PRE - Back on the saddle post!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good morning my lovely ladies!!!!

Ok so this is my PRE-Back on the saddle post!!! I am going to be back on the P90X saddle starting Wed. Sept 1!!!

LOVED LOVED LOVED Vegas, in every way... so much fun, tons of laughs, tons of food, tons of liquer, and tons of fun with the greatest friends!!!

But now back to non vacation reality, my clothes aren't fitting to good, someone told me the other day... you look better now with more meat on your bones... aka you've gained weight. =( lol and umm it is still bikini weather, therefore I want to look NOT SCARY in a bikini =) lol Soooo I am going to start once again the P90X and the nutrition plan, with a twist.

Rod is on board to start eating healthier again and taking lunch. Sooo I am going to do P90X as much as possilbe shooting for 4-5times a week and getting in at least 2 days but hopefully 4 days of running again! Eating good on the nutrition plan but regular dinners!!! I miss cooking so that is what we are going to do.

My 1/2 marathon is 2 short months away so I definitely need to get back on the saddle of running or I may die.. =) lolo So I will start logging my food intake on Wed. For now... EATING WHAT I WANT. =) LOLOl j.k. not crazy but I did have a bagel w/ cc and jelly this morning. =) lol

Love you girls.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

sorry for the lack of communication but with fair and this block party I have been a single mommy with 3 very active children for the past month! So my excersize regimin has been running around with the kids walking the fair and cleaning my house... But this week I signed up for stroller strides & love it!!! So I worked out mon & wed for about 45 min- 1 eating habits have been eat whatever I can whenever. Can : / so I do have a secret for whoever is interested it is called dream dinners & it really is a dream! I have been able to make a good healthy dinner for my family!
Today's menu:
Bfast none I cleaned house instead
lunch CPK Mediterranean small bite platter 2 slices of atrichoke pizza 2 signipore rolls
dinner dream dinner stir fry chicken with veggie & jasmine rice
dessert oops a cupcake

feeling squishy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's been so long since I've blogged. Vegas was a blast and worth every single calorie consumed (and that was a lot). It was serioulsy a GREAT time, I'm so sad that it's over. I know we will be planning other fun events too and will have some other goals to set (Lady A concert, SCE Xmas party???).
So, since our trip, I have not been exercising or eating that great. I have so much on my plate right now, I'm not even going to attempt to try and exercise. There aren't enough hours in the day to do what I NEED to do . I'm going to try and eat ok and hopefully that will lessen the damage. I haven't really seen a huge increase on the scale, maybe a pound or two, which is good but I can already tell my body is less toned than when I was working out everyday. :( Good thing I don't have to put on a bathing suit anytime soon!!
Food yesterday.
Morning: 2 cups of coffee, 2 waffles with lite syrup
Lunch: sandwich from jersey mikes and grapes
Snack: sugar cookie (bad), handful of pop corn, tangerine, couple of pretzel M&Ms
Dinner: Turkey burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard
Desert: ice cream sandwich
Ugh, that was not good at all. I guess it could be worse but looking at it is making me sick. I need to lay off the sweets bad!
Anyway, I know that this is a bump in the road for me and after life gets back to normal and we are settled, I can start living a healthy lifestyle once again. Looking forward to some evening walks with the Fillmore girls!!!! Good luck ladies! Please blog. I know I'm not going to be motivating you very much but you all still motivate me! xoxoox

Vegas Aftermath Part 2! (Nice title Leese!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

aaahhhhh what a FABULOUS time our Las Vegas trip was! SO much fun. Lots of great laughs, FOOD and DRINKS! Getting on the scale on Monday was difficult, but it needed to be done... The result? As expected, about 3 lbs of damage! Worth it though! Now the challenge is getting it OFF!!!!! I weighed myself again this morning and there was NO change so it is being quite stubborn! It is annoying that it goes on so easily and it is SO hard to get off. NOT fair :(

I am trying to stay focused though, and I am not allowing myself to be discouraged. Food yesterday was:

breakfast: 2 waffles
lunchChicken pozole with cabbage, radish, onions and lemon
baby yogurt and 80 calorie granola bar for a snack
dinner: burger patty (no bun) and salad
dessert: fresh raspberries over vanilla ice cream

As far as activity, it has been pretty minimal. I went for a walk with the little one on Monday night but that was it. I am not feeling that great today (a little headache and slight sore throat) but hopefully I am back to normal soon and can get some exercise in this week.

Hope you are all settled in and are ready to keep up your eating and exercise habits as much as possible!!


Vegas Aftermath

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey my lovelies!

Ugh! I'm so sad that our Vegas trip is over! We looked forward to it for so long and now it's gone! So sad!

