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Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF! It has been one hectic week for me. I didn't get to post anything yesterday cause I was so busy here at work. Wednesday was not a good day for me in regards to eating and exercising (did not workout). I did ok with breakfast and lunch but then I had a piece of cake at the work shower. I didn't feel too bad cause it was carrot cake and I didn't really eat all the frosting but it was good and it had carrots! hahaha So I go home and cook up some ravioli for the baby and I. They were a good size so I had about 4 with a little olive oil and parmesean cheese. I was totally fine but then my hubby had to make a late run to McDonalds for the boys and the doubled the order on accident. He came home with 2 20 piece nuggets, fries and an extra double cheeseburger (my fav). I gave in and ate nuggets and a few fries. UGHHH darn you McDonalds!! Yesterday was so much better. I had a banana and a non-fat cafe mocha with no whip (along with my usual coffee) for breakfast, an oatmeal bar, lunch was a turkey sandwich (cheese, lettuce and mustard only). I don't think I had any snacks so I was pretty hungry when I got home. I grazed on some goldfish crackers and then we ate a healthy dinner - grilled tilapia and rice pilaf AND I exercised too! It felt good. Usually I wear pants to work out in but yesterday I wore shorts and noticed that I had a little more definition in my legs. (Lots of squats and plies - not sure how you spell that). I still have a long way to go in the toning department but I do see little changes here and there. I think I will go weigh myself right now too (my lovely friend has a scale in her cubicle)... OK, no change in weight up or down and I'm happy with that. whew!
Now it's time to face the weekend. I expect to stick to my diet tonight cause we don't have any plans but Saturday and Sunday are BBQ days. I want to enjoy myself but I will TRY to make smart decisions and hope to get some exercise in too. I might be brave and try the harder video for Slim in 6!!!


RhondaM said...

Not bad!!! You are on track! I am going to try and do stairs at your house for some activity on Sunday so try and motivate me because I will need it:)

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