Whoa...30 days!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's definitely time to reassess my goals. I need to stop putting things off and get down to business. Starting today I am doing SOME sort of exercise EVERYDAY for the next 30 days. To be honest, I've been a slacker in the exercise department and have been straight up lazy and unmotivated. I've been kinda blah lately but ready to make a drastic change :)

I'm also going to set up blogger mobile on my phone so I can stay in touch with you girls more. The blog will be my everyday outlet. I've been keeping track of my exercise and food intake using "LoseIt" and have been hovering around 145 pounds for the past 2 weeks. My lowest weight has been 140 and my current weight is 143.2. I know weight isn't everything because I'm already not fitting in jeans and fitting A LOT better in my Joe's!

Here's what I can remember eating for the weekend:
Friday- 4 Skinny slices of pizza and about 3 Michelob Ultras
Saturday- 2 skinny slices of pizza, 2 Dos Equis, 1/2 a margarita, 2 Al Pastor Quesadillas, 3 tacos (chicken, al pastor, and carne asada)
Sunday- 1 Small Strawberry Margarita, a Veggie burrito, and some pasta salad

Monday-Rice Krispies, Tiny bit of pasta salad, Fried Chicken drumstick (I took the "fried" part off)

30 days and counting...lets get to work girls!!


LeeseD said...

LOL...I love that every weekend day had some type of alcohol listed on it. LOL...too funny! That's how it's gonna be in Vegas baby!

RhondaM said...

LOL Lisa, true! The alcohol usually kills it for me on the weekends but I figure we are MUCH better off watching watch we are eating and working out during the week so when we finally reach a place to maintain, it will be easy!
Laura, you are right about the weight- it is how you feel and look that is the most important! Stay strong!!!!

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