Confessing.... I'm back... but first Confessing

Thursday, November 18, 2010

First and foremost, I love this blog... I love that we are all soooo trying to help motivate one another to keep us healthy and happy and in good spirits...

NOW for my confessions... I guess I decided to take break... ??? Not sure why, but I for some reason after my 1/2 marathon, I felt like.. oh I need to eat. =) lol Silly huh...I don't think I have fluctuated to much on the actual weight number... but the inches has definitely changed =( which is the ugliest part for me. Well the number has changed too...

Ok so I can't recap the past 15 days... so I just give a brief summary.

I was doing great with my work outs and food intake... I was ready to go for the 1/2 marathon. I did really awesome in the run... I ran the 13.1 miles in 2:17hrs. My goal was 2 hrs flat, but I got really close. Side note - I had to stop to pee, and had to wait in line for 5 minutes (i timed it) so really my time was a little less. I was/am super proud of myself... I felt really good the whole time. I am still debating on signing up for the LA Marathon again... It really is sooooo exciting to be part of a great event.... And to be honest... Jenny, your moms fight makes me want to do it even more. Monies raised goes to all sorts of non-profits, and I am sure one or tow of them are for Cancer Research!! Every little bit helps.

Since the Marathon, I haven't worked out... have been SUPER lazy, but also SUPER busy.... The following week was a short week for me at work since we had Veterans Day off, but also it was my PC party... so we ate very good that night. =) Then that weekend we headed off to Disneyland on Friday. We were there until Monday. So... when I thought I was going to be REALLY bad with the eating, I wasn't too bad. =) Plus we walked around the park on both Sat. & Sun from 7AM -10PM =) LONG DAYS...sooooo that has to count for some sort of exercise... PLUS I was wearing my Reebok Tone Ups!!! =)

The time change is great, and makes it feel like the holidays... BUT sucks for my running. It is to dark for me to run after I get home by myself, so I am stuck... LADIES, Wanna start running? =) Seriously????

Reality ck: Today I went to put on a pair of Bebe jeans... that I LOVE and fit into perfectly say 6 months ago.... IT was tough for me to put them on and couldn't get them to button if my life depended on it. YES they are very much JEAN, with not much give... but really to not fit me at allllll =(.

I want to get back on the work out wagon. AT least 3-4 times a week. I have a treadmill, to run in the back, not my fav. way to run but it will work those nights I can't go outside and run.
I am going to get back on drinking water, water, water... most of the time if we eat out, that isn't a problem drinking water, but it is during the day lately that I have been struggling... funny how the mind works, cause if I don't have a water bottle at my desk, I just don't drink water... stupid huh? =) lol I am back on to drinking at least 3 liters a day.
Eating, I want to start making NEW meals... Still going to follow the P90X plan but really want to find some new dinner ideas. I want/going to start taking my lunch more. That will not only help my waste line, but my pocket book.
Logging & Blogging - I was doing really good at logging my food intake and exercise activ. and blogging at least 3 times a week.... Back on track. I am looking back at Oct. when I was being bad ass with my logging... and seeing my exercise... looked great! =) Gonna start doing that again to make myself be accountable.

I will be weighing in on Sunday... yuck. =( Gotta face the ugly truth.

Thank you everyone for liking my cheerleading, and making me feel like I have been a great motivator for you all... I want to keep it going, sorry I have sucked for a bit. =) BUT I AM BACK!!!

Had to be in extra early... so no coffee yet =( debating on if I should run to Starbucks but really do I need the xtra calories and the xtra spending?
Breakfast - 3 eggs with ham and motz cheese... had to make something that Aliyah could take to go since she was riding with Tina this morning =) (T, Tina your sisters friend... love her)
Lunch - 1/2 ham sandwich not sure what else I will have with it.
dinner - it's not decided yet... another night, just Aliyah and I...
Work out - PLANNING ON RUNNING OR WALKING A BIT on the treadmill.. =)

This weekend, I had planned to Rod out to dinner for his bday (I tried to make it a group thing but he said he wanted it to be just the two of us... ha don't get any ideas) BUT that idea got squashed since they are working Friday night... Then again reporting in the EARLY AM like 3-4 AM on Sunday morning...
Sat. we will be spending the day at the football field. Rod's nephews play in the Banams Superbowl at 9AM... WAIT... T, does that mean you will be there too? Then Moy plays for the J1's Superbowl at 1PM. BIG Deal so we will be there all day! Gonna try and get some Christmas shopping in, but not eating all the holiday yummies out!! =) ok maybe one. =) lol

