I'm blaming my lack of motivation on the heat! lol

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yikes where does the time go? It's been almost a week since I last wrote...I think. LOL

Ok so this past weekend. Didn't do too bad but of course...could have been better.
Friday went shopping as usual w/ my mom & grams. Met up with Ang for lunch at SMFCO. I bought some of the Skechers shape ups and boy do they work. They are the ugliest of all the "shape up" shoes out there but by far the most comfortable and like I said...they really do work! Dinner was 2 pieces of pizza and some salad at Bunco plus a few glasses of red wine...oh and a Midori cupcake. =(
Sat went for a walk in the AM and then made myself a couple of eggs w/ turkey sausage & corn tortillas. Went to a BBQ that afternoon and did have a cheeseburger w/ a little pasta salad and Lord knows how many beers. BUT it was at a beach house so walking in the sand to and from the water alone was a bit of a workout.
Sunday woke up and went for a walk and then came home to some yummy Soyrizo w/ eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwich for lunch w/ baked chips and chicken fajitas for dinner.

Monday I did HORRIBLE. I wasn't feeling good and so I left work early. But since I left early I didn't take a lunch and ended up picking up Taco Bell on my way home. And unfortunately Monday was the HOTTEST DAY EVER so no one at my house wanted to cook. Ended up having McDonalds. ARGH! Sooo not good and so not how I'm gonna lose my 50 lbs by April.

Tuesday wasn't the worst but wasn't the best (seems to be the theme for the week). Just had coffee (black) for breakfast because I was out of soy milk so couldn't have my cereal. Lunch was a chicken teriyaki wrap which was yum and iced tea. My grandma invited me over for dinner and we had tacos & rice. Went to the movies as well but I didn't have any snacks so not too bad. No exercising though. =(

Today so far I've just had black coffee because again...I'm out of my soy milk and can't have my cereal. Lunch is going to be Subway and an iced tea. Not sure what dinner will be but I AM going for another walk today after work. I really should get back to the gym but a walk is still exercise and with these shape ups I really feel a difference.

Oh and just FYI ~ I weighed myself over the weekend and am down 2 more lbs. I'm sure I've gained it back since but we'll see. However, my friend/co-worker told me on Monday that I look thinner so something I'm doing is working! Friday I'm going to weigh in again so cross your fingers I haven't gained! I've gotta get back to eating better. Hawaii is only 6.5 months away!

I'm doin it, doin it, & doin it well!!!

Already starting to feel better!!!

Ok no joking around, this cold is not going to stop me either. Since being on track since Monday, I am feeling better...

Recap of food this week:

Monday went as planned:
Lunch - Caprese salad w/ a tad of ranch dressing from Urban, only 1/2 of the bread they give you.
Snack - didn't have one
Dinner - Tuna helper as planned, only a small bowl, not sure how bad that is for you... but it wasn't fried or processed... so it was a good meal.

Then followed up my day with a P90X work out!!! woo hoo The first one in about say, over a month in a 1/2 =( yikes... I did Chest and back and part of the Ab Ripper, and lets say today I am still FREAKIN SORE...

Tuesday went as planned too:
Breakfast - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage patties on 1 english muffin w/ lowfat motz. cheese
Snack - 1/2 protein bar
Lunch - BBQ chopped Tri tip salad from Wood Ranch w/ 1 1/2 pieces of their yummy bread
Dinner - Baked breaded chix strips chopped into a salad with a tad of ranch

Before dinner right after work I went for a 3.05 run in VTA... ahhh was so nice, but hot still but trying to sweat away this cold. It felt so good to get out there..

Wednesday, going as planned:
Breakfast - Coffee w/ creamer, 6 egg whites w/ turkey and low fat motz cheese
Snack - 1/2 protein bar
Lunch - going to SUMO SUSHI gg to get the Ultimate Salmon Roll and some edamane
Dinner - NOT sure whats on the meeting since I have soccer and a parents mtg tonight....

Probably won't get a work out in today but I did go on a 20 mins walk today with a co-worker so that helped...

I am feeling really good about being on a schedule again, and would love to chat with my girls about what you all are doing too...

Ok just disgusting... =(****

Monday, September 27, 2010

Good morning my friends!!!

Hope you all are doing great and had a nice weekend and didn't sweat to much from this dang heat... YIKES it's hot.

Ok sooo for the title of my post! I am GROSS ... Seriously... GROSS...I stepped on the scale today and wanted to die.... it has gone up WAY to much since Vegas... and really the only excuse I have is, that I am LAZY. It isn't that I needed to splurge, or that I am too busy, or that I have hurt myself, it is just plain out LAZINESS!!!

