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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HI, it's me again!!! =)

I wanted to give you all a few tips that I feel have helped me....

Those of us that have an iphone get the ap RUN KEEPER there are two versons, a free one and one for $10.99. Really the difference is the one that cost, lets you use two aps at a time, like when your using Run Keeper tracking something you can ge a call and it will still track, if you get the free one it will pause your tracking and you have to remember to hit resume... ANY WHO...'

RUN KEEPER - is a great tool when tracking our mileage for anything.. walking running, lets you know what your average pace is, what your average calorie burning is, those good motivating tips... I would put it on my arm and see really how much walking around the house we do all day or when we get home... I bet we would be surprised. This is what i use when I run, it also lets you listen to a play list through it. So awesome.

I am following the P90X nutrition guide the best way I can... I think it is a great GUIDE to help point us in the right direction.

WATER WATER WATER - we must drink water ladies!!! This is so helpful for our skin, our hair, our hydration.

I had a couple of other tips but now I can't rememeber them =)

Ok til next time! MUAH


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