5 Weeks til VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

OMG! It's getting so close I can't wait!

Ok I'm crazy busy at work today so here's a quickie for me.


Breakfast - Fiber One Bar & some water

Lunch - Chicken Sandwich from Urban Cafe, Side Salad & Iced Tea

Dinner - Shredded Chicken Sandwich on whole wheat bun, corn, baked Lays & a water

Snack - 1 Bud Light Lime...ok so it's not a snack and not the best but it was light and I only had 1 when I usually have 2

Made it to the gym for my work out after work which was good. I went to the store after to buy some healthy snack options for me & some breakfast foods.

So far today I've had 2 Eating Right Multi-Grain waffles w/ sugar free syrup & a cup of black coffee.

For snacks today I have Reduced Fat Triscuits, an apricot & a plum and I plan on having SMFCO for lunch...prob just the Tuna on Fire though since it's not fried.

Has anyone heard from Laura? It's been a while and I miss her!

Hope you all have great days! XOXO


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