The weekend is almost here....

Friday, May 14, 2010

The weekend usually tends to be my downfall but I am going to make an attempt to still do some type of workout each day along with making sensible food choices! I weighed in this morning at 1.4 lbs lighter than I started out this week and I need to not ruin my progress! This past month I haven't gained any weight but I definitely stopped losing so I have been stuck!

Last night I grabbed an order of PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps for dinner (ate about half of it) and then after the little boss went to sleep, I popped the P90X Ab Ripper in the DVD player and knocked it out. Well, it almost knocked me out actually :)

I think that a lot of us will get bored of trying to eat perfectly REAL QUICK so we need to just focus on portion control. Like Lisa when you said you had that muffin for breakfast, you only ate half- that is the right idea!!! I think long term, we can realistically stick to choices like that. I think if we are going to be successful at this lifestyle change, it is necessary not to deprive ourselves when we want something, but there definitely needs to be a clear distinction between not depriving ourselves and over indulging. Here is an example, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies! I can eat 5-6 (or more!) one sitting!! I think the key is to have one when I want it, then STOP. Easier said than done, I know :) But in the end, I won't feel deprived since I got to enjoy one but I also won't feel guilty about over indulging either.

The weekends will probably be the true test for us all, but I know we can do it!! Stay strong ladies!


Ang said...

RHON you are so right on!!! I agree NO DEPRIVING.... but making good choices... YES Laura that still means no SOURDOUGH AND JAM. =) lolol But we can all do this. Love you ladies

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