SATURDAY is always a fun day!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ok ladies.... so we all know the tru test begins today!

This weekend is off to a great start! Last night we went for sushi and it was sooo yummy, jin's roll ans salmon sashimi were on my menu. Then cruised around the outlets and almost stopped for cookies, then yogurt, but luckly I was still full from dinner. =)

So this mornig is off to a great start, just went on a 3.11 mile run in great time too 30.19 mins. My miles are getting fast and so that means burning more calories!!!

We are off to a day of shopping in TO and then to sunny SB to hang out with my sis and Q!! oh, and my great bro in law =)!!! '
Love you ladies you can do it, just stay focused this weekend and have a good time. See you all tomorrow!!!! MUAH


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