Such a great start to the week!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am pumped ladies!!! Determined, and sooo excited to be doing this with all of you!

OK Yesterday:

lunch - Toppers salad, that wasn't very good so I didn't eat it all =( Water
snack - 100 Cal. granola bar

Got home and got busy, fed the dogs, played with them a little, picked up my recycling and picked up the house a little... I mention all this because it is being active that I think is helping us too... SO Laura.... you keep saying you haven't exercised very much, BUT you haven't been just sitting on your butt.. Packing and moving you are doing a lot... so don't discount that. =)

Ok so then got changed and went to work. Did the 45 min Cardio X!!! OMG sweated like a dog, it was sick... Then did 1/2 of the AB Ripper X... it's been like 3 weeks since I last did it so I didn't make it past the mid part. No worries tho, by week end I will be all over it again. I was soooo sweaty and felt sooo good about getting the work out in. Had to share that news with my girls.

Dinner - went to this place called Viva La Pasta in Moorpark with the BFF and Aunt. It was sooooooo good! Very nice place, ladies we must go there after our Vegas vacation. I wasn't to bad either... Had a small ceaser salad, at least 2 pieces of fRESH baked bread, then had the chicken angel hair pasta with sun dried tomatos and tomato sauce... better then cream sauce for me. And one glass of Pinot Grigo. Also had a few bites of chocolate cake...But then stayed up until 11PM so I am thinking I gave my body a good amount of time to burn it off instead of straitght to bed! =)

So I planned to get up this morning and work out ... but my work ou today is Plyo... I want to do that in the evening, so I slept this AM.

I weighed in this morning at 120.2 Not trying to loose the weight but maintain under 125. so not bad right now. I didnt get a chance to measure but I will today. At least my wasit and thighs!

This morning:
Breakfast - coffee w/ skinny non fat creamer (so proud of myself), cottage cheese and a few garlic triskets

lunch - brought Tuna made w/ low fat mayo & reg. mayo on 1 piece of wheat bread

Dinner - plan to make some ranchera with a salad so nothing to heavy before my big work out

Snacks will be a granola bar and water.

We are doing this ladies!!!! Have a good day everyone.


RhondaM said...
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RhondaM said...

LMAO dogs don't sweat they pant!!!!!!! LOL! Anyway, you are doing great and I want to thank for your text last night, it really did help push me in the right direction! luv ya MUAH!

LeeseD said...

Ditto to the text! It was a push to make sure I went to the gym also! Thanks Ang!

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