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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ok so here goes. I can say that today was definitely not my best day but it was definitely not my worst either. It's still the beginning and I know that I really need to make better choices with my food but I also know that with time I'll start to see where I'm messing up and will learn what I need to eliminate from my diet. I know we have the nutrition guides to follow and will be using it as a guideline but I also know what works for me and my body and so I'm starting off with what worked for me last time. I'm going to be more conscious of what I eat but I'm mostly focusing on eating less right now. That is MY start. So that being is my food intake for the day:

Breakfast - 1/2 bacon egg & cheese biscuit & a large coffee. I know that the biscuit wasn't the best but at least it was only half.

Lunch - Tuna on fire with rice and wontons. Yes I could have done without the wontons I know but it is what it is.

Dinner - The smallest tuna melt you will ever see in your life with light mayo and fat free cheese on top of whole wheat bagel thins.

And the worst part of my day...2 Pyramids with orange. I'm NOT a big drinker anymore but I will admit I like to have a beer or 2 once a week.

Ugh...after actually listing it I see that it isn't the best start but's not the worst. Whew! Actually writing it out really makes you accountable for what you eat! I know it will only get better though!


Ang said...

LEESE writing it down and seeing it is the best way to see it!!! You didn't do bad... You didn't go out and eat ALL FRIED food or A HUGE HAMBURGER FRIES AND SODA!!! So that is great... Ok 1st suggestion just if you want... for the egg maybe make two eggs on only have 1 yolk! that will cut back calories... and for Bacon, try Turkey bacon.. I know not to appitizing but the JEANIE O is pretty good but you have to cook it in the microwave for best results!!! YOU DID GREAT! MUAH

LeeseD said...

Thanks Ang. I actually prefer turkey bacon to reg bacon but I was rushing for work and had what I could get my hands on. Thanks for the egg suggestion though!

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