Fresh new start

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to work after a long fun weekend. I did not think about my diet one bit though but that is not a surprise. But, I can say I ate and drank everything that sounded good to me so I am starting off fresh today not craving anything. :)
We went to the grocery store last night. I wasn't prepared with ideas of healthy meals to make for the week so I was stuck as far as what to bring for lunch this week or dinner ideas. I have been bringing salads for lunch but have been so burned out on them. Luckily they are so versatile so I changed the ingredients up a bit. This week it's grilled chicken (already prepared and cut in strips), carrots, cucumbers, tomato, and feta cheese. So far I've only had coffee but I'm about to grub a banana and some oatmeal later. It's going to be a busy week at work and home but I really need to focus on getting a work out in. I'm starting my Slim in 6 today and need to at least do the shorter video. The temptation for the night? Not eating any sugar cookies that I'm making for a work shower on Wednesday. It's always something I tell ya.
Good luck to you girls! I have to say catching up on all the blogs was a great way to start the day. I'm motivated to do good today!!!


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