recap of what I have been doing starting Monday:


brkfst - yogurt w/ granola, coffee,
Lunch -HABIT - cheeseburger, fries, onion rings... SOOO GOOD!
Dinner - eggs w/ turkey lol (Aliyah and I only couldn't think of what to eat so I let her choose, she always wants eggs for dinner)
WORKOUT- P90X Chest & Back and Ab Ripper

brkst - Fresh fruit, 1/2 cranberry muffin, coffee
lunch - Tri tip sandwich, chili beans, salad w/ ranch, homemade kettle chips (mtg food)
dinner - Rotisserie Chicken with salad
WORKOUT-Ran 5.33 miles

brkfst - coffee, sesame seed bagel with cream cheese
lunch - BBQ tri tip, BBQ chicken, salad, chili beans, salad with ranch. (mtg again)
Dinner - PLANNING - bbq ranchera meat with pasta roni and ....
WORKOUT - PLANNING on P90X shoulders and arms

This week I am CARB'ING up... I have my 1/2 marathon so I am not skimping on the carbs. I am very excited about the marathon and really want to finish in a 2hr time.

I really enjoy our blog and love to hear how everyone is doing...

Laura... thank you for our heart to heart about working out and eating!!! I promise I do all this cause I like the way I feel when I eat right and work out. With my genetic genes.... well if I don't work out... I will not be fitting in ANY of my clothes. Everything in moderation....

Friday is finally here....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok ladies... Sorry I was MIA for a minute, I had it up everyday and tried to post but was just way to busy at work....

SO My recap... I am working in Santa Clarita today (hanging with the BFF) so I am recapping from memory.. =)

umm when was the last day I posted...


Lunch - 1/2 almost full cpk bbq chopped chicken salad (got a full but whoa that was a lot)

Snack - string cheese

Dinner - little bit of salad with chopped up baked chicken nuggets stomach wasn't happy with me so couldn't eat to much.

WORKOUT- Ran 4.38 miles in 50 mins...Not my best time but wasn't to bad, started having a stomach ache...


Bkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage ontop of wheat toast

snack - protein bar

lunch - I think... 1/2 wheat sandwich with turkey and ham w/ munster cheese

snack - none

Dinner - Granola bar - i know really bad but I went to get my hair done at 630 so I had to be on the road at 600 so I didn't have time eat.. but I drank a liter of water too! =)



Bkfst - Coffee w/ creamer, 6 egg whites 2 yokes w/ motz cheese and turkey

snack - protein bar

lunch - Ultimate Salmon Roll, (left 3 rolls) 1 salmon sushi, whole order of edamne

Dinner - BBQ tri tip, bbq chicken thigh, chili beans, salad with ranch 3 small pieces of garlic bread, some of Aliyah's 7up



Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 1/2 burrito w/ egg whites, bacon and chedder cheese, 1/2 avocado

snack - nada.. to full from burrito

Lunch - TBD

Dinner - TBD


Over all this week has not been my greatest at all. =( not happy about not working out on Wed. or Thurs. because to be honest I more then likely am not going to be working out tonight... =(

BUT I plan to go for a long run in the AM but then again, who knows what this evening has in store for me.

This weekend I know is going to involve a lot of drinks and maybe some not so good for me food, so there will be a lot of work to do next week, because there is no holding back this weekend!!! =)

LADY A is only a little more then 24 hrs away and I am soooooo excited.

My pants are fitting me not bad... a little better then 2 weeks ago.. but I have yet to try a pair on that were really snug before... Just don't want to be bummed out that I haven't changed enough to wear them...

I did weigh in this morning just to see where I am as of now, but going to record after this weekend still even tho it may not be pretty.... See you ladies tomorrow!!!!

And it's on to day 3...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey Lady Birds! I'm here and posting...3 days in a row! I'm on a roll! LOL

So as mentioned yesterday I met up w/ friends for a movie after work. We ended up going to The Habit for dinner and I had a chicken sandwich w/ an iced tea and yes some fries but I did NOT eat all of them.

By the time I got home I was tired and not ready to see what the Slim in 6 was all about so I just did some squats, dips and sit ups before bed. I planned on getting up this morning to do the Slim in 6 but between the wind and my kitties last night I did not get much sleep. No plans tonight though so I'm doing it AS SOON as I get home.

Wed Meals
Breakfast - Blueberry bagel w/ low fat strawberry cream cheese & a black coffee
Lunch - Homemade lasagna w/ ground turkey and wheat noodles =)
Snack - wheat thins and string cheese
Dinner - No clue at this point but I'm hoping for chicken tacos

I have to say that even though I've slipped a little here and there (fries last night for example) I can already feel the difference in my body of how eating better is making me feel. I just need to remember this feeling and not let myself slack off again.

Lady A in a couple days! Can't wait!

Day 2 of a new beginning

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok I'm back again. Really want to make it work this time so I'm here to blog!

I'm feeling much much better today! No sore throat or achy ear and NO HEADACHE! =) We'll see how long it lasts but I'm trying to be optimistic. As of now it looks like I'll be a-okay for Lady A! =)

Ok so as I said yesterday, last night for dinner we had the turkey hot dogs on wheat bread w/ low fat turkey chili. We also had some corn and I'm not going to lie...I did have a couple bites of Matthews Jumbalaya (it's seriously too good to pass up).

