No me guesta Mondays...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays are soo hard... =(

This weekend WASN'T entirely bad... well you be the judge and of course be bruitally honest.

So Friday I was good all day...

Breakfast - coffee, non fat yogurt w/ low fat granola
snack - ... don't think I had one. Water for sure
lunch - i know it is bad... but I didn't have one. Was so busy with wrk we had a lot of STORM stuff going on so I didn't ever get to leave. but I did have 3 small plums and 100 calorie granola bar
Dinner - Asparagus & Spiniach spagitinni from CPK, some focacchia bread, 1 glass of wine!!! I got a text from the FOOD NATZI (aka Mrs. M) to ck the nutrition facts on my food before I splurge.. =) so my past wasn't on the TOO TOO bad list well a lot of calories but not to bad on the FAT tip.
Late night cap - 2/3 glasses of wine at BFF's house. SIDE note - we were up until around 1:15am soooo that had to help a little bit with my burning my food off, plus TONS of laughs as we strolled down memory lane and ck'd out our hi-school yearbooks!!! =) Good times.

Woke up very wide eyed, and ready for the day. So got up at 6:00am washed my face, got the work out clothes on and headed to SB.
Meet my sister for a run on the beach it was soooo nice, made me miss my hometown a lot =(. We ran/walked 3.42 miles not to bad.. =)
Breakfast - to our fav. brkfst place Cajun Kitchen, build my own omelet so I had Egg whites w/ spinach and jack cheese since they didn't have any motz. cheese. Only a few bites of the hash browns, and shared a bowl of oatmeal with baby Q!
lunch - Since breakfast was at like 9-930ish we just snacked a little on chex mix and water by the pool
Dinner - 1/2 turkey club wrap and a full Cesar salad from a FABULOUS place called FRESCO. Ladies must try this place, one of my fav's yummo, fresh, good food.
Snacks and Nightcap - Went back to sisters house for wine and snacks... BUT before that we went on a 1.13 mile walk with Baby Q to traders to grab some snacks and wine. Only ended up munching on the Assort nuts mix and wine all night.

SUNDAY - Couldn't get the energy up to go running so we just relaxed then went to our brkfst spot again.
Breakfast - Omelet w/ ham and jack cheese. Oatmeal again, and a little bit of hash browns.
Missed lunch again since I was past out asleep then woke up to drive home to meet my BF back from Sin City.
Dinner - BAD bad Bad....Rod was still feeling the affects of Vegas, you know drinking obsessively, heat and not drinking water, so he was in the mood for BAD food. So, Rod, Aliyah and I went to Carl's.... got a chick sandwich that is ate w/o most of the bread!! =) But inhaled my fries =( and drank a rootbeer. BAD BAD BAD...

NOW this morning....

Breakfast - coffee with creamer & chopped up at least 1 1/2 cups of honeydew melon, it was sooo ripe I had to eat it... and since we hadn't gone grocery shopping yet we had NO food.
Snack - Slimfast snack bar and 1/2 liter of water....
Lunch - Will be the chick Caprice salad from Urban, (heading out in a bit)
Dinner - on the menu is Chick Parmesan homemade with salad!!!

Ok so ... I decided today I am going back to phase 1 diet with P90X to get ready ready for VEGAS the next couple of weeks. It is the FAT SHREDDER!!! Gonna focus, no messin around on the weekends. Hope you all had a great weekend.... Thanks for all the support keep it up and we will succeed!!!


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