Well as promised I am going to keep up with this blog even though we don't have Vegas to look forward to. So here goes:

This weekend was a blast for sure. So much fun! There was a lot of drinking and yummy food but thankfully (or not depending on how you look at it) I got a little TOO drunk the first night there and threw up the small amount of food I managed to consume that day (which was only an egg mcmuffin w/ no egg & half a turkey avocado wrap...the rest was alcohol). That led to a slight hangover the next day with not a whole lot of food consumed either. Half a cheeseburger at lunch and about 2/3 of my meat and a couple spoonfuls of mashed potatoes for dinner. Oh and I did have about 2 bites of Jo's dessert & some of that avocado salad thingy. Other than was alcohol again! Sat I managed to eat a little more but not by much and by Sunday & Monday I was pretty much back to normal (not even going to bother listing the food but only 1 shot of tequila on Sat & 3 BLL's on Mon.)
Anyway, when I got on the scale last night (right after dinner) I was happy to see that I went down about .75 lbs. I'm doing my official weigh in on Friday so we'll see how it goes but I was pleased with what I saw last night so I'm not too worried.

Anyway, today my meals haven't been so healthy but I'm chalking that up to my body still recovering from this weekend...that and I was too lazy today to care about my food choices.
Breakfast - chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread (was supposed to be my lunch but I was starving and didn't have my usual bowl of cereal).
Lunch - 1 taco and a chicken burrito from TB.
Dinner - no clue at this point but I AM going to the gym after work.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting back on track! I need as much motivation as I can get from my girls so I hope to see you on here from time to time! =)

Love you all and thanks for one of the best Vegas trips ever! XOXOXOXO


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hellloooo California Gurls!

Ahhhhh, Vegas is on the horizon and I am trying to stay focused until then! I was shocked this morning, I got on the scale and it was nice, 136. I didn't feel like my weekend was that successful food/exercise wise but obviously I did better than I thought. Went to the zoo on Sunday so I did get in a fair amount of walking and at chicken strips w/ no fries for lunch and 2 carnitas cantina tacos from taco bell (but took a tortilla off of each taco) for dinner.

Yesterday went a little like this:

HALF a bagel thin w/ whipped cream cheese
canteloupe (I have no idea how to spell that)
Lunch: green salad with grilled chicken/tomatoes/cucumbers/red onion
snack: pretezels
Dinner: 2 bites of a salmon burger patty (no bun) and later on had some chocolate covered almonds lmao :) Not the best dinner I agree. By the time I cooked it and was going to try and figure out some sort of side I wasnt that hungry anymore, the baby was getting annoyed so we took off for a ride in her new car! She was happy and it was good for my diet I guess! I honestly wasn't hungry because i was so busy so I took advantage of it.

I did do a couple sets of squats last night in addition to our walk.


Half a bagel thin/whipped cream cheese and some canteloupe
Snack: baby yogurt
Lunch will be: salmon burger patty topped w/avocado and a tomatoe/cucumber salad.
Dinner: Not sure yet but something healthy.

I want to try and be at a decent weight before we leave because all hell is going to break loose when we get to Vegas and I am going to let it!!!! LOL! Honestly though, I talked to the husband and told him I wanted to eat whatever (bad) while we are there but I am hoping we can agree on a couple meals (like lunch) so we can split what we get instead of ordering too much and eating too much. We'll see though :)

For activity I usually do my stair workout but I need to run a couple errands at lunch today so I am going to have to pass on that. Definately doing at least a walk with the little boss tonight though and hoping to get in some squats/lunges/situps and finalize packing!

Stay on track girls, we are almost there!



Gonna try to make this short.

Went to the gym yesterday and weighed myself and I am the same. No gains no losses. However, after looking at Reese's pic's from 4th of July I seriously want to cry. That has got to be the worst pic of me I have ever seen IN MY LIFE! Terrible. Everyone I show it to insists I'm not that bad but regardless it really bummed me out. And that's so not what one needs to see right before a planned trip to Vegas where we have cabana status. Soo...I made my mom take a pic of me last night in my new bathing suit so I can see if that's really how I look. I told her if it really look that bad I am going to be sitting in the room while you are all at the cabana. But it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I was skinny but you can tell that there has been progress since that 4th of July pic. However, I MUST try harder beyond this trip because that is not how I would like to look. I know I need to be happy with myself aside from my weight and for the most part I am so the weight is the main thing I need to tackle.

