WOW!: Work Out Wednesday

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm SO excited to announce the beginning of the "It's a Lifestyle: Get Skinny with Us" blog! We will have 5 wonderful, motivating, and HOT women contributors who will chronicle their journey through getting healthy and ultimately...skinny (or vice-versa)

Today not only is the beginning of our blogging days but also the beginning of WOW!: Work Out Wednesday. Lisa and Myself met at Angela's house to do some P90X. It was a great work out. We began working on arms and back and ended the night with We got through it and felt really good after. Lisa had even gone to the gym prior to our work out at Angela's. Kudos LEESE!

We are working together towards one goal. One personal goal that has been determined by us and no one else. We will be here to voice our struggles, our triumphs, and hopefully motivate any readers we may attract.

Here's to getting healthy...and skinny! :)

[Let it be known that we ALL will be going on vacation to SIN CITY in which we are aiming to be the hottest women around! ( sweat)]


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