My last week to splurge....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So I didn't get to meet up with the ladies for WOW. So bummed. I decided this was my last week of freedom as it is my Birthday week (I guess since it's technically on Sunday).
Yesterday my team at work had a Potluck for me. Let me just say it was a cheese theme. Everything had lots of cheese in it and it was sooo yummy. I LOVE cheese!!! Then, we had a super delicious lemon cake!!! How could I say no to my own Birthday cake?? And tomorrow, my Husband is taking me to the Wine and Food Festival at California Adventure. I know I will be consuming lots of calories there. Ahhhh, I'm so ready to be "good" again but it's hard when there are so many temptations around me at this time. I did really good with the Slim in 6 videos for about two weeks straight but then got off course when I was planning my Son's 1st Birthday party. Now that is all behind me and next week will be a fresh new start. I plan to start my Slim in 6 videos again (working out 6 days a week) and also meeting the girls for WOW. I also plan to start walking on my breaks here at work.
I'm also still trying to decide what my goal should be. For me, having a baby was the best diet. I know it sounds weird but I actually weigh less now than before I got pregant with Colby!!! So, I think I will be happy with losing about 5 lbs but I really want to tone up. We all have our "problem areas" that we don't like about our bodies and I have plenty of them. My arms, my back (fat) and my legs (and I'm short so that's like my whole body). And maintaining this weight is also a goal. I recently stopped breastfeeding and I know that helped to contribute to my weight loss.
I've started diets, exercise programs, and "being good" countless times over the years but I have to say this time feels different because of the group of ladies I have motivating me. I love them all and I have faith that each of us will make our individual goals. Love you Ladies! Watch out Vegas!!! xoxoxo


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