No/Low Carbs

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ok ladies I'm back and ready to do this! Yesterday I was having a bit of a slump but I'm motivated again today. Maybe it's because for ONCE I got a decent nights sleep! =)

Anyway, yesterday my boss and I were eating lunch together in the conference room and she was telling me that she has a wedding coming up in 2 weeks (same time we're in Vegas) and that she really needed to lose weight fast for it. So we decided to do a no/low carb diet for the next 2 weeks only. I've been trying to do what my mom has done these past few months and just cut out most fats and sugars and going whole wheat on a lot of stuff. But for the next 2 weeks I'm cranking it up a notch and going low if not NO carbs. And I'm ready to do this!

Breakfast - Black coffee only (bad I know but I woke up too late to make myself an egg)
Lunch - Grilled chicken salad
Dinner - I'm not sure yet but think I'm gonna do a turkey burger (no bun) w/ non-fat cheese & a salad
Snacks for today is string cheese & carrots (this is where the low carbs come in because carrots do have carbs)

Going to the gym today FOR SURE! I'm ready to accept whatever my weigh in results are because I know that I've been doing well for the most part and a little indulgence here and there isn't bad.

Let's do this!!! 15 days to go!!!!


Mrs. M said...

Go Leese, Go!! You/We can ALL do this. We have 15 more days to go and need to put it in overdrive ;)

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