Tuesday Meals
Breakfast - blueberry bagel w/ low-fat strawberry cream cheese & a banana...oh and a Diet Rockstar. Yes I know that the energy drinks aren't that good for you but I'm ok with this one as long as I don't have it too often. 0 carbs, 0 sugars and only 20 calories for a full can. Yes I realize the sodium is on the high side but as I said...I'm ok with this drink as long as it isn't all the time.
Lunch - On the menu is the same as yesterday - turkey sandwich w/ fat free cheese on whole wheat bread w/ baked chips & some grapes
Snack - snap peas, string cheese & wheat thins
Dinner - meeting friends for dinner and a movie but I'm sure we'll pick something healthy. Prob Subway like we did last time. I'll post it later though
Exercise - as I said...I'm going to the movies after work but I plan on getting in the 20 min Slim in 6 workout before I go to bed per my trainer Reese! =)

That's it for today ladies! Keep up the good work Reese, Jen & Ang! =)

Doing as Tony says....

Ok so I really try and block out most of the dorky things that Tony goes on and on about in the videos, and really don't watch their expressions well cause they are dorks. =) BUT...One thing that really caught my attention last night was great motivation. IT was at the end of our work out and he said...

"Stop thinking, get out of your head, get out of your head, pop this video in and just press play, an press play again..."

I love the "get out of your own head" DO IT... GET OUT... you mind has so much power over what your body CAN do and WANTS to do!!! I am huge on mind over body. That's what got me through child birth, and that is what is getting me through working out and keeping motivated!!


Lunch - Salad to go from Toppers, not to much ranch dressing, added some cauliflower and more broccoli, to the usually, tomato, egg, lettuce, carrots, celery, a little fake bacon bits and parm cheese.
Snack - NO SNACK =(
Dinner - 3 yr old portion of spaghetti noodles topped with TONS of ground turkey and marina sauce, salad w/ lite ranch
WORKOUT- P90X Chest/Back & Ab Ripper i kept track again and looked at my numbers from last week and I increased my reps by at least 1 -5!!! That put a smile on my face.

Brkfst - Protein shake, 1/2 to go cup of coffee w/ creamer
Snack - PLANNING Protein bar
Lunch - PLANNING Shrimp salad from SMFCO maybe ahi???
Snack - PLANNING 2 string cheese
Dinner - NOT SURE WHAT on the menu.....
WORKOUT- PLANNING Running 4.5 -6 miles... Gonna try a new route today

I feel soooo good today. Just feel like I don't have SUCK in everything all around. Not there yet, obviously, my stomach last night doing the AB Ripper... yucko... I was just sitting there poking at it. =) lolo BLAH that is my trouble zone.

Starting out week 2 pretty good and still very motivated. Tomorrow I plan to wake up at 4:15 to work out since I am getting my hair did tomorrow night! Can't slack off before LADY A!!! Leah and I are going to go shopping on Friday and I don't want to be all blah when shopping.

Rhon? Laura? Where you ladies be???? We miss hearing from you gals! Keep working hard ladies!!!

So far (not) so good

It's a new week and I have nothing good to report on the exercise front at least. I started off good last week working out and eating good Monday - Wednesday and then I just stopped. I was so tired from staying up late on Wednesday night that I couldn't get up early to work out on Thursday morning and I couldn't work out Thursday evening and it just went downhill from there. I don't regret hanging out on Wednesday. It was a great time and it was worth the calories consumed and lack of calories burned. So, I figured I would start fresh yesterday and I just couldn't get myself to 1)wake up early to work out 2) work out after work. I set my alarm this morning for 4 and just ignored it. I had even set out my shoes and sports bra to put on after I rolled out of bed. I NEED to work out tonight!!!
Luckily, I was pretty good in the eating department yesterday.

Coffee (2 with creamer)
eggs with cheese and cottage cheese
Snack: cheez-its
Salad with chicken, cheese and balsalmic dressing
Snack: grapes, carrots, snap peas and ritz crackers
Dinner: Taco salad with chicken, beans lettuce, cheese, salsa, tostada, lite sour cream. It sounds kinda bad but it really wasn't. I took it easy on the cheese and sour cream.
Now here is where it get's bad. I think I had like 3 rice krispy treats. They were small squares but still. I'm glad those are now all gone!
I really need to step it up.

Starting fresh...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok so...after my little mini confession last week, I've decided to try to start fresh this week. I gave myself off for the weekend because I was feeling poopie and didn't really get out of bed much.
Last night my mom and I finally did some grocery shopping so I should be good to go for this week.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a stupid headache (think I'm getting sick) so I had a late start to my day.

Breakfast - small bowl of cereal and 1/2 a bagel
Lunch - Just BARELY ate. Turkey sandwich from home, some baked lays & grapes.
Snack - Not sure I'll be hungry for it but I have some sugar snap peas & string cheese
Dinner - Not too sure at this point but since I ate such a late lunch I'm not sure I'll be hungry by dinner.
Exercise - None tonight. I want to try to keep this cold I can feel coming on away and so I'm heading to bed early tonight.

So while I know I haven't been eating the greatest lately and had pretty much zero exercise to note, I somehow managed to go down one pant size. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans last Friday because I was in desperate need and was thrilled to see my reg size was too big. So yay for me! I'm going to really try to get back on track to keep this up. Seeing results is always a motivator so to see them when I'm not really trying shows that if I try that much harder...the results will be that much greater.

