Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's working! To stay I touch with my girls I've gone mobile :) I'm blogging from my phone as a text message. I'm hoping to be able to edit these posts (if need be) through the website.

I had a huge temptation yesterday...rocky road ice cream! I'm happy to say I didn't cave in (thanks Rhondizzle).

For dinner: Baked BBQ chicken, a piece of marinated carne asada and some rice.

My "activity" for the day was a 30 minute cardio workout and a walk around the block carrying a 25lb. Weight (B).

I'm going to do the same walk now before heading home to Ptown to clean house.

Have a great day ladies!!


RhondaM said...

Glad I was able to help you fight that craving!!!! That is what this whole "team effort" is all about, and I know it has definately worked for me ;)

Ang said...

ok teach me how to put this on my phone??? =) I am so technically challanged sometimes. lolol WAY to go Laura... love the 25 lb weight.

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