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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a weekend of being up and down!!! =) Well not to bad to be honest! Friday was great... Rod and I took Jay and 3 of his friends to Magic Mountain where I thought I was going to fall off the deep in....funnel cake, carmel apples, candy, soda, nachos.... COME ON all my favorite things.... Ok I could do w/o the funnel cake but LOVE everything else. And I thought since we were going to be entertaining young boys we would be all over all that food. BUT we did great, we bought all you can eat passes (they were cheaper then dropping crazy amounts of $$) and Rod and I both had Grilled chicken, some salad, and some chili beans.... NOT to bad for MM status. Then later I did have a soda and some jelly bellys =) but hey it wasn't to bad.

SOOOO SAT, woke up early and went for a 3.3 mile run/walk with Leah, it was really nice to get up and get it out of the way! Had a lot of fruit and could resist some of the coolwhip spice dip I made for the tupperware party! Bought LITE coolwhip, did anyone notice??? =) Later not to bad just had a taco salad and didn't eat any of the taco shell part!!!

Sunday was good too!!! Made pancakes in the morning according to the nutrition guide we could have REGULAR pancakes.... BUT I decided to double the recipe and did 1/2 wheat flr and 1/2 white flr, then used brown sugar instead of granulated sugar... THE KIDS and ROD loved them!!!! I was impressed how good they were. The rest of the day we did really good too..

SO this weeks begins and it's off to a great start. Today is my weigh in day at home, and I am well on track for my goal, I didn't go up or down I stayed the same weight which is fine for my goal since I am more focussed on the inches!!! LADIES we are on for Wed. right, ZUMBIA at the Morales household!!! Can't wait to see you all!!!


Mrs. M said...

Yes!! I noticed the lite cool whip...good job :) Zumba here at 7. Don't forget the ab DVD. Xoxo

RhondaM said...

I saw the Zumba commercial on TV, looks SO fun!

ReeseS said...

Good job Ang!!

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