Well that's it... it ends today. My clothes aren't fitting me, I do not like what I see in the mirror, I don't like not having energy, and for the first time in MONTHS I am getting a cold. =(

So I am hitting it hard again. This morning I weighed in, and I am set for the P90X nutrition guide again. Rod is scheduled to bein Lancaster all week so I have all the time to get my butt up and work out everynight!

This morning:
Breakfast - 6 egg whites (no butter, Pam) with 2 pieces of sandwich ham mixed in. maybe 6 oz of cottage cheese with a couple of garlic triskets, and coffee with creamer.
Snack - on the menu - protein bar & recovery drink
Lunch - on the menu - chef salad - so i will grab a salad from Toppers or Urban cafe didn't have time to make one.
Dinner - on the menu - Salmon, but no me guesta cooked salmon so since it is just Aliyah and I, we will have Tuna Helper!! =) I bought it cause it looked good, so we are going to try it.

Work out plan for tonight. Going to get a the P90X work out in set for today, I think it is arms and back or something like that... BUT while aliyah is at soccer, I think I am going to walk the field, no need for me to just sit there playing on my phone when I can be doing something better for myself!

Miss you girls, we are all super busy but all want the same thing... Lets get healthy together!

Where my girls at?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi Gals!

Ok so just a quick one today since I'm crazy busy in hell (or work as it's known to others).

Last nights dinner was BAD BAD. I went to the candle party last night and was STARVING by the time it was over so I ended up picking up a chicken sandwich from Carl's Jr. PLUS fries. Boo I know! However, I was able to squeeze in a quick walk before the candle party so I'm happy with that. I got on the scale before my walk also and although I don't count my weigh ins until Friday AM I noticed that I was down 2 lbs which is a good thing. I'm sure dinner did NOT help it but I can't get too down on myself for it.

Today I found out my mom is now officially under 250 lbs. I'm so proud of her. She's lost close to 70 lbs now and that is great. It made me realize that I really need to stop with my bad choices (like last nights dinner). Sure it's ok to indulge from time to time and I can't beat myself up about that but I really know I can do better and need to try harder. It CAN be done!

Ok so today:
Breakfast - black coffee & Rice Chex w/ soy milk
Lunch - Turkey sandwich from home on wheat bread w/ lettuce, mustard, non-fat cheese & I think pickles but I honestly can't remember...lol. I also had some baked chips and a Fuze drink (only 10 calories per bottle and no sugar, sodium or carbs)
Snack - I have a nectarine but haven't eaten it yet.
Dinner - No clue
Exercise - another walk tonight w/ Beth, Jannette & my cousin. I have to enjoy the outdoors while I can before it starts getting too cold.

Hope to hear from you girls soon!

Keep on truckin...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi Ladies!

Here I am again after a long weekend. =)

Ok so meals on the weekend front weren't the best but weren't the worst either. I'd have to say that Friday was definitely my cheat day.
Friday I had a breakfast pita in the morning then went for Chinese food for lunch and had chicken and string beans. Went to the Hanson concert that night so dinner was In N Out.
Sat I had a birthday party to go to and took a queue from my mom and we took chicken salad sandwiches, grapes & carrots to snack on. I did have a couple of nacho chips and a taste of the rice but NO CAKE! =) Later that night I went to Garmans w/ Jannette & Beth and had a couple beers and ordered a chicken Caesar salad for dinner. Definitely not a bad day.
Sunday we had brunch w/ the fam. Eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage & half a wheat bagel w/ light cream cheese were the healthy parts of it. The unhealthy was the potatoes and couple of tortillas I had but still...could have been worse. Lunch w/ the fam was chicken sandwiches on wheat bread w/ lettuce, mustard & avocado. By the time dinner rolled around I wasn't much in the mood to eat but ended up having a quesadilla w/ chicken, green chilis & olives w/ a little bit of rice.

So far yesterday & today's food choices haven't been too horrible but with no exercise I'm feeling yucky.

Breakfast - No sugar added iced vanilla latte w/ soy milk & a bagel
Lunch - Hawaiian BBQ'd chicken salad w/ pineapples, chicken & sesame dressing
Dinner - Carne Asada burrito (definitely the worst meal of the day)
Exercise - Had a work "team building" thing and that is why dinner was bad and I couldn't get a work out in.