Can't wait for this Sat. Pray that I do NOT get sick before then! =)

Monday week 2 seriousness...

Morning ladies!!! Monday morning recap ready to go!!!

After a GREAT weekend with friends, not to much falling off course I am ready for Monday to keep pushing forward!!!


Friday - (not sure if I logged lunch)
Lunch - 6" sub from Subway, turkey, prov. cheese, lettuce, avo, lite mayo, NO CHIPS, WATER
Dinner - Turkey slider on Hawaiian bread, 2 Hawaiian rolls, chips, T's YUMMY DIP, 1 ultra, 1/2 bag of carrotts (thank you Laura muah)

Brkfst - Protein shake
snack - protein bar, water
Lunch - 4eggs w/ mushrooms, spinach, motz cheese
Dinner - Fillet milgon, cesar salad, steamed broccoli, some bread, and bites of a cookie and ice cream... then lead to 4 glasses of wine, chips and carrots, with some ranch dip and cheese dip... I GAVE IN....
WORKOUT - P90X KEMPO (not my fav at all)

Sunday morning weigh in..... YAY I went down to 127!!! 2 pounds not to bad!!!
Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 2 yokes, motz cheese, 2 pieces of turkey bacon
snack - protein bar
lunch - grilled chicken with salad, 1/2 piece of garlic bread
Dinner - HOMEMADE: BBQ Trip Tip, small portion of spanish rice!
WORKOUT - Worked at the school Fiesta walking all over the place, up down, up down

Over all I think the weekend was pretty successful. I didn't go crazy and over do it on my splurges... Everything was in moderation. Didn't expect to drink 4 glasses of wine on Sat. but I am not worried about it.
Bunco was definitely ONE of the most FUN Night EVER!!! And even though there was some bad eating on my part, I think 1/2 of it was burned off that night from laughing so darn hard!!! I could totally feel my stomach hurting from laughing so much. Truly we have the best group of girlfriends!!!

I am soooo excited for this weekend to do it all over again, the laughs, the funny stories, the dressing up, the being with my girls and hearing our FAVORITE GROUP!!!! Can't wait.

Plan and what's been done so far today.

Brkfst - 6 egg whites 2 yokes, mushrooms, motz cheese
Snack - PLAN - protein bar
Lunch - PLAN - Toppers salad bar
Snack - PLAN - cottage cheese
Dinner - Not sure whats on the menu yet, but maybe Rod will BBQ something up.
WORKOUT - PLAN - P90X chest and back & AB ripper

Anyone want to join me? I will be starting around 8:15ish, all are welcome for WOM!!! =) I think I wrote them backwards last week. lolol


Friday Funday!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday!!! woo hoo, what a great week this has been so far... We still have two more days so not trying to slack off anytime soon.

Really I was looking forward to it being a little warm today, but that is not the case, so it is still a need for the warm snugly clothes that also make you wanna just curl up and be cozy... Makes working out tough but we have the DRIVE so we can fight that urge, and just get cozy AFTER we work out. =)


Thursday - (I don't remember if I posted after lunch or before lunch sooo)
Lunch - homemade, steak salad P90-recipe
snack - didn't have one... not a fan of turkey jerky which was on the menu need to find a substitute
Dinner - BAKED homemade chick breast, wild rice, steamed zuchinni, WATER
WORKOUT - P90X Yoga!!! Only did 45 mins of the 130 min work out...but I was sweating like crazy.. while in a praying twist the sweat was dripping down my face!!!=) Love it...

Friday - it's been a crazy start this far.... see below
Brkfst - 6 egg whites, 1 yoke, fresh spinach, motz cheese, coffee
Snack - PLANNING -Protein bar, 1/2 of recovery drink
Lunch - PLANNING - turkey sandwich from subway (suppose to have turkey burger, but I didn't make it...
Snack - i don't know.
Dinner - PLANNING - not being tooo bad at BUNCO!!! Might have something small before I go so it will make it easier for me...Time w/ my girls is all I need.
WORKOUT - =( no work out today... woke up to late...

This is where my funny story comes in.... Well after Yoga I cooled down then didn't' do ANYTHING for today, didn't make lunches, didn't get Aliyahs clothes ready, nada... just washed my face and laid down... Well that led to a LLOONNGGG convo with Rod about home-life, kids and step kids... it is a long convo and well, just really TOUGH sometimes.... so that led to a dead silence and then sleep... Aliyah woke up at what time I don't know cause she was thirsty, so I took her back to bed, got her some water and laid in bed with her!!! Woke up, at what time I don't know.... took my ass back to my bed and then what felt like a min. later, my alarm went off, over and over and over again. finally, i hit it off!!!! soooo we all know where this is going right.... YUP, my alarm goes off at 5:10... UMMM I didn't get up until 6:27 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By this time I am usually showered, lotioned, & 1/2 done with my make-up and waking aliyah up to get ready. =)

So needless to say I didn't have time to work out this morning nor blow dry my hair... =)

BUT I feel really good about all my progress this week so missing a day of working out won't be to bad.

On the schedule for the weekend:

Sat - eating good, doing Kempo work out and maybe going for a run in the early Morning!!!

Sunday - waking up early and going for a run, then heading to Aliyah's school Fiesta and being all over the place for that. That will be a lot of good active activity.

