Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday! Trying to stay motivated as the week approaches an end! Yesterday eating was pretty good overall, except for a very strange curve ball for dinner. I had some grilled salmon then didn't have time to make any sides or anything then later on I had some chocolate cake (no frosting though! Calorie-wise it was fine but strange indeed. I got in about a 20 minute workout- was hoping to do more but the husband did not come home afterall as planned.

My goal is to try and get some type of workout in as many days a week as I can. Since I have been having some rough nights with the little one ALL WEEK, I am pround to have the energy and motivation to do anything! Last night was power squats, push ups, some arm work with the arm bands and then some one legged squats. Oh and I did some jumping jacks too :) I felt so dumb doing them but you know what, they get that heart working and that is the point.

Right now I am eating my veggie loaded salad for lunch (will have some grilled salmon in a bit) and I am off to hit the stairs for a little bit of cardio and toning! The scale was neither nice nor mean this morning, but nonetheless, it feels really good to have sore muscles and be eating right.

Stay motivated Vegas Babes!


ReeseS said...

Good job Roni!!

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