Week 3 of Phase 2 & going strong

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a fun weekend.... Not to bad on the eating tip got some exersice and hung out with friends and family.

So Sat. we did not end up going to SB after all but cruised from mall to mall to mall =) A lot of walking around for sure. Sunday bowling with friends was for sure soooo much fun! A lot of laughes and silly times. I have to pat myself on the back I stuck to my water and protien bar. In the morning before we left I made wheat pancakes with lite sugar suryp... YUMMM
After bowling we headed to SB where my sister had chips (my weakness) and dip. So I munched on a few of those, lots of water then we had a tri-tip and sweet potatoes!!!

YESTERDAY was a great day. Well couldn't get up in the AM to do my cardio work out but I had a plan.
Menu for Monday:
Breakfast - Oatmeal with a tad of sugar, coffee
**snack - protien bar
Lunch - Shirmp salad compliments of SMFCO pick up dipped the dressing so not to much
Dinner - Lean Grilled Hamburger w/ lowfat cheese no bun, salad w/ a little ranch dressing no croutons
Then I went for a 3.4 mile run, felt so good to get out and it was perfect weather. Hard to leave at first being that my little one was being soooooo darn cute practicing her hula hoop! FYI we will be bringing that this weekend!! =)
With help from Rod giving Aliyah a bath and getting her ready for bed, I was able to get in a video work out for chest, shoulders, & triceps. then to top off my night I finished with the AB RIPPER!!! Felt so good at the end of the night!!!!

Report for this morning: weighed in 2lbs less then last week!!! Plan for today is to follow the nutrition guide and do plyometrics tonight!

Very excited of my progress thus far! So pumped that I have you girls to do this with!!! woo hooo VEGAS BABY!!!!


RhondaM said...

You are so good! Way better than I could have been... especially at the bowling alley with BLOODY MARYS!

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