Thank you everyone for your convo's this week. I am so anxious everyday to see what we are all doing and where our goals are at... LOVE it T that we were so in sync this week!!! =)

LADIES my house is always always open for work out nights.... instead of just WOW.... We can have WOM, WOT, WOTH, WOF.. =0 I am going to be working out every night, why not with my girls.... Usually I will always start at 8-830ish... or maybe we can do a Work out Tree so when one of us gets going we all get going... if that helps, cause going to one anothers house is hard I know. BUT My house is always open.

Last note: Love how we have developed this into a Workout Fitness / Personal venting, guidance outlet... We are just getting stronger together in every way!!!

LOVE YA.... See you all tonight!

Time to lay it all out there...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey Ladies ~

So while I know this blog is to help track our eating & exercise it's also a way to connect with each other and to support and help each other live healthier lives all around. Today I'm using this blog as a way to release some of what's been inside me the past couple of months.

It's been no secret that I've been struggling with this whole eating healthy/losing weight thing lately. It's a tough thing to do and it's just that much harder for me being bigger than everyone else. It's so easy to put the weight on but so hard to get it to come off and it's seriously a daily struggle just to even want to try. That being said, I fully realize that it's all relative and it's a battle each person has to deal with in their own way.

Lately, I've had a lot of things going on in my life, both personal & career-wise, that I've been struggling with and for the most part have been internalizing. I feel like there are so many more important and difficult struggles out there and I haven't wanted to burden others with my issues. I think keeping it in and letting it all stew has in turn made me a bit reluctant to really get back to being healthy not only with eating and exercise but with every other aspect of my life. I know I've posted that I'm ready to try but my "let's do it" attitude was all a front. I was pretty close to giving up in all areas of my life and just not caring anymore (don't worry I wasn't gonna hurt myself). I was just starting to feel like there was no point in even trying or even wanting to try for fear of being disappointed and unsatisfied with the results.

Keeping my issues and feelings bottled up inside was slowly eating away at me. It lead me to start smoking cigarettes again as a means of "release". I wasn't smoking packs a day but 1 or 2 a day is still more than I should have been. I didn't tell anyone that I was doing this again because I knew the reaction I would get with that admission and I didn't want to hear it on top of everything else I was dealing with. And knowing that it's bad for me but to the point of not caring about myself anymore didn't help either. But sometimes keeping things to yourself will only hurt you and make you feel lonelier in your struggles rather than help you work through them. We all need people in our lives who can be there to listen and give advice but we need to be able to ask for help too.

However, sometimes even without asking, our true friends can get it out of us anyway. =) I want to extend a special thanks to Reese & Laura (and the wine) for prying it out of me whether I was ready to or not.
I'm a practical person and I know that talking things out is always more helpful but I've been resisting it for so long it was hard to be willing to do it. After our talk I realized that part of this lack of motivation in all areas of my life is also laziness. It's so much easier to complain and make excuses but not do anything to change things. I've always been one to say that I HATE when people complain about things and don't do anything to change them and here I was turning into that type of person. I may have been a little reluctant last night but after sleeping on it I am ready for this and ready to accept your help. It will be a struggle but knowing I have the support I do will make it easier to face. You are both going above and beyond for me and for that I truly thank you.

I'm not going to get into all the details of things I've been struggling with right now but I want you all to know that each of you has been there for me in different ways throughout these past months and I want to thank you all for that as well.

I'm going to make a vow now to really try to love myself and make myself happy and not worry about everything else around me. It's going to be hard because I tend to be a bit self-deprecating but I'm ready to make the effort. And...with the support of all of my fabulous friends...I KNOW it won't be a losing battle. =)

I love you ALL!


Sore but happy sore

Ok I had some malfunctions with my post at first.... so I lost what I wrote already gosh darn it... grrrr

I am sooooo VERY VERY VERY sore... Yesterday night was MUCH worse then today but still very sore. BUT very good sore!! Means I am doing something right.


Lunch - went as planned, had Chicken salad (p90x recipe)
Snack - 1/2 serving of roasted Almonds
Dinner - BBQ flat steak,1 cup of wild rice, serving of steamed zucchini, Water
**2 pieces of kiwi, 1 piece of mango, 3 strawberries, a few grapes, at my room mom meeting**
WORKOUT - was in the AM so I was good.

Brkfst - 2 morning star sausages on top of whole wheat eng. muffins w/ motz cheese, coffee with LESS creamer =)
snack - 1/2 of peppermint Luna bar, 1/2 recovery drink
Lunch - on the menu - homemade - steak salad!!!! water
Dinner - on the menu - Baked chicken breast and zucchini and water
WORKOUT - plan to do Yoga

I did get up at 4:15 a.m. got out of bed and tried... tried to bend down to get my clothes to put on for Yoga, and just could barely move... =( so that made me crawl back into bed.. =) I thought I could just MAKE SURE to do it tonight when my muscles had been more warmed up... seriously I was like STIFF as a board all over this morning.

So tonight, I am going to do YOGA for sure... and really going to try an get up early on Friday AM since we will be rollin the dice Friday night and won't be able to get a work out in that night!!!

I am feeling really great so far... this is hard for sure... I want to just splurge, but really don't want to until I complete this, then it won't be so hard to burn it off when I do splurge.

Saturday I plan to go on a run in the EARLY AM before Aliyah's game, shooting for 6 miles. I only have 2 weeks until my 1/2 marathon and need to get some running in since this week hasn't been an option to run with the rain!

