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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok ladies! I'm trying to stick to this writing my meals but sometimes it just sucks to have to list them and admit when I make bad choices. Guess I shouldn't make them then huh? =)
But here it goes:

Breakfast - a handful of peanuts & raisins. I realize I need to have something more substantial but until I get to the store...the peanuts will have to do it.

Lunch - A wrap with grilled chicken, bell peppers, broccoli & rice. It came with fries and I'll admit I had a couple but did not eat them all and I'm proud of that. It also came with a fruit cup which I had later as my snack but I was also bad and had a couple Red Vines as well. UGH! I am so not a sweets person but when it's in front of me it's hard to turn down!

Dinner - Whole wheat penne pasta with grilled chicken and Cajun spices (no sauce) & a salad with non-fat raspberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Dessert - 1 snack pack of sugar free chocolate pudding.

And that's it! Not too bad if you ask me. I had a few bad moments but for the most part it was a fairly good day. I took the dog for 2 walks again today but I was running late for work (what else is new) so the morning walk was much shorter than the evening walk.

Looking forward to WOW tomorrow!


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