Thursday, December 30, 2010

So I signed up for Weight Watchers again today. I weighed in and I'm at 135 lbs which is 15 more lbs than I was around Vegas time. I'm so sad but not surprised. I've been eating my pants off! And they are too tight now and I can't put them back on!! hahah. They have a new program which I think will be motivating and since I'm paying money for it, I think it will make me stay on track. I will officially start this diet and exercise effective Monday Jan 3rd.
I'm glad you girls are ready to start being healthy again which will be motivating for me. I'm not sure what 2011 has in store (besides a FAB wedding) but I want to be at a good weight and feel good about myself for all the fun festivities I'm sure this year will bring.
Let's do this girls!!!

Come Back!!!

Time has FLOWN by and it's lonely on this blog!!!!! I think about it all the time, and I am FINALLY gettin' on here! The holidays are just about behind us so we ALL need to get back on track. We have all slipped a little lately and have no reason to feel guilty about it... life happens and we're busy and I think it is ok to slack off a bit but hopefully we can get back into our good habits!! I ate pretty bad over thanksgiving and Christmas BUT I have been trying to scale back this last week to offset some of the damage! I am going to hop on the scale tomorrow and see what it says :)

Now with Christmas over, I am hoping to fit some lunch workouts in again. I brought my clothes and shoes today, so after this I am going to do it! I made some homemade chicken tortilla soup that I brought for lunch and will have again tonight, very low-cal and loaded with veggies and lean protein!

Another thing, eating well and exercise helps your immune system and this time of year is usually plagued with coughs and colds and I know I don't have time to be sick, so it is another form of motivation! In addition to everything else we've discussed on this blog since it's inception as far as motivation goes, I have back pain EVERY day since I can't get to the chiropractor as often as I should ........I know that if I am in better shape and have a stronger core and abs, it will help tremendously so I need to also keep that in mind!!!

Come back ladies come back!!!! Miss you all!!!


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