Sunday we have Aliyahs school Fiesta, so I will be walking around all day, lifting, bending doing all sorts of physical activity, that will be a good day and good way to end the week.

Ok ladies... lets keep the posting coming... I love hearing everyone's fights!! They help motivate me.

Me again too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ok, I'm back too. I have to confess. I had a cookie from the potluck. I really wanted something sweet and it was small. But still, it was bad! Ang, I wish I would have seen your blog before eating it and I would have gone to the fridge to get my grapes and/or veggies. Heading there right now!
And boy am I sore too! It's getting hard to walk and I'm getting super sleepy from waking up so early. I almost was thinking of taking a break and going to starbucks for a mocha but I'm staying away! Empty calories that I don't need!!!!

Extra Tips I have learned...

HI, it's me again!!! =)

I wanted to give you all a few tips that I feel have helped me....

Those of us that have an iphone get the ap RUN KEEPER there are two versons, a free one and one for $10.99. Really the difference is the one that cost, lets you use two aps at a time, like when your using Run Keeper tracking something you can ge a call and it will still track, if you get the free one it will pause your tracking and you have to remember to hit resume... ANY WHO...'

RUN KEEPER - is a great tool when tracking our mileage for anything.. walking running, lets you know what your average pace is, what your average calorie burning is, those good motivating tips... I would put it on my arm and see really how much walking around the house we do all day or when we get home... I bet we would be surprised. This is what i use when I run, it also lets you listen to a play list through it. So awesome.

I am following the P90X nutrition guide the best way I can... I think it is a great GUIDE to help point us in the right direction.

WATER WATER WATER - we must drink water ladies!!! This is so helpful for our skin, our hair, our hydration.

I had a couple of other tips but now I can't rememeber them =)

Ok til next time! MUAH


OK.... first and foremost.... love love love reading the posts!!! YES, my girls are back! JENNY, so great to hear from you.. Seriously you guys the more I am writing things down and reading about what you guys are doing is sooo motivating to me!!!

Now... recap since Monday afternoon. We all now know my fight with the SCALE on Sunday morning... and how I said enough is enough, I am just making it harder on myself... well I am sooo pumped about sticking with it. Since I did confess a feelin that at Bunco I will be on my BEST behavior and will not be participating in DRUNKO BUNCO, but still will be loads of fun. =)

Lunch - I did get a caprise salad from Urban, only a TINY bit of ranch... on my honor, then only ate a bite of the corner of the bread....WATER
Snack - nothing.
Dinner - I ended up making Top Romon for my girl but added shredded boiled chicken to it, she didn't like it to much... FOR ME I had a salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, chopped raw broccoli, and a little bit of Ranch. WATER
WORK OUT- P90X Chest and back plus Ab Ripper
**side note on my work outs... I am now keeping a log on my computer of how many reps I am doing of everything PER Tony's telling me too!!! I am going to track my improvements and push myself a little more each time. doing it on the computer cause that is easier the writing everything out and finding a place for it.**

Breakfast - Protein Shake & coffee w/ creamer (I have downsized to the SHS coffee mug since it is much smaller then my starbucks cup, this way I can start weening myself off of it... creamer is BAD BAD BAD, so maybe just for the wknds) oh and SHS is Sacred Heart School
Snack - Luna Protein Bar w/ 1/2 recovery Drink
Lunch - forgot my lunch so... went to Taco Bell, ordered a Chicken rancho taco salad, NO RICE, NO Dressing, NO Sour CREAM, I only ate, the chicken on top, lettuce, cheese and a TAD of the beans... Didn't touch the SHELL, water
Snack - String cheese
Dinner - turkey sausage, green beans, water
WORK OUT- P90X Cardio X - was suppose to do Plyo... but yea that is a toughy and didn't think I should do that just yet, so went with Cardio X, one of my FAV's too, and sweated like a BEAST... felt great after

Wednesday aka HUMP DAY (I hope to today..=) lol)
WORK OUT- Yup.. me too 4:45AM Shoulders & Arms & AB RIPPER I too didn't do the bonus part (last 10-12 mins) cause I wanted to do Ab Ripper.
Brkfst - 6 egg whites w/ 1 york with 2 pieces of sandwich turkey(was suppose to have chicken but didn't have any ready) w/ motz cheese, 2 pieces of TURKEY BACON
Snack - 1/2 recovery drink, Supreme Protein bar
LUNCH - gg to have hm-made Chicken Salad (p90 recipe) 1TBLSP of protein pwdr mixed with water. =/ not that excited... but its a must
Dinner - THE MAN IS GG TO BE HOME!!!! YAYAYA but not sure whats for dinner, suppose to have Halibit but no me guest... so maybe chicken breast or something healthy...

LADIES I am sooooo sore, can barely move, I wanted to cry this morning when I started the Ab Ripper, and seriously took me like 4 reps each move to actually do them... SORE SO GREAT....

I HAVE no time as none of us do these days, between kids, school, work, life, laundry, being a single mom w/o Rod around, it is tough... BUT I know I don't like the way I feel. I l know I am being very hardcore but I need to be in order for it to work I have found out. I don't work out until Aliyah is in bed and most of my mommy duties are done, out of the way for ME time.

