22.5 days til VEGAS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey lady birds! I'm starting to get really excited for our trip!

Talking about it more and more is making it hard to wait! =)

Ok quick update on my food from Mon night & yesterday. Didn't do too hot but not gonna beat myself up too much for it either.

Dinner - Ok...so anyone who grew up in SP knows what Mr. Chips is and how they had the BEST corn burritos EVER. It was mostly the sauce that came with it because let's face it...a corn burrito is pretty much just beans & cheese in a fried corn tortilla. But anyway...lets just say that I was fairly obsessed with their corn burritos and was devastated when they closed some years back without saying a word about it.
My mom's class reunion was 2 weeks ago and she happened to run into someone who used to work there and HAD THE RECIPE FOR THE SAUCE! Needless to say I was beyond excited for this. So...dinner on Monday was my beloved Mr. Chips corn burritos made from home. And my mom managed to make them a little more healthy by baking them in the oven to get them crispy instead of frying them. The sauce was soo good. Almost exactly how I remembered it. So any unhealthy part of those corn burritos just flew out the window in my eyes. They were YUM and SO worth being bad! =)
NO exercise

Breakfast - black coffee & oatmeal
Lunch - Turkey sandwich from home on wheat bread w/ baked lays & water
Snack - baggie of cherries & about 5 reduced fat Triscuits
Dinner - Chicken tacos & Spanish rice w/ a water. I know the rice isn't the healthiest but aside from the fried shells the tacos were completely healthy.
NO exercise.

Ugh...unfortunately I can't do much exercising this week because my tattoo is still healing and just the thought of getting sweat in it make me cringe. But I will be back to working out next week for sure. With Laughlin this weekend I'm sure to sweat out a good amount of water weight and will be walking around a lot as well so hopefully I can at least maintain my weight. We'll see...


ReeseS said...

Yummmmm, make me some! Those were soo good. The weird cheese just made them that much better!!! MMMM

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