Anyway here are my meals for today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal (and the milk did NOT agree with me this morning =( )
Snack - Nectarine
Lunch - brought some Bidiani (not sure of the spelling of that) that Matthew made but I'm leaning towards picking up a salad from somewhere.
Snack - Fiber One Bar
Dinner - No clue but I'm meeting Jo tonight to do some Vegas shopping and I'm leaning towards another salad.

I refuse to give up just because of a picture. If anything it just motivated me more. So 2 days to go...let's keep up the momentum til Vegas!

Ok ok ok I am back

Well back but have sucked for the past week or so... =(**

Sorry friends... OK well for the past 2 weeks, I have been good and bad, and good and bad... =( I haven't been working out, just been busy with life and trying to be active but not happening.

On the eating tip, well again trying to be good but not so great... but not horrible all the time. So now down to the grind... OK 2 days to go and I can't, can't wait.

YESTERDAY - weighed in 124.3 (not to bad but being I was 119 a few weeks back says bad)
Breakfast - egg whites, ham, cheese
snack - Trader Joes apple nutrigran bar
lunch - 6" sami from subway
snack - 2 chewy sweettarts =)
dinner - FROZEN Smart one - Baked Ziti (my fav) very small still very hungry after.. =)

I attempted both yesterday and today to get up and work out when Rod went to the gym, but I was not succesful, just wanted to lay in bed... =)

OK today going to be good on the eating tip again! PLUS today is my FRIDAY!!!! We are going to the fair tomorrow and that isn't a hard one for me, not going to eat bad, just gonna stop by SMFCO and get of course my fav. ceviche!!!! Which is not bad! =)

TODAY: didn't weigh in...
Breakfast - eggs w/ ham and cheese
snack - brought a blueberry luna bar
lunch - ??? something light and not fatty
snack - brought some cherries
dinner - ??? not sure whats on the menu but something homemade for sure...

Can't wait ladies, only 2 more days and we will be sipping drinks pool side!! MUAH


Monday, August 9, 2010

I seriously CAN NOT WAIT! =)

OK so I didn't really post at all during the weekend and I honestly don't have time to do it now. There good moments and bad moments but all in all I wasn't that bad which is a good thing considering it's the weekend right before we go.

Meals for today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal & a cup of black coffee
Lunch - Cold cut combo sub from subway (found out all the cold cut meats are turkey based which made me happier because they're that much healthier that way) & an iced tea
Snack - Fiber One bar
Dinner - not sure yet but something HEALTHY!
Going to the gym after work tonight and then home to pack!

Less than 3 days to go and it is NOT too much to ask that I be strict from here on out! We are going to have a BLAST! Let's go girls!!!!! =)

Ok and check out the below link for an interesting article I read today.

6 Day Countdown

Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been punished!! I've been doing pretty well with exercising and OK with eating. I cheated yesterday with nachos I SHARED with my brother and "got sick." I guess that was my punishment for knowing better!

With these last 6 days, I'm NOT cheating, I'm working out EVERYDAY and HOPING the days fly by!!

Good luck ladies..the big V will be here before you know it :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

OK gals it's really crunch time! One week to go! We can do this!

Ok so yesterday I switched it up a bit.
For lunch I ended up going to Urban Cafe w/ Kayla. I had the pesto & sundried tomato sandwich but instead of tomatoes asked for bell peppers and an iced tea.
Dinner was chicken salad w/ light mayo on whole wheat bread, a couple baked Lays & water.

Went for a long power walk w/ Jannette...about 50 min. I know it's just walking but my calves hurt today so I know it was still a workout.

Today's meals:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal
Snack - Fiber One Bar
Lunch - will prob be my leftover shredded chicken on whole wheat bun from yesterday unless I can think of a cheap healthy option I can go pick up.
Snack - 11 Pretzel chips & Eating Right hummus (did you find it Rhoni?)
Dinner - not sure at all since my mom & Matthew have their church home group tonight but I might just pick up Subway.

We're almost there!!!!!!!!!


Is everyone?!!!!!!!! In exactly one week we are VEGAS BOUND! Can't wait!!!!!!

8 days! LOL...I'm enjoying this countdown

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morning Ladies!

It's a new day and another day closer to VEGAS! I tell ya I'm gonna have to have something else to work towards after this trip is over because it's been the main focus right now!

Ok so last night as mentioned, I went to Chili's for dinner. I was good and had the turkey, avocado wrap made "guiltless" with no cheese & low-fat ranch dressing. Plus instead of fries I got the steamed veggies and had an iced tea. It was actually really good and pretty filling so I was pleased with my choice.

Yesterday I really made an effort to have healthy snacks throughout the day and it totally made a difference. It kept me fairly full without leading to overindulgence. And I was good and had NO snacks at the movies. Was very proud of myself for that one!