I was watching Thintervention with Jackie Warner on Bravo (LOVE HER... loved her old show about the celeb gym) and she was teaching her clients to eat every 3 hrs... helps to burn fat. I have a reminder on my phone for 3 hrs after I eat a meal already set for my snack for the next 90 days!!! NO messin around here... I want this... I want this... I want this... so I am doing this....

GOOD WORK everyone!!! We are doing this....

4:30 Wake Up Call

Yup, I did it. I managed to get up at 4:30 to work out and it still wasn't enough time. I set my alarm for 4 and should have got up then cause I didn't get to finish the last 10 minutes of my Shoulders and Arms work out. Oh well, every little bit helps right? I just can't believe I got up that early. Tomorrow I'm going to get up at 4:15 for Yoga. I'm starting to feel a little bit tired, I've had my coffee but I think the caffeine is wearing off. I might need an afternoon mocha (fat free of course).

Tuesday Meals:

Breakfast :
2 coffees with creamer
Eggs with peppers, cheese and cottage cheese
Snack: cheez-its (need to stop buying these. Even though they are reduced fat, I could be eating something better)
Lunch: Salad with chicken, walnuts and cranberries
Snack: Carrots and snap peas with hummus, yogurt, grapes
Dinner: One of Colby's chicken nuggets, 2 small pieces of pork tenderloin, rice pilaf, veggies with light cheese sauce, hawaiian roll
Snack: pumpkin bread (Made some for a potluck for work today and I'm pretty sure it was a low fat recipe. It tastes like it is. hahah ).
Tuesday Exercise: Cardio X! My fav!!!!
Today, as I mentioned, we are having a potluck which is bad news. I did not eat any of the tamales or bagels or cookies that were available this morning but I did have a spoonful of artichoke dip and some chips, fruit, a spoon full of fried rice and a piece of my healthy pumpkin bread. Not doing very good this morning but I could be worse right?

Oh Tony how I've missed you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday was my official start to living a healthy lifestyle once again. I went shopping on Sunday (so nice to see you at Vons Ang) and stocked up on healthy ingredients for the week. I'm ready to do this!! So, I finally broke out that scale and as predicted, I gained 9 lbs probably in the last 2 1/2 months! NOT GOOD AT ALL! The needle was pointing directly at the 130. My goal is to lose 5 lbls. It would be great to lose the 9 but I figure I need a smaller goal first.

Monday Food:
2 coffees from home (with creamer which is not good but I need it on these gloomy days)
egg beaters with bell peppers and lowfat cottage cheese with fiber
Snack: cheeze-its (reduced fat)
Lunch: Chicken salad with low fat raspberry dressing with a walnut/cranberry mixture and carrots
Tomato soup
Snack: grapes and yogurt, and oatmeal bar
Dinner: leftover tacos
AND I FINALLY WORKED OUT!!! P90X Core Synergistics and let me tell you, Tony Horton totally kicked my butt!!!! Even though it was hard (really really hard), I did feel good after. It felt good period just to be doing some sort of activity. And yes, my little one did interrupt me a few times but I learned that it's ok to press the pause button so I can interact with him. As the day goes on the soreness is starting to kick in. Oh and I bought myself some new workout shoes for motivation. Tonight, cardio X is on the agenda. I'm planning on making pork tenderloin for dinner so I need to get that ready and then while it's cooking, it's cardio X time. I actually really like that video. It's intense but it's quick! And I like quick!! We can do this girls! I know this weather makes us want to relax and lounge but we got to get moving! Getting started is the hardest part, I know! Tomorrow will be a challenge. I'm going to try and wake up earlier, ugh, like 4:15/4:30 to get my workout out of the way. Though I love sleep, I've realized that some days call for an early wake up in order to get my workout in. It's going to suck but it has to be done.

Hello again!!!

Hey guys I thought everyone forgot about r blogging since my last post over 1 month ago I checked it a few times & no one was around :( but I am glad to see Lisa & ang have been troopers :) well my excuse is 3 kids a husband who works alot or is on a fishing/hunting trip & a mom fighting her cancer battle!!! It is so hard to watch her go through this treatment & still have to move on with my life & keep my family a float!!! So sorry to harp about this but I feel like I don't have anyone to talk to about it & we have been so supportive with eachother in our journey of a healthy lifestyle that I felt I could count on u guys to just listen to my problems!!! Thx :)
so on to the health life style of Jenny...I still am doing stroller strides mon & Wednesday mornings & on the days I can't make it or don't have ss I try to do some crunches!!!
As for eating I have been trying to eat more proteins & less carbs...not no carbs I would die if I had to cut them out!!! Those dream dinner have been a great help!
So my issue with myself is that darn muffin top!!!! I used to be a size 4-6 after babies but then a third child came along & made me go into a size 8 what the heck!!!! Oh & let's not forget the lovely rubbing of the thighs when wearng a dress /:( so not a fan!!! So I have come to the conclusion of no goals for me till Brooklyn is more independent!!! Otherwise I just make goals & forget about them or give up on them because somebody needs their mommy wife or daughter!
So stroller strides consists of:
warm up
arm with band
& striching
this all takes a good hour plus we are out doors so I feel good about this workout!!! Oh & tuesdays I go to tap & that's a good 45 min workout!

Bfast for today: special k cereal banana & milk :)
lunch: don't know yet but I might do a big salad from home!

