Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OK.... first and foremost.... love love love reading the posts!!! YES, my girls are back! JENNY, so great to hear from you.. Seriously you guys the more I am writing things down and reading about what you guys are doing is sooo motivating to me!!!

Now... recap since Monday afternoon. We all now know my fight with the SCALE on Sunday morning... and how I said enough is enough, I am just making it harder on myself... well I am sooo pumped about sticking with it. Since I did confess a feelin that at Bunco I will be on my BEST behavior and will not be participating in DRUNKO BUNCO, but still will be loads of fun. =)

Lunch - I did get a caprise salad from Urban, only a TINY bit of ranch... on my honor, then only ate a bite of the corner of the bread....WATER
Snack - nothing.
Dinner - I ended up making Top Romon for my girl but added shredded boiled chicken to it, she didn't like it to much... FOR ME I had a salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, chopped raw broccoli, and a little bit of Ranch. WATER
WORK OUT- P90X Chest and back plus Ab Ripper
**side note on my work outs... I am now keeping a log on my computer of how many reps I am doing of everything PER Tony's telling me too!!! I am going to track my improvements and push myself a little more each time. doing it on the computer cause that is easier the writing everything out and finding a place for it.**

Breakfast - Protein Shake & coffee w/ creamer (I have downsized to the SHS coffee mug since it is much smaller then my starbucks cup, this way I can start weening myself off of it... creamer is BAD BAD BAD, so maybe just for the wknds) oh and SHS is Sacred Heart School
Snack - Luna Protein Bar w/ 1/2 recovery Drink
Lunch - forgot my lunch so... went to Taco Bell, ordered a Chicken rancho taco salad, NO RICE, NO Dressing, NO Sour CREAM, I only ate, the chicken on top, lettuce, cheese and a TAD of the beans... Didn't touch the SHELL, water
Snack - String cheese
Dinner - turkey sausage, green beans, water
WORK OUT- P90X Cardio X - was suppose to do Plyo... but yea that is a toughy and didn't think I should do that just yet, so went with Cardio X, one of my FAV's too, and sweated like a BEAST... felt great after

Wednesday aka HUMP DAY (I hope to today..=) lol)
WORK OUT- Yup.. me too 4:45AM Shoulders & Arms & AB RIPPER I too didn't do the bonus part (last 10-12 mins) cause I wanted to do Ab Ripper.
Brkfst - 6 egg whites w/ 1 york with 2 pieces of sandwich turkey(was suppose to have chicken but didn't have any ready) w/ motz cheese, 2 pieces of TURKEY BACON
Snack - 1/2 recovery drink, Supreme Protein bar
LUNCH - gg to have hm-made Chicken Salad (p90 recipe) 1TBLSP of protein pwdr mixed with water. =/ not that excited... but its a must
Dinner - THE MAN IS GG TO BE HOME!!!! YAYAYA but not sure whats for dinner, suppose to have Halibit but no me guest... so maybe chicken breast or something healthy...

LADIES I am sooooo sore, can barely move, I wanted to cry this morning when I started the Ab Ripper, and seriously took me like 4 reps each move to actually do them... SORE SO GREAT....

I HAVE no time as none of us do these days, between kids, school, work, life, laundry, being a single mom w/o Rod around, it is tough... BUT I know I don't like the way I feel. I l know I am being very hardcore but I need to be in order for it to work I have found out. I don't work out until Aliyah is in bed and most of my mommy duties are done, out of the way for ME time.

I was watching Thintervention with Jackie Warner on Bravo (LOVE HER... loved her old show about the celeb gym) and she was teaching her clients to eat every 3 hrs... helps to burn fat. I have a reminder on my phone for 3 hrs after I eat a meal already set for my snack for the next 90 days!!! NO messin around here... I want this... I want this... I want this... so I am doing this....

GOOD WORK everyone!!! We are doing this....


ReeseS said...

Ok, it's scary how very much we are on the same page. You are sooo good. Definitely much stronger than I am in doing this. OMG I'm soooo sore! I didn't even think about doing AB ripper X. I think I only did it once when I was working out consistently months ago. Hahahah My abs hurt just thinking about it. Seriously, I'm getting sorer by the minute but I love it!

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