So here are the planned meals for today:
Breakfast - cereal & black coffee (already ate this)
Snack - string cheese & a banana
Lunch - shredded chicken w/ a little BBQ sauce on a wheat bun, baked Lays & a nectarine
Snack - 11 Pretzel chips (one serving) w/ Eating right Roasted Red Pepper hummus
Dinner - not sure yet but will post later

Gonna miss the gym again today because I have to stop by the vet for my puppy on my way home but I'm hoping to fit in something. If anyone is up for a walk or a workout of some sort this evening let me know!

It's working...

Aahhhh, sweet success. The scale was good this morning, in the 137's. This week so far, I have averaged losing a pound a day but I am sure that is over since I am at the point on the scale that I ususally don't get below- for very long at least! I didn't get any activity in last night but I don't feel bad about it, I got my stair workout in at lunch time and I ate well yesterday. I can really feel a difference in the evenings with cutting my calories/carbs during the day- I'm tired once it hits 8 o'clock!! I feel like i need to keep this sacrifice up though until we go to Vegas because I will be over-indulging (and enjoying!) for sure while we are there!!


lowfat cottage cheese/tomato

snack: string cheese- 70 calories

lunch: leftover dinner from last night; grilled steak with roasted bellpepers and asparagus

snack: baby yogurt - 110 calories

Dinner: homemade chicken soup loaded with veggies! YUM, can't wait. I know it's hot outside but I could literally eat soup EVERY day! I will make a good sized pot and have leftovers for tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a successful week. Try and make a little extra sacrifice the rest of this week and next before we leave!!! I know it is hard to make sacrifices on both fronts, but if you have a cheat meal, just work out a little harder! If you can't get much workout time in (like me), try and make a little extra effort on good food choices! And remember to snack so you keep your metabolism moving and don't put your body into starvation mode until your next meal!


Finally out of the fog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I've been mia the last week or so. Partly because I've been busy at work where I usually do my updates but a lot because I was sooo drained. Last night I didn't get to work out until 9:30!!! but as much as I wanted to fall asleep with the little one, I went downstairs and did cardio X! I had been dreading doing P90 again just cause I know how intense it is and was putting it off and putting it off but let me tell you, I instantly felt so much better after I finished and today too. As far as eating goes, I too had a bad weekend and last week I was at starbucks every day for a 2nd coffee to wake up. This week, I'm staying far away. That's about 120 calories that I won't be consuming every day.
Food yesterday:
Coffee with creamer
My usual 2 waffles with strawberries and lite syrup
Lunch: wrap (cilantro/jalapeno wheat tortilla) with chicken, feta cheese, veggies with hummus spread.
Snack: Pop corn, grapes
Dinner: beef stirfry with veggies.
Snack: Animal Crackers
Ok, so Sunday I wanted to get out of the house so Colby and I went to the Fresh and Easy in Moorpark. Rhonda had told me what a cool store it was and she was right (as usual). They had so many cool things and lots of food that was already preped for a healthy meal. If you haven't yet, check it out!!! The prices were very reasonable. I think I might make it a Sunday ritual to get stuff for the week.
We have swim lessons tonight so I know I will be tired but I hope to do a work out tonight too. So proud of all of you!

U R invited

Hey Girlies...I invited u to the lose it ap Laura & I r trying to keep track of r calorie food & excersize's a really good way to see ur progress so check it out! Well now that I added breastfeeding as an excersize my cal intake is doable! So yesterday I think I did pritty good!

morn-15 min cardio video (kids woke up)
afternoon-I counted walking the mall with 3 kids for 3 hours
night-75 situps (B started to crawl all over me)

bfast-multigrain waffle PB&J & OJ
lunch-CPK small cravings arugala & asperagus salad 2 mini tacos 1 sig shrimp roll
dinner-subway turkey with avo on flatbread

now for today well it already 12 so I guess my bfast passed me by so now I have to think of a brunch/lunch meal....i will try to update later :) have a sucessful day!

9 days...the countdown continues

I'm here Rhon! So far it's just been us. Where are you ladies at? =)

Ok so yesterday as mentioned, dinner was shredded chicken on a whole wheat bun w/ baked tator tots. I honestly could have done with out the tator tots the more I think about it but I refuse to beat myself up about it. They were baked and not that unhealthy for me so I need to let it go.

After I got off work yesterday the weather was so nice I just couldn't bring myself to go to the gym and be indoors so I went on a power walk with Jannette for about 40 minutes. It was nice to be out in the fresh air while getting in some exercise.

