A new day, a new start

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ok. So today was a new start. I didn't end up getting to the gym this morning but since I am dog sitting I took the dog I'm looking after on two walks. One this morning and another this afternoon. Until my co-worker gets back I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the gym because of having to check on the dog before and after work, but at least I'll get some walking in. Plus I'm looking forward to WOW this Wed.

Ok so meals for the day.

Breakfast - A fiber one bar and some peanuts. The peanuts were really a morning snack but I'm just gonna count it as part of my breakfast.

Lunch - Turkey sandwich from Subway on wheat bread & unsweetened iced tea.

Dinner - My mum made tacos with ground turkey and brown rice & a diet coke. I normally don't drink much coke but there wasn't any cold water. LOL

So I'm considering this day a success. I ate and was able to get full but didn't eat anything that was too bad for me. And I got a little bit of exercise in. Not as much as I was planning on but some is always better than none! =)

Hope all you ladies had a good day too!


RhondaM said...

Some is definitely better than none so good job!

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