I miss my girls... no bunco this month =( no Fillmore game for me.. =( Wed. night at the Morales house I am going to make soon, hopefully the guys will be home one of these darn nights. =)



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Was a little late waking up this morning so I only did two videos: Cardio and Abs. Both challenging. I feel pretty good. I haven't been too sore and I hope that isn't a sign that I'm not working out hard enough.
Yesterday was a bad, bad, BAD day. We had a potluck so I had some of my yummy tortelinni pasta salad, a little bit of some egg caserole, crackers with cheese and meat and a cookie. I'm sure I had more stuff but I can't remember. I did refuse the bagels which was good, I think...
Lunch: More pasta salad
OH and I had my usual 3 coffees. It's hard to resist those peppermint mochas. I did say no to them today though. Yay me!
Snack: piece of cake from the potluck. I didn't eat any of the frosting. Just the chocolate cake part and it wasn't a huge piece, still not good though.
Dinner: shredded beef tostada from Pescador. I didn't even eat half but it wasn't the best choice, though yummy.
I'm very very hungry today though. I had my banana and oatmeal and now I'm snacking on cheez-its that I should not have bought. They are reduced fat but sooo soo good!

Still going strong

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woke up early again. Today was just one exercise, YOGA FLEX. It was mostly just stretching but nice to have an easy morning. Tomorrow it will be a 3 exercise day.

Food Tuesday:
Coffee : 3 again. One was a peppermint mocha. My weakness this time of year.
Breakfast: banana and oatmeal
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Pizza
Snack: veggies with hummus and cottage cheese and a granola bar
Dinner: Special K and I snacked on a few cheeze-its and Colby's chicken and fries

My stinking scale is still stuck at 130. I hope I see a decrease next week!!! Glad more people are blogging!! Let's do this.

Jenny, I love you to pieces. Stay strong and let me know if there is anything I can do.

Like can suck sometimes!!!!!!

so last night my mom was admitted to the hospital she ended up having nemonia (I don't know how to spell that) so anyways they was treated right away with antibiotics & they rehydrated she does look way better then she did the past few day!!!! And now I am praying that God can lead us on a path other than chemo to kill this cancer!!!! So please just keep her in ur prayers :) so that's the update on my mom...know for my update:
bfast: 1 cup special K
lunch: SMFish co 1 hard shell grilled taco with extra chees & lettuce (sorry I love chees!) then I also had poki salad w/o ahi instead grilled shrimp ice tea & some chips & salsa
ferraros salad & a little rigguletti ( I bright most of it home) but that did make me feel a little better after seeing my mom in the ER!
not sure I will be @ the hospital so I will update later!
Hope u all r having a good day ;)

I'm ALL In

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi My Lovlies...and any other blog readers that may be lurking,

I'm not going to recap anything I've eaten or the exercise I've done because it's all been bad and I don't need to bring any negativity to the blog (or tempt you with all the GOOD...I mean FATTY foods I've had). What I do need to do is say, "I'm ALL IN" with getting back on the healthy wagon. I had felt pretty good considering I've eaten what I want and drank what I want...UNTIL today. I ALWAYS check in with the scale while I'm at my parent's house, which is pretty often but today I had a RUDE AWAKENING! I SWEAR my weight* was WAY lower over the weekend. It could be because Aunt Flow is here, because I've had a half a bag of fun size snickers between Sunday and Tuesday, because I'm starting to drink more soda, or because I haven't exercised AT ALL but whatever it is...I DON'T LIKE IT.

As T said, we have 3 weeks left until The SCE Christmas Party and that will be my small term goal. I WILL get to where I want to be by then.

*The scale read 147!!!

Knock Knock, who's there... It's RHONDA!!!!!!

HI! I suck! But I am going to work on it!!!