Again I fully intended to get up this morning to hit the gym but once again my body felt otherwise. It's so frustrating when you want to do something but your body just wont allow it. So I ended up not making it to work out this morning and unfortunately I won't be able to this evening as I'm going to dinner & a movie with some friends. However, I think I'll take a cue out of Rhonda's book and do some lunges and squats before bed. SOMETHING is definitely better than nothing at all! I'm also up for some sort of workout/walk/whatever tomorrow with you ladies if anyone is up for it!

Ok so today:
Breakfast - bowl of cereal & black coffee
Lunch - BBQ'd carne asada & brown rice from yesterday
Dinner - going to Chili's but will pick something from their healthy "guiltless" menu

I have a ton of healthy snacks today to keep me from feeling hungry and in turn from eating bad food.

Snacks are - string cheese, nectarine, Fiber One bar & pretzel chips w/ Eating Right Roasted Red Pepper hummus (YUM!)

WooHoo! 9 days to go! I'm getting antsy! =)

Back on Track

Hello my healthy friends!

It's Tuesday and it feels great to be back on track. Thankfully this morning I weighed in 2 lbs lighter than yesterday!!!! Goes to show I indulged a bit too much this weekend but glad I could get back to normal in just a day. But that just puts me back to where I have been maintaining for the last few months- around 138. Yesterday food was good, and I got in some activity last night: 60 squats, 45 switchfoot lunges, 45 push ups, and about 100 situps. It was probably about 20 minutes of workout. With our busy schedule, that is about the average time I have to workout so I need to focus on eating right!

Today's food so far:
SMALL bowl of cereal w/ a handful of chopped strawberries.

For lunch will be a mega salad- lettuce, hardboiled egg, red/green onion, radish, cheese, tomatoes, kidney beans. I am going to toss is will balsamic vinegar and a teeny bit of olive oil. I would MUCH rather have the ranch dressing from the restaurant next door but need to sacrifice on the calories over this week and next. My approach is to load up on veggies and lean protein and try to cut as many calories as I can without being hungry! I DON'T do starving :)

Activity today will be lunch time stair workout (at least 20 minutes) and hopefully I will get in some more work tonight.

Dinner tonight will be grilled steak and veggies (asparagus, peppers and portabella mushrooms). Last night's dinner on the grill was good overall but I have to remind myself that I hate tilapia next time I am fish shopping! Some parts of it freakin' taste like dirt! Not buying it anymore :)

Where is everyone at?!!! Looking forward to hearing from you all!!



Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh my goodness do I echo Rhoni's post! This week was bad bad bad! Totally fun but not good at all when it came to eating. And I'm paying for it today. I feel tired, sluggish and bloated. Even though I indulge from time to time, overall I've been eating a lot healthier and paying more attention to my food intake so when I slack off as badly as I did this past weekend, I can really feel the effects in my body. Blah!

So with 10 days to go I'm determined to step it up a notch and really give it my all. I was planning on hitting the gym twice a day for the next week and half but I simply could not get out of bed this morning. Like I said, my body is really feeling it from my weekend of bad eating. But I DO plan on hitting the gym tonight for sure and hopefully that will help boost my energy level a bit so I can hit the gym tomorrow morning before work.

Meals for today:
Breakfast - oatmeal
Snack - No Sugar Added vanilla latte w/ soy milk
Lunch - BBQ'd carne asada w/ brown rice

Not sure of what's on the menu for dinner but I'll post it later tonight.

Let's go ladies! We're almost to Vegas! We can give up the bad stuff for another week and half before we indulge! =)


Damage this weekend! Damage damage damage! But it was fun :) The social events KILL me. I am fine all week but with bunco and a dinner for my dad's work this weekend, there was just no way of staying on track. If I would have, I would have felt deprived and miserable so I chose to enjoy myself. Oh well, a new day, a new week and time to move on.

Getting down to the nitty gritty with just over a week away from our trip so it is time to get down to business! I am NOT going to cheat this weekend on eating so I am hoping to make a little progress to get back to where I have been successfully maintaing because as you noticed from the beginning of my post, I have done some damage... about 3 lbs worth since last week. I think that after a day or two of getting back on track, I should be back to normal but I am going to have to focus!

On deck for today is oatmeal for breakfast, low-cal veggies for snacking (celery & cucumber/tomatoes) and stacks of lean protein including greek yogurt, (MUCH more protein than regular yogurt but get low/non fat because the regular is loaded with calories), lowfat cottage cheese, and Tilapia/lemon/capers for dinner- no butter!

Not exactly sure what is on the activity agenda just yet for today but I will be doing SOMETHING. Have to!!! My aunt is back from vacation so I will be able to go back to my tue/thurs lunchtime stair workout that I deviated from since I would go visit my little one every day at lunch time.

Stay motivated ladies!!!


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