Weekend Success

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ah! Our trip is exactly a month away, we still have time to make some progress so stay focused!
I had a great weekend, and somehow managed to stay on track without depriving myself. Had pasta, wine, cookies and chips and dip, popcorn- just really tried to watch the portions and stuck to water other than a couple glasses of wine. I got in a really good walk yesterday morning too... A little more than I had planned after noticing that I had dropped Ariana's sun glasses somehwere along with way! So I finished up my walk by increasing the distance by probably about 1/3 and drastically picked up the pace!!!
From last Monday to this Monday, I am down 2 lbs and need to keep it off! I was sore for like 2 days from the 30 minute plyometrics I did last week so that is on deck for tonight and I am aiming at doing that workout 2 times a week to hopefully make some progress on how I look in a bikini. It left me sore in all the right places!!!!

Food so far today:

2 cups of coffee/creamer :)
1 waffle, handful of blueberries.

Snacks today will be: 100 calorie granola bar, 110 calorie yogurt

lunch will be shredded chicken along with a tomato and avocado salad.

Not sure what dinner is yet but it will hopefully be something easy and healthy since we have gym class (Ariana's) tonight!

Countdown ladies, let's do this!


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