Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm sooo loving this beautiful morning. It's actually sunny outside and I'm wearing a cute outfit - new skirt and top!! It's going to be a good day!!
Ok, I didn't report yesterday but I was pretty bad over the weekend (pasta, wine, wine cookies, popcorn, sliders, wine, wine). I say out of giving 100% to eating and exercise, last week I gave about 50%. Not good but I'm determined to have a good week! Started my 4th week of P90 yesterday. Yoga was on the schedule but as I mentioned before, the yoga was like an hour and a half so last week I bought Jillian Michael's yoga video. It was 30 minutes and I loved it! Way more realistic for my current lifestyle. I've done yoga a few times before but I never realized how much work it is. My arms are pretty sore today. I really liked it and it was only $10 at Target if you girls want to look into it. There is a beginner and intermediate program. I of course started with the beginner and it was a challenge.
Food yesterday:
Breakfast: coffee, 2 multi-grain waffles with strawberries and blueberries and a little lite syrup.
Lunch: Sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese and cottage cheese
Snack: Yogurt and too many ritz crackers
Dinner: Grilled chicken, rice pilaf and grilled asparagus and squash. Yummy!
Snack: low fat chocolate milk.
Unfortunately I was unable to see what damage I had done weight wise cause our NEW scale broke. Ugh, so mad! That is our second digital scale that has broken. I'm getting an old school one next time :) So hopefully I'll be able to fix any damage this week. I think we all need to realize that even though we have a goal in mind, we also need to enjoy life too and not beat ourselves up when we give in to temptation. It could be worse. What if we never set this goal in the first place and continued eating what we wanted and not exercising?? I think we all deserve a big pat on the back for what we've accomplished so far. Now, less than a month to go! We have some work to do but regardless, we are going to be enjoying cocktails in Vegas and not worrying what we look like anyway. hahahah


LeeseD said...

Couldn't agree more Reese! Being aware of our eating/activity level in even the smallest form makes a difference.
I still need to get your Slim in 6 from you!

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