Breakfast - bowl of Rice Chex w/ soy milk
Lunch - Turkey sandwich from home on wheat bread w/ non-fat cheese, mustard & lettuce
Snack - Nectarine
Dinner - as yet to be determined.
Exercise - Gonna try to squeeze in a VERY fast walk because I have a candle party tonight @ 7.

That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in again! I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks but I plan on getting on the scale tonight to see what the damage has been. Wish me luck!

It's my Thursday! =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yay for Thursdays! Well for me at least! =)

Ok gonna make it as short and sweet as possible.

Last night's dinner was tuna melts w/ light mayo & non-fat cheese. Unfortunately I also had some mac & cheese to go with it but I'm not gonna beat myself up about it since I've been doing pretty darn good this week.

Today's meals:
Breakfast - small black coffee & a bagel
Lunch - Chicken & string beans - I splurged & had a coke too because it's that time of the month and I needed it. =)
Dinner - I have no clue but I might meet up w/ Jannette @ Garmans (all are welcome!) and if I do I'll prob just order the small dinner salad.

I'll be MIA tomorrow since I'll be running some errands in the morning and going to see Hanson w/ Kayla tomorrow night but GOOD CHOICES to eat are a MUST. Gonna go to the gym in the morning for sure too. They are having "boot camp" there right now and I'm gonna try it out.

Here's to a successful weekend ladies! Love you all! XOXO

MIA but here now!

OMG I haven't been on here forever, I suck!!! I need to try and make it a habit, at least every couple of days. I am glad to see my girls on here, I need some motivation and you are just the bunch to give it to me!

Lately I haven't been as strict as I was in the summer, but haven't completely let ALL my good habits go. For example, the other day my mom wanted to go get a burger so not wanting to be negative about her suggestion, I suggested In-N-Out and I opted for the protein burger, iced tea (no sugar) and only splurged on a couple of fries that I stole from the little one :) I have been getting my stair workout at least once a week but to be honest it is only about 15 minutes long. Today is stair workout day and I am going to aim for 20 minuntes. Ariana and I went on a walk last night for about 20 minutes so that was good. I had a mega salad last night for dinner with every vegetable under the sun, topped with shredded chicken. BUT, yesterday we had a potluck @ work so I had a bit of a heavy lunch...

Since I have a hard time executing healthy, EASY meals during the week, I need to get a recipe idea/list together and Lisa I am definately adding the baked corn burritos on to it! What a great idea, and yummy! I figure I can just keep building my list and when I am out of meal ideas in a couple months, I can refer to it and revisit them! With the cooler weather upon us, crock pot meals with protein and veggies will be warm and yummy along with soups! I think we should share simple, healthy options here on our blog for added support of our healthy lifestyle... It is important that we put extra effort into our exercise and eating habits as it gets colder and we lose our motivation as we are covering up with jeans and sweaters instead of tanks and shorts!!

xoxo girls! I've missed you!!

October can't come fast enough...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Ladies! Not in a working mood right now so I thought I would catch up on the blogs and am so proud of you girls for working out and eating good! I was motivated when I read them but I don't know that I will be working out any time soon. There is so much going on and my time at home is consumed with packing, spending time with Colby, cleaning etc. I want to make a fresh start in October and get back to business. I figured I would be (hopefully) settled by then. I already decided I wanted to set my goal to lose 5 lbs that month - just in time for the Lady A GNO!
Though I havent been working out, I am trying to watch what I eat. Started eating my eggs again for breakfast and lunch I have been eating frozen meals. I really don't want to keep eating those but for now it has to do. Today Jenny brought me some SMFCO for lunch so I did splurge on a fish taco and of course chips and salsa. Tonight we are having orange chicken and white rice. Not the best but also better than fast food!!
I really don't like how I'm feeling right now. My jeans are tight and I can just see the damage I've done when I look in the mirror. I'm ready for my fresh start to begin. It's been such a stressful month and I think it's definitley taken it's tole emotionally and physically. I can't wait to get out of this slump and start working hard again!!

Day 3 back on the wagon

Ok ladies I'm back again! =) 2 days in a row! YAY! LOL

So yesterday I had a horrible day at work. (I swear I hope this place blows up...without me in it) By the end of the day I started getting a headache and did not want to work out AT ALL but once I got home I made myself go for a walk to get some exercise in and I was happy I did.

Dinner yesterday ended up being tostadas. We baked the shells so that they weren't fried and used non-fat refried beans, lettuce, low-fat cheese & avocado...oh and salsa! Good stuff. =)
My mom and I have found that when you bake things you can still enjoy some of the yummy Mexican foods without the fried fatty elements. One of my faves is the corn burritos w/ non-fat beans but we bake them to get them crispy instead of frying them and they're yum!