Ugh...Hippo Status

Ok as I'm sure you can tell from my title this is not a happy entry. BUT at least I'm here making some effort to get back to it (even if it has been a week since my last entry)

Right now I'm feeling like a moose. My monthly friend came to visit me yesterday and has me feeling ugly, bloated and blah. However, in an effort to look on the bright side this means that my headaches are gone for at least another month (God willing).

I'll be 100% upfront and honest and say that I still haven't been eating the greatest and haven't done one bit of exercise since my last blog. I suck I know but at least I'm owning up to it.

So ok, again, I'm going to start with yesterday as far as my meals go. I don't remember half of what I ate on the weekend so I'm letting that go. And in an attempt to follow Ang's lead I'm going to be COMPLETELY honest about what I'm eating and not eating from now on to really see where I'm going wrong. I know that yesterdays lunch is for sure a bad one but like I said, I need to be completely honest or I'm hurting no one but myself. So here it goes:

Breakfast - Hot tea & nothing else
Lunch - McDonalds Big Mac, small fries & a coke (told you it was bad)
Dinner - farfalle
(sp?) pasta w/ vodka sauce, peas & asparagus & 1 Bud Light Lime
Dessert - 1 fat free blueberry muffin w/ butter
Late Snack - 2 more blueberry muffins w/ 2 squirts of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Exercise - NONE =(

Breakfast - 1 blueberry muffin
Lunch - On the menu is an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread & water
Dinner - Not sure yet but will update this tomorrow
Exercise - doubtful - not only am I feeling like a hippo but I think I'm getting sick and unless I start feeling better this afternoon I'll probably just head home and go to bed.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a little grocery shopping in after work and that will help with the food choices since I know part of the reason I make bad choices is because we don't have much food at the house so I end up grabbing whatever is easiest.

I really do need to make an effort to work hard. I feel sluggish lately from the bad choices I've recently made and that makes me sad. When I was exercising more and eating better I felt healthier, had more energy and not to get gross lack of gall-bladder didn't bother me as much. I'm not happy this way and it's pure laziness that's keeping me here. So no more excuses.
To quote one of my favorite lines from Star Wars (yes I'm a Star Wars nerd and I don't care):

"Do or do not...there is no try!" ~ Yoda

Fighting with the scale...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok..... so I am not happy with the scale at all today... Well actually yesterday... but really just not to happy....BUT not letting it discourage me. SO Recap first then we will get to my argument with the scale.

Friday -
snack - didn't happen, think I was away from my desk for a bit, but don't remember =)
LUNCH - Jersey Mikes mini sami. not the best one for ya but still better then a burger. It was the club not sure which number then 1/2 of bag of jalapeno kettle chips & water
DINNER - Went as planned, I made chicken taquitos and spanish rice... not good for the waist line, but good for the pocket book and home life.

Brkfst - a small serving of scrambled eggs w/ turkey sausage
WORKOUT - Ran 3.17 miles (T & LM that is from my house to around Terese's house and back!)
Lunch - SMFCO Ceviche Tostada @ Pumpkin patch, then I was dumb and bought some pumpkin macaroon cookies... soooo greasy and yummy blah....
Dinner - BJ's , 1 motz stick, 5 chicken wings =) my fav., then Rod and I split a chicken pesto flatbread pizza... oh and i had 2 Berry Burst Ciders (aka BEER) SOOO yummy another Fav. of mine.

gggrrrrr stepped on the scale and thought for sure that it would be lower then last week since I did sooo much running... ah not the case. I guess my bad choices over the weekend OVERPOWERED my activity during the week.
So the scale read 129.... =( not happy at all.
Brkfst - Made a trip with the kids to HOZY'S - decided to go BIG (not a good idea) Oatmeal and then a plate of eggs and bacon and home fries... sooo yummy oh but I had WATER =) I took 1/2 the oatmeal home tho. =)
Lunch - 1/2 sandwich with meat and cheese only
Dinner - Cheese tortellini w/ chicken in alfredo sauce, garlic bread, steamed broccoli, water. all homemade

Now for today... not bad so far, but I think I am going for the gusto now! I tried on 2 pairs of jeans this morning and neither of them worked... =( not ok with that.

I need to really get serious here if I really want this.

So I decided to start keeping a food dairy/log... i do that now but think I am going to be better with it then I have been... that way I can see what the heck isn't working for me.

Brkfst - coffee, oatmeal
snack - 1/2 of Luna bar
Lunch - gg to get a Caprise salad from Urban
Dinner - ??? not sure yet, it's just me and the little one AGAIN so we will see.. but something for sure.
WORKOUT - doing P90X video FOR SURE!

I need you guys to kick me in the butt!!! HELP HELP HELP

What a great week!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok ladies... I am ending the work week on a GREAT NOTE! =)

A Recap for the week first:

Tuesday went as planned for the most part:
Lunch - SMFCO Ahi Salad to go, w/ water
Dinner - Homemade salad with boiled shredded chicken in it for the protein.
WORKOUT- Ran 4.39 miles here in VTA.. Ahhh felt so good. I was shooting for 6 miles, but I left 17 minutes later then I had planned so I had to cut it short in order to get to dance with Aliyah.

