May weigh & measure day @ the gym

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok ladies! Today was my first weigh & measure day at the gym since starting our "Get Skinny" blog.

I'm not even going to list my food from this weekend though. Partially because I lost track and partially because it wasn't the best. 2 BBQ's in one weekend is a bit much but I need to follow my mom's lead and bring my own food next time! I will say that I was able to get a bit of exercising in on Sat by doing laps in my dad's pool. And I was racing my cousins so it was a tough work out.

I made a new start today and did much better with one exception.

Breakfast - Large black coffee & a slice of leftover pepperoni pizza (that was the one exception)

Lunch - Wrap with chicken, veggies & rice. This time instead of the fries I asked for a side salad and dipped my fork in the dressing rather than pouring it over the salad.

After work I went to the gym to face my weight and measurements. Weight was first and sadly I went up 0.25 lbs. But they said that it was probably just normal body fluctuation and since I'm flippin sore from swimming laps on Sat & bowling yesterday I'm chalking it up to water retention in my sore muscles. The GOOD news is that the measurements went much better. In all the areas they measured I either stayed the same or went down. My thighs were the top loss with 2 inches per thigh! All in all I lost a total of 6.75 inches all around! Yay me!

So while I know I haven't been eating my best or exercising as much as I could be, I have made enough of a change in my eating/exercising for there to be a difference. And I just know that the more I exercise and the more I make better food choices the more I'll lose.

I haven't eaten dinner yet but we're having shredded chicken sandwiches w/BBQ sauce. I know the sauce has sugar but it's fat free so I'm allowing it.

My results today have proven to me that with even harder work, the payoff will be even greater. I'm excited to see how things come out next month! Thanks for the great motivation ladies! Vegas here I come! =)


Ang said...

LEESE... 6.75 inches!!!! That is FREAKIN GREAT!!! OMG inches are so much harder then weight! That is just sooooo GREAT!!! I am WAY proud of you. Keep up the great work and you will be at your goal in no time. WOW for sure this week no excuses!!!!

RhondaM said...

Ditto Angela!!! Lisa that is amazing and now that you have seen that your sacrifices have paid off, it is even more motivation for you to keep up the good work!!!! So so proud of you :)

ReeseS said...

Yay Leese! That is a lot of inches!!! Woo hoo!!!! Don't let the weight loss discourage you. You are doing awesome!

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