Here's the meals for today:
Breakfast - Black coffee & a banana
Lunch - Chicken salad w/ light mayo on toasted whole wheat bread
Dinner - not sure yet. Going to the movies tonight so I'm not gonna be able to get to the gym or do a walk but I will do some sit-ups, push-ups, dips & squats tonight when I get home for sure.

I'm going to get an exercise ball on Friday because I found some ab work-outs that I want to try which I'll post here for all who are interested:


Love you gals!

Back in the swing of things

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ok so it took me some time but I'm back.

After about a month or so off from watching what I eat I'm back in it again. I have to say that since we got back from Vegas I haven't been doing as well as I can. I haven't been doing horrible but I have definitely been letting myself indulge more than I need to. The good thing is that I have been keeping fairly active so my weight has more or less been consistent. No gains/no losses. I haven't been hitting the gym as often as I like but I've been doing different things here and there. I've gone walking at least 3 times a week for the past couple weeks and we've been doing the stupid Peck Rd hill at least once a week if not more. I've played tennis and have been getting in a few sit-ups & push ups from time to time too.

But after I got home from Reno Labor Day weekend I pulled out some old pics and started bummin'. I saw how thin I used to be and got frustrated that I let myself get to where I am now. I know I will never be as thin as I was back in HS because my body has changed as I've gotten older but I know if I work hard I can get close to it and that motivated me to get back with it.

And on Sat night I had a really scary dream. Due to how I sit at work when I type, my left arm tends to go numb and tingly from time to time. Well I don't know if it was just that or the fact that I haven't been watching my food intake but on Sat I had a dream that I went to the Dr to get it checked out and he told me that it was doing that because I have been having mini-strokes. He said that if I have one more I will die and so I had to go telling all of my friends and family how much I loved them and I ended up waking up crying.

So that combined with the old pic's and the fact that I'm planning a trip for Hawaii in April I decided I needed to get my butt in gear. I sat with my mom and we planned out a menu for the week and I'm determined to stick to it. And that means I'll need all the motivation I can get and that's where my girls come in! =) So in an effort to get back into it...here are my meals for the last 2 days:

Breakfast - unfortunately nothing more than a glass of juice because I was running late
Lunch - Salad from home w/ grilled chicken & Crazins w/ light sesame dressing
Dinner - Turkey Sub from Subway, baked chips & an iced tea
Exercise - wasn't able to make it to the gym or get in a walk but I did some dips and squats in my room

Breakfast - a banana & black coffee
Lunch - Same salad from yesterday except w/ a low-fat raspberry Gorgonzola dressing
Dinner - not 100% sure but I'm thinking salmon w/ brown rice
Exercise - either a gym or a walk....or both! =)

I know I can do this ladies! I'm extremely motivated this time. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by April. That's about 7 months and if I stick with it I know I can do it! I just need to take it day by day, meal by meal.

Operation Hawaii bathing suit here I come! =)

I am still here!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I may not post every day but I am still here!!! So my workout for the week was Mon & wed stroller strides a good 45 min workout tues took kids to hurricane harbor (I figure good cardio) today house work. Food intake mmm...
Bfast corn bread
lunch green salad with avo & water
snack crackers & laughin cow cheese
dinner beef stew w/ veggies & water
dessert 3 small cookies :/

ya where is everyone?

Day 2 of back on the saddle!!!

Morning laides.... helllooo is anyone out there.... am I posting and talking to myself =) lolol

Ha, ok it's Thursday and day two of being back on the saddle... It is a slow start but it is a START! =)

Yesterday was a day of good eating, unfortunalty no working out. But at least 1/2 of the challange was met.

Coffee w/ creamer, forgot to grab something to eat so had a plate of fruit at mtg.

BBQ chicken (didn't eat the skin), two pieces of tri tip, salad with a little bit of ranch, small spoonfull of chili beans good protien and WATER

Filet miglon, pasta roni small and water

Late night snack:
Fruit bar - sooo yummy

I really wanted to go for a run last night but Aliyah begged me to do a puzzle with her instead. =) how could I say no? =) I should have gotten up and done a work out video but didn't do that either... =) sooo on tonights agenda, either running or a work out video. I think Running will be the choice. I started yesterday but going to be gong-ho starting Monday since that is the rythm of the work out plan!!!

Laura how was your first day??? Ok ladies lets get back on track!!! WE are stronger together and we know it works!!! No excuses!!!

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