Wednesday -
Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, non-fat banana cream yogurt w/ low fat granola
snack - THE BIGGEST APPLE EVER... a HoneyCrisp Apple from vons, seriously this thing was on steroids... SOOOO Yummy, a little tart but sooo good!!!
Lunch - HOMEMADE, turkey and ham sandwich on whole wheat bread, baked Cheetos and water
Dinner - HOMEMADE, Turkey spaghetti, w/ garlic bread w/ water
WORKOUT- walked around Sheils park for 1.19 miles in 21mins. I left 1/2 way through practice to go and make dinner (Nick brought Aliyah home)

Thursday -
Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage patties w/ motz chees on top of a 1/2 whole wheat eng. muffin. I had to share with Aliyah cause she was drooling over it like she hadn't just ate 2 bowls of trix!!! =)
snack - a handful of tortilla chips
Lunch - 6" turkey avo sandwich from Subway w/ 1/2 of bag of Chile cheese Frito's... and water
Dinner - SO PROUD OF MYSELF... I BBQ'd ALL BY MYSELF for the first time!! I Q'd up some pork boneless spare ribs and some spanish rice (not bbq'd ;)) and a 1/2 can of Sunkist orange soda....

SO that is my recap... It is tough to cook for myself and one sometimes two little mouths cause those little mouths can be soooo picky. But i really really worked hard to cook instead of fast food or bad food. =)

I feel really good this week, I haven't put on any of my jeans yet cause i don't want to get discouraged not fitting different. I didn't work out yesterday, just had to much to do with dinner and homework and getting the house straightened.

Well my morning has been hilarious but I will save that story for an email....
Brkfst - Grande NONFAT Chi Latte, 2 petite lemon scones
Snack - PLANNING - Luna Protein bar
Lunch - NO PLAN YET.. but something not bad
Dinner - HOMEMADE Chicken Taquitos and rice I think is on the menu, being my little one asked me to make them for her... Cause Momma you haven't made those in a long time since your diet... =) LOVE HER...

I really think HOMEMADE food is sooo much better for us overall... let SAT. FAT and less on the pocket book and you don't feel so BLAH and heavy after... so that step I feel is one in the right direction.
DUDE I spent $358 at Costco on the first... and since then my man has been gone at least 10 of those days, so we have the food to make!!! And I did that show we wouldn't go out and spend money on CRAP (but good) food!

Tomorrow, I PLAN to run at least 4 miles before Aliyahs soccer game in the EARLY AM.... Then it is fun with the kids and my honey the rest of the day. Lets all try to get some kind of work out/exercise in this weekend... Terese you can do your stairs like 10 times!!! Laura you can do your stairs 10 times!!! Rhon, Leese take your doggies for a walk!!! We can do this ladies... I know it.

LADY A is only 2 Weeks away from today!!!! WOO HOO

Bad to the Bone

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi Girls!!

I'm here and I've been reading least checking in daily to see if any new posts pop up! Long story short...I've been bad. I haven't been bad 100% of the time but the days I'm bad, I'm really bad. I've have pizza for lunch and dinner and breakfast (the next day). When Ryan is gone, it is SO hard to actually make a healthy dinner...I just don't care what I eat when I'm alone and that's if I'm hungry.

I haven't gained much since Vegas...I'm probably about 142 or so and I was (I think) 139 the morning we left. I have a feeling that although I haven't gained weight (as it looks by the scale), I have lost muscle. I feel extra squishy and jiggly. I've been very blah lately and I need to snap out of it. I'll be on my own for the next two weeks and it SUCKS! (wahhh waaaa wahhh, I know!)

Anyway...I vow to make better decisions for myself and get on the move. We will be needing to go grocery shopping here soon and I'm going to pack the house with HEALTHY. Even on my days I don't feel like eating anything, I'll grab for something healthy to munch on. I'm going to need a lot of help! ;) Stay strong girls as I know you are. Here's to a new beginning!!

(FYI- This food NAZI is BACK! - But I WILL give you the DRUNCO day OFF...ha,ha,ha)

I LOVE you girls!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok I'm here...and not happy about it! LOL Just kidding.

So I will fully admit to how horribly I've been doing the past couple weeks. Not much exercise and definitely not the greatest food choices. But I'm back to try to do it right or at the very least, be held accountable for when I screw up. So rather than go back and try to recount my errors of the past couple weeks I'll just start with Monday.

Monday meals:
Breakfast - large black coffee
Lunch - Chicken Pesto & red bell pepper sandwich from Urbane Cafe w/ the standard salad and ice tea
Dinner - Mastacholi w/ wheat noodles & ground turkey
Exercise - None =(

Tuesday meals:
Breakfast - eggs, turkey bacon & whole wheat tortillas w/ a large black coffee
Lunch - my boss treated us to Red Lobster and I ate like crap. 2 cheddar biscuits, popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad & iced tea. The only good thing about this meal was that I didn't finish the popcorn shrimp or the mashed potatoes and they are now sitting in the fridge here at work where they will prob stay until I throw them out since I HATE leftovers. =)
Dinner - boiled shredded chicken w/ BBQ sauce on a whole wheat bun & water
Exercise - None =(

Breakfast - a big fat nothing. We need to go grocery shopping @ my house
Lunch - I know it's bad but we'd been planning on Taco Bell for a while now so I'll just have to try to make the best choices possible there.
Dinner - no clue but will post tomorrow
Exercise - gonna try to make it to the gym tonight but I've been so exhausted lately it's been hard.

Ok so obviously I'm not in the right mindset for all of this but just typing things out is a start. I need to really get back at it but I'm just so tired and bloated these days I'm not very motivated. Plus it's that time of the month so it makes things even worse.

Hopefully you ladies are doing better than I am!

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