Ahhhh I have been sooooooooooooo busy at work and that is my only time to blog but here I am!
I have been eating pretty well, although not too much going down on the exercise front. I have managed to get a stair workout in at lunch here and there but there are a lot more people down in the basement these days so it is a little more challenging... I enjoyed being down there alone and getting squats and lunges in too but I need to switch it up since that isn't working so well right now.
Since Terese ordered the 10 minute workouts and likes them a lot, I ordered them but have not yet gotten to one! BUT, I brought some of them with me to work today and I am shutting my office door during lunch time and I am going to WORK OUT! I am excited to get back in the swing of working out and with the holidays approaching, I don't want to let go of the progress that I have been able to manage over the last year. (Last year at this time I was like 8-9 heavier than I am now). I am holding steady at right around 140 but I would love to be in the 130-135 range.
Anyway, I appreciate the commitment to the steady bloggers, I think this was such a great idea. Even though some of us get lost along the way in this journey called life, we all need to make all back here support each other!!


Thank you all

Ok this is my 3rd attempt to post so hopefully I can get it done this time!!! I have two kidos in school and one asleep & a hubby @ work so here it goes... so first attempt I was going to let you girlies know that we had just found out that my moms cancer spread & she has to basiclly start all over with her treatments :( so I want to thank you guys for being here to listen to me and my issuse!!!
The 2nd attempt was thanking Ang, Lisa & Teesh for there commitment to us & this Blog, Ang you have been my insperation one day I will be able to work out as much as you! Good Job :) Leese Good Job on keeping us updated & for your down 2 sizes!!! I feel terese & I are in the same boat with our updates we update when we can but I do look forward to reading them it really does help me out :)
So now I will update you on my general eating & workout... So basiclly I am still doing Stroller Strides without it I would not be doing any workout so thank you Stroller Strides!
Bfast: 1 cup Special K cereal & milk
Lunch: $9.00 Salad from Lassens...losts of protein & veggies
Snack: Veggies sticks (a good sub for chips from trader joes)
Dinner: 1/2 Pinni & cup of french onion soup (Pinni Restaraunt It was ok I'd rather have Urban Cafe!)
Snack: popcorn & one holloween candy
Excersise: Stroller Strides
Bfast: 1 cup of Special K cereal & milk
So far thats all I got! Hey does any one still have a copy of the PX90 meals? If so text me if I can get a copy... all of angs foods sound so good!!! Next time anyone wants to go to SMFish Co let me know I might be able to meet up with ya...Mondays & Wed I only have B so that would work out best for me :)

3 weeks...

til the SCE Xmas party and I need to get in shape! I started my 10 minute workout plan and got up early yesterday and today to work out. It was easier to get up at 4:15 due to the time change. I do a total of 3 videos so it's like working out for 30 minutes! I love it!! So far...
I need to go to store so yesterday my eating was the best.

2 coffees plus a peppermint mocha (non-fat milk no whip, small)
Lunch: Lean Cusine
Dinner: Taco Bell - chicken soft taco, steak soft taco fresca and 2 pieces of a cheese quesadilla

I'm ready to commit and do this! Hope you are all having a great week!

Hump day!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi all... hellloooo anyone there? =)

I think we are all still recovering from the AWESOME weekend we had!! =)

Well I am back so I will give a brief recap of what I have been doing starting Monday:


brkfst - yogurt w/ granola, coffee,
Lunch -HABIT - cheeseburger, fries, onion rings... SOOO GOOD!
Dinner - eggs w/ turkey lol (Aliyah and I only couldn't think of what to eat so I let her choose, she always wants eggs for dinner)
WORKOUT- P90X Chest & Back and Ab Ripper

brkst - Fresh fruit, 1/2 cranberry muffin, coffee
lunch - Tri tip sandwich, chili beans, salad w/ ranch, homemade kettle chips (mtg food)
dinner - Rotisserie Chicken with salad
WORKOUT-Ran 5.33 miles

brkfst - coffee, sesame seed bagel with cream cheese
lunch - BBQ tri tip, BBQ chicken, salad, chili beans, salad with ranch. (mtg again)
Dinner - PLANNING - bbq ranchera meat with pasta roni and ....
WORKOUT - PLANNING on P90X shoulders and arms

This week I am CARB'ING up... I have my 1/2 marathon so I am not skimping on the carbs. I am very excited about the marathon and really want to finish in a 2hr time.

I really enjoy our blog and love to hear how everyone is doing...

Laura... thank you for our heart to heart about working out and eating!!! I promise I do all this cause I like the way I feel when I eat right and work out. With my genetic genes.... well if I don't work out... I will not be fitting in ANY of my clothes. Everything in moderation....

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