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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's hard to confess something that you really don't want to. Today, I must tell my girls that I did NOT exercise last night. I just didn't have it in me after playing with Colby, making dinner, making cookies, cleaning... I know they are all excuses. I really should have just done the 27 minute video but I didn't it. I got in bed and watched The Biggest Loser!! This is the first season I've watched and it's so awesome to see how far the contestants have come. Very inspiring!! So I really am going to exercise tonight, NO EXCUSES.
I do have to say that I at least ate good yesterday!!
Morning: Coffee (with creamer), half a banana and oatmeal
Snack : Snap peas
Lunch: Salad
Snack: Granola Bar and two blue M&Ms
Dinner: Turkey Burger with pepper jack cheese
Snack: pieces of broken sugar cookies (I couldn't resist)

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner. I have to frost all the sugar cookies and don't really feel like cooking on top of that. I kinda want to have special K night and maybe Scott and the boys will settle for waffles. They love breakfast for dinner!!! That will give me time to work out too. It's all about time management.

Food Tip: We had turkey burgers last week too and instead of buying regular hamburger buns, I bought buns that were super thin. Only 100 cals each and they had a decent amount of fiber. I've purchased that Sara Lee Sandwich thins before but I can't remember the brand of the kind we had last night. I'll let you know but it's a good option for sandwiches and hamburgers. The turkey burgers were fast and easy. I just season the already prepared pattys with salt and pepper and grilled them in my grill pan with some PAM.

Tomorrow I hope to post that I actually worked out today. That is my goal at least :)


Ang said...

You are too cute, confess confess confess... it will help you!!! We tried those thins too... I think they are Orthowheat? we bought them at Costco, I am a fan!!!! Keep up the great work!

RhondaM said...

Oh yeah, I have definitely done the turkey burger patties and cheese! YUMMY! Healthy but doesn't seem like diet food at all!

LeeseD said...

LOL...I LOVE that you noted that they were blue M&M's. LOL.
Turkey burgers are always a good option. SO much better for you than regular but you get to eat a burger. When I was on Atkins I used to do them all the time and then they came out with the low carb buns and I was in Heaven! =) Good Job Reese! You may not have worked out but you ate great as far as I'm concerned! =)

RhondaM said...

Yes, it may not always be possible to get in a workout, but eating well definately counts. Oh and the blue M&Ms are much lower in fat and calories than any other color so good job Reese!!!!!

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