Back on the Work Out wagon

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ok ladies.... I am back. Not so much in action just yet but going to be this week. I think that is part of my tiredness that I haven't been working out. =(

Well obviously this weekend was a BUST on the eating tip, and well alcohol consuption. =) BUT I did get a 2.77 mile run in on Sat. which I thought I was going to die running... gees take a few weeks off and it kicks my @$$....

So the plan for this week: work out eat right, work out eat right, NO ALOCHOL for me...May take a break until VEGAS! =) ha we'll see....

breakfast - 2 whole wheat waffles w/ reduced fat PB, coffee w/ cream but not even the whole cup
water water water (as of 11:30 1 1/2 liters already)
Snack - Chewy Granola bar 100 calories!!!
Lunch - think I will get a sandwich at jersey mikes... but may head up to SMFCO for an order to go =)
Dinner - I took turkey out so I think it will be spagetti night! yummmo with wheat pasta

Going to Cardio X tonight to get the blood flowin, no excuses.

Thanks for hearin my plee for being so horrible on the work out and eating tip.... No more excuses for me, gonna be hardcore for the next 5 1/2 weeks!!!


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